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Global Warming Science Fraud 101--Now It is advanced climate change fraud

Global Warming Science Fraud 101 Lex Loeb Contributor Network . What is Greenhouse effect and how does it relate to the global atmosphere. There is a reason a greenhouse is also called a hot house because it gets hot inside when exposed to the sun. The reason why was discovered a long time ago. What happens is light passes though what was originally glass walls and ceilings of the greenhouse and became absorbed with in and converted to heat as warm objects and as infrared radiation. The infrared radiation unlike visible light is unable to pass thought the solid glass barriers that make a greenhouse a greenhouse. Inside a greenhouse the air trapped within, even to the extent that a greenhouse is vented becomes warmer and warmer till it is hot because the air is in contact with warm surfaces with in and exposed to captive infrared radiation. When vented the hot air in a greenhouse rushes out if it has more pressure because of heating than outside. Everyone knows that the interior of their car parked in the sun gets hot in the sun inside because of greenhouse effect if you installed a roof fan on top of your car the pressure of the hot air in the car could cause the fan open to a vent on top of the car to turn as the hot air rises. A greenhouse with water in it will have water condensation on the interior of the window once hot and this is because of evaporation. Carbon gases are less apt to retain heat longer term than water vapor but carbon can retain more heat and move it away from the hot spot by diffusion if there is a vent Hot air wants to rise. A greenhouse with a tight lid retains the hot gases and warm water vapor and does not let it pass though making it even hotter. As a warm gas is condensed by wanting to assume more volume by rising and diffusing but being constrained in a confined sealed space it will added heat because it is forced to radiate more energy (infrared--heat) and this is detected by thermometers so the temperature spikes. Compressors are used in air conditioning cooling systems because of these gas law effects. If you break the glass in a greenhouse it is no longer closed to the rest of the atmosphere and it no longer gets hotter than the surrounding air. Greenhouse effect does not apply to an open atmosphere in the same way it does to one sealed under a barrier like glass or plastic where the actual greenhouse effect is observed. A greenhouse filled with higher concentrations of carbon gases does get hotter but break the glass and the effect is almost nil. If you want to do the original greenhouse gas experiments you necessarily have to add important variation controls because of the number of different variables that contribute to understanding the problem. The original greenhouse gas experiments were rigged because the controls do not exist. Controls are to pump all the gases out of a sealed greenhouse and compare how warm a thermometer gets after that is done. You can try this by taking apart a glass thermos bottle and putting it in the sun. This experiment shows that the presence of any gas in the sealed greenhouse makes all the difference because it is not just radiation conversion happening but kinetic transfer of energy from the walls of the greenhouse to the gas and then to the thermometer with in. The concept with the Thermos is insulation. Pretty simple. An other control is to leave the lid off the greenhouse and allow the gas to expand. Another is to add water to the bottom of the greenhouse where you notice that water within can moderate the effects by absorbing heat and evaporating. Other controls are to paint the interior of the glass inside black, or to have a solid piece of black rock in the size and shape of the same greenhouse gas chamber and watching to see how long it takes to loose the energy gained by solar exposure compared to the sealed container full of gas. The container can just be filled with water or a darker colored liquid instead or you could build the whole thing out of solar panels instead and measure the temperature inside the greenhouse. The point is that the degree to which the greenhouse gas analogy works is very limited. Most greenhouse global warming gas true believers seem to know nothing about greenhouses, the original experiment, nor the behavior of confined gases and they are not aware that the thesis is just an analogy for the greenhouse effect and not the actual greenhouse effect until we put a glass roof on top of the earth's atmosphere. Al Gore should propose that to justify his Nobel peace prize in nonsense and pay for it out of his own pocket. You know that hot air and hot gases rise and diffuse but you up in a plane and you notice it is freezing cold outside of the plane when you are flying high in the atmosphere over 30,000 feet up. You can make the assumption that the greenhouse effect is keeping the heat down below the plane where it is warmer near the earth or you could come up with a much more complicated climate theory about heat transfer because it is more complicated. If you have ever seen how a thermos bottle works you notice that inside a steel thermos bottles is a vacuum sealed glass vacuum chamber. you can put hot or cold water in the interior of the glass vacuum chamber and it is less affected by exterior