Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gandhi Non Violent Protest and Resistance May Be Best Hope for Chinese to Open China to Free Elections--perfect protests for hard working people.

Gandhi Non Violent Protest and Resistance May Be Best Hope for Chinese to Open China to Free Elections Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Violent protests anywhere invite violent government responses. There really is no alternative in China because The Chinese government has met non violent protests with Violence. How to make Gandhi Non Violent protest work is in just joining millions in a non violent strike. There probably are not enough people brave enough to come up against the people's republic army but doing absolutely nothing instead of working is not a crime against the communist party or anything else. Shutting the country down for as many days as it takes to get open access to free elections would send a message that the violent army would be unable to understand. Why bother putting your name on a petition when you can just disappear from work and go out for a walk in the park . A repeat of Tienanmen square would be counter productive. Would the government send out tanks against people just doing nothing? There are always risks in dealing with monsters. A sizable number of members of the Communist party of China already realize there is no reason to exclude alternative parties from elections because the communist party is still best funded and would win most elections. The Communist party is already a hybrid capitalist/ Marxist entity. Private wealth of party members is not from the ideology of Karl Marx. The division of the Communist party itself would likely form the bigger competing parties in free elections. There is little for the communist party to loose except for it's imperial status. That eventually might be re-captured. There plenty of military controlled countries that are more democratic one example being Thailand. The recent airport protest in Bangkok was a non violent Gandhi type of resistance that seemed to work. The Thai army is unlikely to have a Tienanmen square event because it is an army of the people. The Chinese army is probably moving in the same direction. Chinese radicals should sponsor a day of nothing and see if they can turn it into a week of nothing and then into a month or more of nothing until Chinese get their bill of rights and a new constitution allowing open fair free elections. This could be the template. just translate it into Chinese on Babblefish.com or google translation then just add a date and time to start the days of nothing with the bill of rights you want the government to recognize in a new Constitution. Easier said than done. It does look like China's moment of democracy is coming soon because a lot of the modernization plans have given Chinese more economic freedoms than political ones . Here in the USA we are at risk of loosing both economic freedom and political freedom because one government tends to be just as power hungry as the next. The environmental religion kooks are the most anti private property rights people on earth and that is a protected constitutional right in the US constitution but don't bother telling them that. The democratic Chinese emperor is coming and he will have term limits in office that will be the start of the greatest era of Chinese history. The Marxist hoax really has to end because the Hong Kong Example is not at all harming any central government plans but instead still adds some of the most sustainable and viable wealth to the country. The Chinese central government actually uses American opinion collecting methods and organizations to gage how the government there should relate to the general public. They even have focus groups to hear popular opinions and take surveys. That is the start of a democracy and the tipping point will be soon. I received opinion surveys before a lot of elections here which is where a lot of election rhetoric gets determined and created. That is already happening in china with out open elections.. .

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