Monday, July 7, 2014

Eternal Automatic Philosophy

Eternal Automatic Philosophy The Dawn of a New Science of Automatic Wisdom Lex Loeb Contributor Network . I dropped out of philosophy class after it dawned on me that all meaning is nonsense. Even existentialism seems to be complete utter nonsense. We live in a world of television . There is more philosophy on television than anything else. Few people seem to know it.. Billions of people thinking about what everything means and what is meaningful looking to find exact precise definitions connecting all the dots in the universe. Few things in nature come with an instruction book of meaning. Instruction books are only for humans and most of them are made by humans for humans with the except of those instruction books that are of divine origins. Everything humans and everything in nature is subject of discussions of not just how it works but what it all means. These discussions are said to be "deepest" in the biggest best academic university spheres of influence. It seems such a fallacy that people expect to find meaning in everything and dedicate their lives to find it it, sharing it didactically with others while enjoying the feeling that they are among the special ones that have perfectly rational understanding that puts them at the center not of the universe but at the center of knowing something more precious than a diamond and more delicate than the finest mental silk. Science defines meaning as? It often seems that too much meaning is ascribed to what might just be entirely random. Deep thinkers and deep thinking only ascribes more meaning to the meaningless? One day I came to the realization that everything thought to be arbitrary and chosen because of important meaning is a completely random manifestation in spite of an over riding human instinct to find meaning everywhere and in everything. This is not the arbitrariness of nature but the arbitration of man that I just decided was really random. By definition , some believe everything in nature, no mater how ordered,is random and that humans in the power of thinking and self consciousness are blessed with ability only to do things that are expressly meaningful as arbitrary acts. A prime example is in matching the written legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright with the images of his design creations. Lots of people are fooled by printed text that asserts every element of a design is some meaningful component and has meaning backing it up when it is just as likely that the words are later added to create a context of meaning where there really was just random selection and an integration or reintegration of all the random elements combined. Artists manufacture artificial meaning as easily as they combine elements to create. Is communication about meaning? We consider people to be mad or crazy if they don't necessarily have a mental process where a conveyed meaning means the same thing it does to most others. A book can be written with readers having hundreds of different interpretations. Books can be written with more absolute structural communication if they contain pictures. If there is any degree of possible interpretation away from a normal hypothesis of meaning then it is not clear that communication is so perfect as to get a precise predicted reaction from an entire population. People become versed in what they are supposed to be looking for in the arts to attain some kind of common meaning. A painting painted in the year 1580 can depict scenes from the bible but to an untrained eye the work might seem to be something secular and non religious. Museums have collections of odd old art works that even the descriptive history that is posted on the wall has wrong without reading the official literature on the paintings and their history there are an infinite number of wrong impressions of what is being depicted. What does the picture of Venus on the half shell mean with a bearded guy by the name of Wind blowing on her? This philosophical theory of the arbitrary being random is not existentialism nor is it ennui. It is based on the simple premise that the relationship of ideas being more genuine than others. There seems to be no exact correlation between what he says is "natural" with what he actually conceives of in his designs. It takes a small leap of faith to connect the dots between what is arbitrary geometry and random selection process where subsequently the random is rationalized as arbitrary just because it might have a pattern or a spiral nature involved in the concept. So what if snail shells are like a spiral. Is a snail shell a universal symbol of something that means something in particular just because of an occurrence in the biology of a creature that grows the size of its eternal shell to accommodate a growing body? What makes that a "natural form" in Frank Lloyd Wright architecture? And then how does that apply to the nature of humans living in houses with a snail like shape? . Just because a thinker thinks his thoughts are logical does not mean that they are. Thoughts that seem logical can be pure free association Why not? . Why is the shape of a stop sign not a circle? The shape of a stop sign is an arbitrary selection that has been chosen but it could just as well be a triangle or a circle. Believing that that a choice made is arbitrary is sure proof that it is born out of some random process of association. selection. It is a world where people believe that arbitrary patterns end up being part of a statistical randomness and where random thoughts can come to be thought of as purely arbitrary worked out thinking. The arbitrary is random. Everyone looking for meaning and greater meaning thinks otherwise. There is the coming dawn of the birth of the next great philosopher without whom none of us will have any meaning because some of his random thoughts will lead to the next great rational philosophy--one so thought out and arbitrary that we all shall forever be indebted to his outstanding genius as a thinker. The individual is prone to believe in random things that someone else thought they made an arbitrary connection between. It is too easy to accept philosophy as being an extreme of careful considerate scientific thought process. These are the blessings of censoring the noise and confusion of nature to construct a simplified schematic version of reality in the thought process. A heart beat is real and so is the rhythm of drums beating. A heart beat can adjust to the drum beat and the drummer can adjust the drum beat to a heart beat. The random is arbitrary and the arbitrary is random. The eternal automatic philosophy is to know that meaning attributed to anything is just glossing over the strange habit of randomness in the universe. Believing in entropy is ignoring the re-occurrence of orders of things that can be predicted. There is no need for randomness to be an illustration of the existence of entropy. Entropy is also discounted by the basic desire of human beings to attribute rational meaning to things and events. Why should a thought process that believes it is making rational decisions be arbitrary just because it is a theory of order. Entropy does not even exist in thinking. Automatically thinking connects things. Things connected then seem to be arbitrary when they are just random. The greatest thinkers are the scatter brains of random thought that seem to tie together in random patterns we would like to think of as completely arbitrary. This is not fact verses fiction. It is arbitrary being random. I often have an electrical device i use on a long cord attached to it to plug it into an electrical outlet. No mater what I do the cord gets tangled. It gets tangled with object in the space i am in and it gets tangled up all by itself. Thinking about it as randomness it seemed that the power cord was doing what ever happened to start up the process of life itself. Life on earth is all about tangled up atoms and molecules and if it seems arbitrary and created as it might very well be it is also a display of randomness. Everything entangled and adapted to entanglement and then alive. Then DNA was discovered with an infinite number of possible combinations not just of genes but in the number of DNA Strands and chromosomes. All the various life forms seem arbitrary designed and yet they are so many random possibilities. No two humans are exactly the same and no too cats are exactly the same. Nature is just as random as it is arbitrary. Thinking is completely random but considered arbitrary and then there is Television where only a few people in the greater population like to watch the patterns of static on a non existent TV station. .

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