Monday, July 14, 2014

Finally an Technological Invention that Could End All Wars Before They Start

Finally an Technological Invention that Could End All Wars Before They Start Ending Wars Before They Start by Disabling Weapons in Advance of Their Being Used Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Unfortunately the Military has not figured out what to do about hidden road side bomb attacks by terrorists. In Thinking about how to prevent attacks first I thought of having unmanned drone cars test with dummy soldiers riding around in convoys to test trick the enemy into wasting their fire power . Then it dawned on me that there was a better way. If it were possible to have a universal explosives triggering device that could be pointed in all directions detecting bombs in the remote distance by blowing them up in advance of letting the enemy do it. My first thought was to target the triggering devices. That is certainly one way but a better way would just be able to bypass the trigger in what ever device is used to trigger the explosives from a remote location. One way to do this would actually be to use high frequency interference waves from microwave lasers and by other means. After realizing that it is a possible technology it would be possible not only to disable hidden bombs or whole ordinance depots by blowing them up randomly from a safe distance away but would actually be able to render almost all fire arms useless from a distance. The way the system word is as an explosives detector. It is not really difficult physics to understand. It is possible to detect explosives with various kinds of machines or bomb sniffing dogs but when that requires getting too close for safety. This detection device would work by causing the detonation of explosives where they are are where ever they are with the range of the "detection triggering device". Such a device might necessarily require that the operator not have anything that can be detonated with in range themselves. Say you had a machine that could trigger the detonation of a range of types of explosives so long as the beams from it are within range then a truck carrying it could just spin the device around and anywhere that any explosives were hidden would be revealed by their explosion . If driving down a potentially dangerous road the device would beam every thing ahead of the vehicle and on the sides with a desired range that gives maximum safety. For additional safety the device would want to scan 360 degrees. So what if weapons including guns and ammo could be exploded by just "detecting" them? It could actually help end wars as we now know them. I am not getting into details of all the sorts of explosives there are. Some are immune but similar means can be used to cause the same detection fire works on a remote basis with those as well. One example would be gasoline. A danger of such a device would be exploding harmless passenger cars and gas stations by accident. Gasoline can be used as an explosive unfortunately. This could be the down fall of the design. Then again if the idea is to only disable enemy forces it may be a good idea. It would be hard to protect friendly forces by shielding their vehicles and weapons but not impossible if the beam shut off where ever a signal identifies an already detected friendly entity. It is also possible to disable rocket systems in the same manner by by different methods. If I were to look at the space based missile shield program I would consider using a similar system to disable those devices before launch by similar "detection" method rather than trying to intercept them in motion. Thanks to radiation it would be possible to beam an area where the missile were in motion and disable it in flight. I suspect the military might have even played with such a device already looking at some spectacular failed foreign rocket launches which could have easily seemed to be engineering failures. The Russian satellite that recently crashed into a US satellite may have been intentional? It would be hard to prove it without a Russian confession. There would be several different ways to disable on the ground missiles and rockets one thesis that was popular for a while EM waves from a nuclear blast. That can be duplicated with high energy EM beams like microwave lasers. If such technology is already being used then chances are there are developed means of shielding electronic components. That becomes nonsense if it is actually possible to project a detection beam that causes ignition of any fuel or rocket propellant such that the built in triggers are by passed by remote control. The analogy is getting sparks to fly in your microwave oven which is not complicated technology unless you want to project it a great distance with the same effect as what you can do inside your own microwave oven. Not only would an invention like this render most terrorist bombing as obsolete it would change the rules of war for good. The same technology probably would be of no use in detonating any nuclear bombs because of complex locks on triggers but then I would not be so sure. The reason why is if the trigger can be by passed the nuclear devices with implosion initiating explosives might be fair game. If that were true than any country with nuclear weapons would want to store them far away from the home country and their own military bases or so deeply underground or underwater that the detection beams cannot penetrate. Chances are there are multiple beams required because wave interference may be key to getting the device to work. It is possible to imagine the development of such devices. It actually takes a spectrum of different devices to cover the whole spectrum of fire arms , fuels and ordinance that a military might want to disable by "detection". There are more types of explosive substances, devices than most people are aware of. To cover them all would take a rather complicated machine made up of different machines with different projection beams at different frequencies and maybe even a few types of lasers not yet invented. I can imagine an X-ray laser for example. I think they may already exist? War would become very dangerous. Having explosives or fire arms of any kind would become a problem for all but the most technologically elite military forces. For a while , at least, it would end most armed conflicts before they ever start. That is probably a naive assessment given the likelihood that all major military powers will have the same machines. So at least a nice semi permanent stalemate between the giant military powers because with the power realized from having the technology the Iraq war would have lasted just a month instead of 5 years going on 25. The next time North Korea makes a big public show of their next prototype rocket we could just cause it to explode on the launch pad before they got around to firing it themselves even if they hide it so we can't see it with an eye in the sky spy satellite. You Scan the landscape in North Korea and lots of stuff just blows up and that is how you detect it! It is basic physics as it happens. If say you have a metal detector and you go out looking for metal buried under ground you don't detect anything that is not a certain kind of metal and that is because the metal hidden under ground interferes with the magnetic field generated by the detector. Although detection does not do much to the metal is is under the influence of the magnetic field enough that it also is altered by contact with the magnetic field. That is the basic concept of the new weapons "detection" as I would call it. Why not detect explosives in enemy territory by exploding them by remote detection if you want to win wars faster? .

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