temperatures than it would be if the glass chamber were filled with air. Vacuum space is a near perfect insulator. you can stick a thermometer inside and it will not be much affected by exterior atmospheric temperature. If you remove the vacuum chamber from the steel cylinder and expose it to sun light it has a very slight greenhouse effect so the thermometer is still insulated though it maybe exposed to white light shifted down and converted to infrared light which can be absorbed by the thermometer and show a rise in temperature but not as high if the glass chamber were filled with air instead being a vacuum inside. immediately you see you have one of the missing experimental controls from the original greenhouse gas experiment that led to the analogy of green house global warming . Problem is that the greenhouse effect really requires the interface of the gas in the glass chamber, and better yet sealed in, than open to the atmosphere and the vacuum space also shows the greenhouse effect but not to the same degree and it is only radiation or heat in the glass that is going to be detected. So what it shows you is the glass barrier is required to get the effects found in the original experiments and that the gas is secondary to the solid glass surface barrier. So why when heavy carbon gases are sealed in a glass container do they have a more pronounced greenhouse gas warming effect? Elemental my dear Watson, Sherlock Holm's always says, Elemental.. as in the nature of the carbon atom. the heavy carbon atom has a lot of exterior electrons that do the work of absorbing the light rays and particularly the infrared ones form the walls of the glass interior of the sealed glass container and so a single carbon atom or a co2 molecule can pick up a lot more radiant energy and go dynamic with kinetic energy than say a more simple oxygen atom or an O molecule without the carbon attached. This added kinetic energy is not retained for ever by carbon atoms but is eventually discharged as new radiation some of it infrared but it not more than the sun has to offer all the gases in the atmosphere over the period of time exposed assuming that the exposure to the atmosphere and not the solids in the container has more of an effect. Gas can excite itself with captured energy but it really wants to expand and diffuse and would rather not interact with sealed container walls. I redid all the control experiments including adding some water to the various sealed jars and noticed the water condensing as steam on the interior sides of the jar greenhouse walls with solar exposure. One more control is necessary which is to fill the interior of the glass jar with a dark liquid like motor oil and put it in the sun or spray paint the air filled jar black inside just to see how much warmer and how much longer these will retain collected solar energy than either the interior vacuum or varieties of gases sealed with in. After seeing how all the variables work independently logic dictates that there is no greenhouse gas without the sealed container acting as a greenhouse or that the effect is terribly minimal at least on an atomic level. The idea is that by analogy you can zoom up to see the earth from the moon as having a cornea of gas around it and make the analogy that this somehow traps in infrared radiation but you have to realize that thin gases in the upper atmosphere are more diffuse which is why you need a pressurized cabin on an airplane to breath or an oxygen tank to climb a 20000 ft high mountain top. That means more space between atoms, less kinetic activity where the gases are cool at those elevations which means less interaction and a geometry that favors by statistical analysis of the geometry re-radiation into space more than onto the smaller spherical earth far below. Most solar panels are darker in color and are not designed to reflect light but to capture it shift down it's wavelength, excite electrons in atoms to produce an electric current. Essentially solar panels are flattened greenhouse panels with a sort of vacuum interface to quartz crystals that have the photolytic plate reaction ability. If you ever noticed water vapor condensing on glass on a shower door on the inside of the glass where the steam is you are seeing what some of the global warming alarmists have set up with carbon and methane atoms to support their their global warming hysteria, Carbon dioxide is invisible as a gas but also may be condensing on the surface of glass or just bouncing off of it violently adding more kinetic energy which happens to make the big difference with the heavier atomic elements and molecules of gas as greater momentum. That momentum increases pressure in the sealed container which adds the observed additional temperature spike which is what is supposed to account for greenhouse gas warming but it does not work at all if the container is unsealed and the atmospheric pressure with in can equalize with the surrounding atmospheric pressure of earth. you can fill a balloon with helium or hydrogen and it will rise but with CO2 gas you need to burn it out of propane first to get the same effect because you need the kinetic force momentum to inflate the balloon which you don't have when the gas is cold. If there is less pressure from a heavy gas in the balloon the gas just deflates at the expense of ordinary atmospheric pressure that is higher. Atmospheric