Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Generation X Aging Too Fast

Alarming Trend in Portland Oregon as Thirty Somethings Check Themselves into Retirement Homes and Assisted Living Facilities Seniors and the Elderly Are Becoming Alarmed as Retirement Homes Run Out of Space as Generation X Burns Out Prematurely Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Here is the latest unexpected consequence of cradle to grave socialism in Portland. It's very early premature retirement. Gen-xers are checking themselves into retirement homes and assisted living facilities at a rate that is alarming the elderly who in many case are being turned away from existing facilities. 35 year olds are the largest group taking pre-mature retirement. Some have never actually ever had a job, others never got past working as a coffee bar barista, most consider themselves failed sketch book artists and poets. Grandma checks into the retirement home today and flips when she sees all the thirty somethings vegetating in wheel chairs emblazoned with Obama change stickers or tooling along with their aluminum walkers. It is pretty sad that most asked blame George W. Bush and the economy. How fast it was that so many went from riding bicycles to save the green planet to wheeling around slowly in wheel chairs. Gen-x society may have suffered a collective stroke having discovered that media induced reality was always a fraud to cause their premature maturity? Most are surprised that there is no one they can sue for the onset of premature senility or maybe the reason so many are retiring is the free medical marijuana available for pain management in retirement facilities in Oregon? The Oregon Legislature has been holding hearings on the alarming trend of gen-x prematurity because in many cases the tax payers are being stuck with the bill. The liberal legislature has hit upon a possible cure which would be built around the concept of putting the elderly back to work to help pay for the early retirements of 30 somethings. The older generations always had a better work ethic and they have been bored to hell too long in these facilities plus they tend to cost more with their old age medical health issues. Retiring early makes a lot more sense when you that if you wait till you are 60 you probably won't be able to get social security because the government spent 20 trillion dollars on failed Obama stimulus plans that lead to spending an other 20 trillion to fix the problem. Why not retire early when you can still get social security when you are young enough to enjoy it? There are good economic arguments for youth to get a jump on premature retirement. Then there are the deep seated psychological issues that involve Oregon not turning out to be the Utopian ideal as promised when they all moved here. The legislature sees the dangers now of twenty somethings graduating from college and immediately going into retirement homes to maximize the benefits of the state's Cradle to Grave system of government. John Kitzhaber a candidate for governor is even running on a platform of enhancing cradle to grave government in Oregon by taking all children at birth and putting them into the welfare system. The unexpected consequences of that could be premature retirement and assisted retirement home living at age 15? Unexpected consequences that can be predicted in advance is one of the amazing benefits of Cradle to Grave government. Government is here to hasten the life cycle to make it more sustainable even if it does not shorten the lifespan until the need for state assisted suicide. The state planning authorities have long been hard at work creating a viable future for their superior ideology where there are no problems only solutions. The legislature has to figure out how to get our state senators to ear mark a lot more money for Prue-retirement services funding which maybe why the Oregonian endorsed the re-election of Senator Ron Wyden. Taxes can never be high enough to feed the necessarily bureaucracy and when any actual work needs to be done in the state someone has to come up with money to pay sub contractors to hire non state-employee workers who actually do work. With all the Gen-xers going into retirement homes the surprising unexpected unintended consequence is the state is being forced to engage sub contractors who have no choice but to hire undocumented illegal aliens who will then have to earn the prevailing union wage which is a perquisite of the Oregon Legislature which only means taxes can never ever be high enough. Faced with the prospects of working an eight hour day and getting take home pay of just 20 after state, local and federal taxes it is no wonder Gen -xers are retiring at a record rate between the ages of 29 and 41. The kicker is the free medical marijuana benefits that come with living in Oregon certified retirement homes. Seniors should consider moving to Florida to find a retirement facility and they can probably also save on their taxes getting the hell out of Oregon. Thanks to Cradle to Grave economics life is fair. .

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