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Gang Activity Way Up in Portland--Protect Your Kids with Bullet Proof Vests at School

Gang Activity Way Up in Portland--Protect Your Kids with Bullet Proof Vests at School Bullet Proof Vests Have Become a Hot Fashion Item for British Children More Because of Random Stabbings There Than Bullets. Portland Gangs Now Out of Control.. Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Parents who think they are doing everything to protect their children should google what is happening in Great Britain where Children are being sent to school in Bullet proof gear to protect them from random violence. Gangs are getting out of control , AGAIN, in Portland and their members are going to your kid's public schools because school for children is required by law. For between $500 and $1000 parents can buy a bullet proof wardrobe for their children including vests, hats and lower body protection. In Britain the main concern is random stabbings in schools. There are different types of body armor to consider. In Portland the statistical probability of being hit by a bullet maybe higher than a stabbing in a public school. The drive by shootings are going up so there are danger areas around the home particularly in NE Portland and some outlying areas. Not long ago it became dangerous to ride public transportation because the gangs had parceled out territories on various routes including on the Max trains. The appeal of gangs tends to be younger people. There are competing gangs in the city and they can get into shooting wars. The last time gang activity was at these levels in Portland there were random shootings nightly most in NE Portland. There is lots of gun fire heard at night in NE Portland and occasionally there are dead bodies. Portland Parents too Cheap to send their kids to safer private schools may be able to afford the bullet proof attire for less than private school tuition. One can quickly google the bullet proof gear that is available for sale on line or in bad neighborhood schools, just ask public school teachers what brands they wear to school. .


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