Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Get ACME Bed Bugs . Bed Bugs You Can Trust

Getting the Right Bed Bugs when You Need Them--No One Can Beat the Portland Bed Bug Company Starting Your Home Colony of Bed Bugs is Not Just a Sound Sustainable Way to Bring Nature Back into Your Home to Improve Your Home Ecology it Improves Your Overall Heath and Dream Life Lex Loeb Contributor Network . There is no better place to buy your starter bed bug colony from than the Portland Bed Bug Company, located in Portland Oregon. Their bed bugs have pedigree. They harvested their original breeding colonies from some of the best hotels of France. These bugs slept with celebrity, with royalty, world leaders, deposed dictators in some of the most deluxe accommodations on the planet. As you know from reading the popular literature on the subject, bed bugs have become a hot commodity item to introduce into your own home bed rooms and other living spaces. You know they can improve your general health by painlessly sucking impurities including heavy metals out of your blood stream while you sleep. You know that bed bugs also induce a remarkable vivid dream life to those who thought they had lost the ability to enjoy remembering one's dreams. Scientists believe that bed bugs induce more vivid dreams because when they bite they inject a tiny amount of anesthetic into the human body. They also inject a tiny amount of blood coagulant into the tiny wounds they leave. For those who are not allergic to bed bugs they improve overall immunity. The larger your colony is in your bed the more you can benefit. Not only does the Portland Bed Bug Company provide the largest starter colonies at the most reasonable prices they guarantee that their colonies can do more for your sex life than the competition's once the colony reaches sufficient size. If you are lucky with your ecological bed room cultivation of bed bugs you will reach the stage of having a living blanket of bed bugs between your sheets. On cold winter nights this living blanket is not only green for the environment and a major advance in home ecology but actually can help keep you warm at night in your comfy living blanket. It is the blanket that conforms to your body contours giving you that snug feeling of being one with the earth. As you have seen on TV, Celebrities are bring bed bug colonies home with them and even the Whitehouse has spawned a colony from hosting Hollywood guests in over night accommodations. The Portland Bed Bug Company allows you to order by mail order sending out their first rate starter colonies that average around 400 fast breeding bed bugs by second day parcel delivery. That is enough to populate 1 to 5 separate bedrooms in your home. Think of the luxury you will have going green once you order. You will sleep better, improve your heath , your dreams and your sex life with in weeks as your original starter colony will grow from 400 bed bugs to 3500 or more. You never have to do anything to maintain the colony but sleep there. The Portland Bed Bug Colony recommends that you do not immediately wash your bed sheets to preserve the colony but to lie the unclean bed sheets under the bed for a week before washing them so the eggs and larvae can rejoin the adults in your clean sheets. Just leaving the unwashed sheets under the bed on the floor with allow you to keep your personal home colony to expand to meet your needs. The Portland Bed Bugs Company is a complaint free company because everyone not satisfied can get their money back immediately. Their Bed bugs are guaranteed to do everything they claim they do or your money back as it says on the mailing box. The Portland Bed Bug Company is a highly rated company for customer service and although they also put the bugs first they do put the customer on the same level. Portland Bed Bug Company is branching out into head and body lice and crabs to further improve your home ecology and to give you the greenest possible experience in your every day life. These insects will come to work with you while the bed bugs will mostly stay home while you are at work and await for your return to bed patiently. Even though Portland Bed Bug Company's starter bed bug packs cost slightly more than the competition at $125 for the starter kit their bugs are better. Well worth the extra price and shipping is included to most US and foreign locations because the starter colonies fit in a standard bubble wrap envelope. Supplies of starter kits are limited because of high demand. When you call the company's toll free number you can be put on a waiting list and your credit card will not be billed until the order is shipped and that is because there is up to a four month wait now since the popularity took off. Now even some of the original 5 star French hotels are ordering their bed buys from Made in the USA Portland Bed Bug Company because they really have the best ones. Do a favor for yourself and the environment as soon as possible by getting yourself a living blanket starter kit from the Portland Bed Bug Company. Unlike the competition, Portland Bed Bugs are completely natural and contain no GMO gene splicing and they raise their bugs using their own bodies lovingly to feed and nourish them before mailing. Once you have bed bugs you will never go back to the alternative. .

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