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Gamers Gaming the Game for the General Welfare of Society

Gamers Gaming the Game for the General Welfare of Society Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Grandpa is in the freezer out in the garage and he has been there for more than 25 years. Why? Because that way his social security payments just kept coming by direct deposit to Grandma's Joint bank account. The government now offers a one time payment of $255 to a spouse to report a dead or recently expired spouse so that the social security administration knows to stop sending the social security checks. Grandpa in the freezer has religiously paid for medicare premiums but he has not been to a doctor in over 25 years and for good reason. More and more Americans are considering putting Grandma and Grandpa in the freezer so as not to upset the direct deposit of social security checks. There might not be any law that says one has to declare a spouse dead immediately as some religions even have a waiting period of more than a week. Into the freezer on death more Americans go because not only do the dead vote in mail in elections but they also get their benefits. Some government officials quietly estimate there are over 40,000 Americans now in freezers receiving monthly benefit checks. It is how the system works. Reporting a spouse as having died is only worth $255 in a one time payment. This is not the only way in which the people scam their social welfare systems. The article covers is a list of other prevalent ongoing scams across the nation. Remember the good old days when we only had to grab a newspaper and see the headlines on the front page about this or that Welfare Queen profiting by having multiple if not hundreds of separate social security numbers ? Those may have been the good old days of welfare fraud before government stated defending itself against such blatant scams or so you might think until you were to find out that we now actually are living in the golden age of American welfare and entitlement scams. Chief among the scams is Identity theft which is the computer hackers approach to gaming the system for fun and profit. Virtually any kind of federal or state financial assistance can be diverted to individuals claiming to be someone they are not using advanced computer technology. There could be people living right down the street from you who could be receiving hundreds or thousands of benefit checks a month from the government undetected in a manner that makes the old welfare queens seem like very small potatoes in crime by comparison. An identity thief needs to set up a feeder account to take government direct deposit so checks never have to be endorsed and just keep coming on a regular basis once the benefits come into effect. Someday we will read in the news about how someone was earning over $200,000 a month sitting back and collecting a combination of disability checks, veterans checks , social security checks and food stamps in a vast number of different names attached to social security numbers. We will learn that this fraud was going on for more than 20 years and that vast sums of money were laundered though foreign bank accounts off limits to US investigators. Snippets of these cases appear in the news but those are only the cases where someone got caught but that does not mean the government is going after 80 and 90 year olds in court necessarily. The welfare system is designed to be a virtual cornucopia for any one ready to game the system. States including the state of Oregon have set up vast networks of social workers to game the system particularly in the big gerrymandered urban districts. These social workers look for wanna be welfare queens or go into schools to find younger girls that they can convince to have premarital sex and then get pregnant. Money babies don't just benefit the young women who use them as a ticket to get welfare payments for child care but it seems that the states also gets a cut and it therefore pays for them to maximize the number of cases they can shove into the system. In Portland Oregon a huge part of city and county government is coupled with DHS , department of human services, workers teaming to attempt to get everyone they can on an SSI program because it can bring more money into the state than the state pays out in federal taxes. It has become a multi billion dollar a year industry in Oregon mostly centered in Portland with most of the emphasis on what they call child welfare. Even the foster families from which 70 percent of the homeless kids come from are suspect in that like those freezing Grandpa they often fail to report that their foster kids have run away to keep the checks coming. The problem was so bad in Florida it required legislation to fix. In oregon only in the past 5 years has the public ever seen an article in the local papers that the foster family system may be a fraud but they did get to see the state legislature make new laws that made child abuse by foster family a new crime since it was not necessarily that before. Neglect in foster families in Oregon is still over looked intentionally because the Money is too damn good. State wide it could be 2 to 4 billion dollars a year paid for by the federal government. The State of Oregon also makes an effort to rehabilitate petty criminals by having them judged as being permanently handicapped so they can permanently get federal social security money before reaching the normal old age minimum age. These people get a debit card called the Oregon Trail Card or as some of us call it the End of The Oregon Trail Card or maybe the end of the rainbow card. The state gets a processing fee from federal welfare outlays of US Treasury social security funding for everything from Child care dough ,WIC food coupons, disability income and then either has a local provider pay for the rent or they do it directly. In any grocery store or in expensive mini marts you see people with Oregon Trail cards buying Perrier Water and Hostess cup cakes. That may seem wasteful enough but welfare fraud goes way beyond bad luxury food choices. Drug addicts roam the streets of Portland offering to buy you $100 worth of groceries with their Oregon Trail Card in exchange for $50 in cash or less so they can buy their drug of choice or addiction. They go into the store with your shopping list and get you a receipt showing what a bargain you got with their Oregon Trails Card. It happens more often than any in the state is going out of their way to tabulate and tell the federal government. The State of Oregon has an effective unemployment rate of possibly 20 percent so any money coming into the state from any source is not something to put at risk. The same thing obviously is happening everywhere in the US if it can happen in Oregon. The fraud does not end there. I went to the website where they have a benefits calculation page. You can enter your personal information including net income and net worth to see what benefits you qualify for. I put in a phony identity saying that person earned 400 million dollars a year and was over 80 years old and surprisingly there were welfare benefits he could get including WIC Food coupons. Go to yourself and see what someone earning your income at your age can get and then see what someone earning $500,000,000 can get from the federal government. It takes a rather long time to get to the end of the form but might be worth it to you. The US government is probably the biggest victim of identity theft because benefits derive form social security and other official identification numbers. You might be surprised that a number of nonexistent American or deceased Americans maybe living over seas and receiving regular direct deposit social security funding. I wonder if the government has direct deposit to Panamanian banks since that may now be the center for cons successfully living abroad. Foreigners might be big beneficiaries of Welfare Scams. The government is quiet about such occurrences because giving people the idea is not really a good idea. With Obama Heath care now almost becoming a reality you can imagine how states like Oregon are looking for ways to lucratively interface with that system to maximize transfer payments to the state by any means possible and certainly just by looking the other way when they suspect possible fraud. Obama care looks to be the new wild west of welfare abuse and fraud. It makes the people happy. Federal aid to mothers and children have created a nightmare in small towns and large cities where single mothers having children they can't otherwise afford are their ticket to moving out of their parent's home. Those mothers are statistically the most neglectful and abusive in society because they have a monetary interest in having as many children as possible for the free money. It has practically become the new welfare queen role in society. The mothers are self serving and just by nature neglectful raising the need for more and more social welfare social workers that cost more state and federal money. With that kind of attitude by government in creating problems that they themselves attempt to benefit from using mothers as pawns it does not make the government a great role model for every one else on welfare assistance. Medicare Fraud is another huge area of welfare assistance abuse. Hospitals and States maybe as intimately involved in helping to foster some of these frauds just because the money even though inadequate is better if multiplied by large popular factors. Government is intimately part of the problem and not as part of the solution. The system is made for gaming and gamers. . Close

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