pressure is variable which is why we have barometers. Go back to the original greenhouse gas experiments and there is no evidence of greenhouse gas effect without the sealed glass containers used in exposure to the sun and the scientists say it is just an"analogy" to a greenhouse. later some of them changed it from an analogy by semantics to an effect that no one has ever observed and actually documented. One of the reasons they get away with it is they leave the experimental controls out of their reported findings. this includes the vacuum sealed glass chamber, and various other medications variable experiments including gases with no lid it contain them when exposed to sunlight and gases that are exposed to water and rocks etc. carbon molecules are most energetic when seen in a blue or white flame of combustion. this is molecular momentum and it can transfer heat by being in contact or by radiation. Try building a giant Bone fire to warm the air around you. It does not work very well . you can feel the radiant heat from the fire and then watch the plume of hot air rise above the fire. The fire itself with suck in air to feed and fuel the reaction. The more objective you become with the facts the less apparent the myth of a greenhouse gas is without a container to get those results as if they are desired to support the theological thesis. people worrying about burying carbon dioxide and budgeting it are not very knowledgeable about the physics involved and if they are they are running a scam , a hoax and have ulterior motives for doing so other than the work of science. The atmosphere is much less able to retain kinetic energy as a solar collector can and this is because an atmosphere inflates during the day and contracts at night when exposed to light. The problem with the analysis is the diurnal cycle which is why deserts like the Gobi desert in China can be very hot in day and very cold to freezing at night ... See More with cloud cover or none. The desert rock will retain the heat longer into the night than the air does and co2 is not going to be lacking in the Gobi if you are measuring the planet as a uniform entity which is what AL gore and company are doing. This is a big problem for the theory . It is based on an analogy and not on empirical evidence anyone has really verified (yet). Send me the article on The artificial black hole. There are other problems with the thesis of greenhouse global warming and that is that there is no change in barometric pressure which is necessary according to universal gas laws. That means it can't be the atmosphere changes that are the cause of a warming or cooling trend. That is a huge error in the nonsense science that has been promoted. The problem is that kinetic energy in a gas propels it away from the ground as it rises . when gas rises it does not necessarily discharge it's radiation collected back to the earth surface to warm it by by the inverse square law is more likely to radiate the energy back to space the higher it rises . 1, because radiation is not tempted by gravity and 2. does not know which way is down and by its very nature 3. Radiation radiates in a spherical manner. since the earth is a sphere the geometry favors it going into space by statistical analysis as it rises. That is not true of ocean water at the surface nor is it true of solid rock when not immediately reflected as per ice and now. The capture of radiation cannot contain it in an atmosphere to the degree that the people promoting greenhouse gas warming are saying because gas is the most kinetic of states of mater save that of a plasma. The dynamism of gas it what inflates a balloon with additional pressure verses the pressure outside of the balloon. a thermometer in the air is not necessarily telling us why it might be warmer because much gas is energized not by radiation but by contact with solid and liquid surfaces. This is how many heaters for houses work, An infrared light heater does heat the air but does it do it by contact with the coils or by the radiation? I stand in front of one of those and i don't feel hot air like a hot air gas furnace system I feel the radiation directly hitting my skin and I sense that my skin may be doing more to warm the surrounding atmosphere than vise versa? I could be wrong but radiant heat is not used to heat air in a forced air system but rather a fan draws the air to hit a solid hot surface there. In a house with a heating element in the floor the floor heats the air more than radiation does? there is a kinetic transfer of heat from one element to the other which exceeds the radiation draw to the air. My experiment show no evidence of greenhouse gas effect except by analogy once you break down the process to the elemental molecular level. And NASA confirms this when they admit the better way to measure global temperatures they use is surface temperature and bot atmospheric temperature which is harder to measure accurately and much less able to influence mean earth temperature. Global warming as proposed is science fraud and it will be shown to be so. Michael Chriton who wrote Jurassic park also figured out the whole theory is a scam and wrote about it. The people promoting the theory don't like coal mining nor oil drilling that is what their real theory is about not about anything science. . Close

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