Monday, July 7, 2014

Goldman Sachs Rules the World, All Financial Assets Are Going to Zero and Evil Space Monkeys Arrive in 2012

Goldman Sachs Rules the World, All Financial Assets Are Going to Zero and Evil Space Monkeys Arrive in 2012 Lex Contributor Network . When I saw this youtube video of some unknown person calling himself a "trader" that has gone viral saying that Goldman Sachs rule the world and all financial assets are headed toward an inevitable super crash I could not help but take notice that it was the BBC a state sponsored propaganda news service that was responsible for it. Anyone listening to the BBC is aware that they are a stateist mouth piece which holds little appreciation for market forces. The BBC has been one of the biggest proponents of a world of carbon caps to prevent global warming which really means that they are among the no growth flat earth anti-economy groups out there keenly jealous of anyone else they perceive as ruling the world. It is an obvious fantasy deluxe held by green flat earth no growthers that the entire economy should collapse leaving it all in state control were they can maximize benefits , output and have only suitable people involved in the process. Mean while back at Bloomberg Financial the news service is busy trying to educate readers and viewers on the incredible legacy of Karl Marx as an economist and a so called "social scientist". This Goldman Sachs Rules the World video pops up courtesy of the BBC warning of the impending implosion of capitalism as we know it by some guy in the know. He is the world's perfect market timer and all knowing prophet with billions and trillions of dollars to his name having made shrewed bets on his former prophecies but the BBC offers us no record to show it. We all know why so many big hedge fund managers supported the candidacy of Barrack Obama for president. It was because as hedge fund capitalist they would like nothing more than to destabilize the markets and make as much money as possible shorting it. What could be better than to find a Bolshevik revolutionary and then hope for a Bolshevik revolution to follow? If you are going to make money using futures and options or in buying gold 4 to 5 times the replacement production cost you do need to prod the market a bit to get people to do some rather unusual self destructive things. We all know that everything we see on television including the BBC has to be true. The guy says Goldman Sachs rules the world and it has a nice ring to it and if we don't take his financial advice and protect ourselves from the inevitable coming financial crash and don't start panicking now we run the risk of losing everything. I think you have to buy his book and take his course that comes in the mail in the form of a DVD that tells you how to survive the coming crash in order to have half a chance. I have a collection of books called surviving the coming crash and financial panic that never materialized. I gave up waiting and put most of them on amazon for sale. We just did have a stock market crash and we had better double dip so the financial gurus who did not buy back into the market at low low prices have yet another chance. Yes i turn on CNBC and Blomberg and I keep seeing the same people who missed the rise in equities after the last crash grand standing for a double dip as if it is inevitable or at least self fulfilling prophecy. It could always happen but it did not exactly happen that way before not even in the greatest great depression of them all. I am the one with the time machine. I should know. The biggest problem with this guy and his total market destruction scenario for the future is that his advice might be to buy gold and silver? Well they looked like they may have topped out and fizzled lately? Going into the US Dollar or maybe the swiss franc? If capitalism is at risk forget that. What about making money buy betting on failure using futures and options? That may not pan out very well either because communist government replacing our capitalist tolerating government would certainly be able to retract and void all financial contract not just equity securities and mortgages --Everything! Imagine Vladamir Lenin Obama taking over the white house for four more years after suspending elections in 2012 because it is widely expected to be the end of the world according to the ancient Mayan texts as interpreted by someone who can't even read the hieroglyphs. Vladamir Lenin is not interested in letting anyone own anything since all property is supposed to be owned by the state. So what if the Euro crashes because Greece and then Italy, Spain and France fail that means the dollar would likely become a safe haven and by correlation it should also help US equities if that is the Goldman Sachs plan to destroy financial markets just to make money by stirring up all these unnecessary fears of banks failing in Europe because of stupid lending to sovereign nations with no collateral. Isn't that what the same people want us to be doing in the USA? No mater what happens the tea party gets the blame and that is because some of them don't believe in evolution. We are returning to the planet of the apes as you know . In 2012 evil space monkeys come back to earth to steal our jungles and take them back to their own planets. The fear and panic international franchise incorporated has not told you that yet? I thought i saw it on the BBC? No, Maybe not I think I saw it on Bloomberg financial Chanel. You see they say there is this Russian Comet by the name of Ileana that is going to shatter the earth into pieces but this evolutionary brigade of evil space apes are coming to our earth's rescue because they see it and our carbon foot print destroying the jungle forests they planted here on earth and made us curators of. Since we failed and the comet is going to intercept us they will deflect the comet into the sun and then come get our jungles. Them necessarily we will be given a primate as dictator of the proletariat communist leader to mange the earth in a sustainable manner which leave no reason for market or financial assets because everything and everyone will belong to the state unless you happen to be one of the apes in which case you can join the BBC communist party. We are talking about apes with apps because that is why our cell phones are so quickly developing to have apps so they are ready for the evil space apes when they arrive in 2012. There is nothing to fear if they don't make you dead you will be left alive to work naked in sustainable agriculture tilling the fields by hand or maybe given a job at Goldman Sachs ruling the world once it comes out that Goldman Sachs has taken over the United Nations. I only wrote this because a chimpanzee is sitting next to me with a space ray gun to my head. After making me write it he will fly over to the BBC and force them to put it on television. You had better be scared sell everything you own go into "safe assets" and prepare for the end of the world as we know it a carbon safe world run by green party apes from another planet for the mutual good of the state. You have too much freedom and any property you have is also too much freedom and too much responsibility. Give up surrender now and get ready for 2012 because you could be an extinct species by then according to the BBC. I took their Youtube video so seriously I already made reservations to go to a FEMA underground concentration camp by April 1st 2012. It is free to enroll in FEMA concentration camp just give them a call. I recently ordered the Rosetta Stone how language course on how to speak evil space monkey. I gave all my money away so no one can steal it from me or try to shock me into selling it at a lower value. Now am safe and ready for the events of BBC prophecy. Are you ready comrades? .

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