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Government Wildlife Management Has An Extremely Poor Record Of Caring For Nature.

How Naturalist Wildlife Management Has a Catastrophic Effect on Wildlife Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Anyone who observes real life wild animals knows that they tend to roam around. Some stake out territories but over time the creatures will migrate to where the best opportunities are. If the rabbit population is depleted in one area the foxes will move to new hunting grounds. Those of us who get to experience having skunks, raccoons, bears, deer, possums and wild cats know that they don't become permanent residents and all of them are opportunists just like humans are. The beavers may build dams and set up their households but they also move on. A beaver dam may last just one or two seasons when it will wash away when a stream reaches flood stage in the rainy season. Beavers just come and chow down on young sweet willow trees in their migration up and down the larger rivers. You don't see the beavers themselves but you do get to see their characteristic tooth marks on the chewed stumps. Deer are opportunists too they find a nice human created garden and they will join with other wild animals to devour it. The bears , skunks raccoons come for fruit falling off of the trees or just climb up to get what ever they can. Blue Jays will come and raid all kinds of human agricultural produce. If you create it they will come. You have chickens and the raccoons will arrive to decimate them. The more you observe wildlife in its natural state you see it behaves in the same manner. The notion that everything exists in a tight little pre-devised ecosystem is a bunch of nonsense. The ecosystems is this vast range of overlapping areas where different types of plants may grow according to elevation , water supply and climate where flora and fauna don't go along the the human conceived ecosystem permanence rules. Plants are also opportunists. You see forests where the mother trees are being overtaken by small seedlings that will eventually steal their sun light by quickly shooting up in height to cast a shadow on the parents. In open fields you will see some types of grass overpowering other types. The best adapted plants that have the advantage in many cases are not necessarily the so called "invasive ones. " Invasive species are just completely natural plants and animals that are doing what nature intended for them. Watch out, the naturalists believe that you are the worst of the invasive species because humans , they believe, belong in some low impact environmental foot print status as unnatural and even alien beings in our own environment. As one invasive species some of us have a little compassion for the others that may be unfairly defined as "invasive." Everything in flora and fauna seems to have a competitive streak and to live for the opportunities that arrive where ever they can be found. Was it un-natural for creatures like European rats to hitch rides to the New American world with the explorers? Eventually every invasive species that is successful becomes an integral part of an evolving ecosystem. Throughout the world, not just America, originally native plants and animals just become a fact of life. Some invasive species do get totally out of control and can do damage but to say this is somehow un-natural maybe incorrect. Wildlife management can try to protect native species but not always. Some times the best unused tool to protect the native species is to isolate them from the ecosystem in flux or to reintroduce them to areas where they themselves can become the invasive species because that maybe what success is in nature as a species. Wildlife management sometimes leaves nature too much alone. This is particularly true in areas of the world prone to drought conditions where the animals are at risk from seasonal lack of water or because of natural climate change. We all know that some desert regions on the planet have been growing and we know that human development imposes limitations on where nature can go for their ongoing opportunist foraging. The naturalists routinely decide they will leave nature to its own fate. We see that instead of providing water herds of elephants forced to migrate the naturalists will say no that is not natural and would rather just let a waining population risk having losses in their notion of what balancing the population should naturally be. Such nonsense! If water wells can be drilled for human settlements and run by wind power they can also be provided for elephants along their normal migration routes or in areas they have been forced into by human development. The naturalists scream at the idea if they are in charge of wildlife management as they tend to position themselves to be. Naturalists treat animals worse than dirt when it comes to drought conditions. With people starving we tend to send in temporary aid but for animals we let the naturalists send out their best photographers and videographers to take pictures of the dying animals and proclaim it to be a wonder of nature even when the species are in trouble. You see it on the natural geographic channel and in their magazine. Naturalism out of control. Instead of sending in the documentary people with the cameras there is no reason they could not send in aid for the animals including airlifting food or setting up a solar powered automatic sprinkler system just for populations of animals in trouble that need forage. If you end up with an unbalanced environment or ecosystem with too many creatures because of this aid for starving and dehydrating animals we are the invasive human species and some of us hunt and can cull the population that way for wild game or we have plenty of zoos world wide. The point is that the leave it alone naturalists are not very good wildlife managers because they prefer to tell a story rather than to manage the resource for its optimal potential based on the opportunist nature of nature. This Naturalism has turned out to be catastrophic on more than one continent and counter productive for saving endangered species. The naturalists are even against homeowner feeding birds because populations might grow out of what they deem to be the proper balance or they go crazy trying to kill sea lions who naturally migrate up the Columbia river to take advantage of the salmon at the opening to the fish ladders at the dams. Those poor sea lions just doing what is completely natural become public enemy number one are practically labeled as invasive species when they are doing exactly what nature intended at the top of the food chain. The fact that the sea lions also control invasive species like shad never enters the politics because the ecosystem managers are naturalists. The sea lions are euthanized instead of being harvested the way the ancient Indians did it at the cascades on the river that were harder for the fish to pass over than the fish ladders that exist today. The naturalists have artificially defined hatchery salmon taken from best native river stock as a sort of invasive species and will kill those fish to help so called wild fish seem to have some advantage on the river. That policy was almost catastrophic to fish populations for years on the Columbia river and there is evidence that it more than the dams contributed to the endangerment of some of the salmon species. They environmental kook naturalists controlling the fishery were actually killing the best fish at surviving the way the river really is because they believe those to be unnatural hatchery fish. The best genetic traits were being removed from the river as a result and then when the salmon were not returning all they could point to was the dams as salmon destroyers which never was true. The damns have actually made some of the salmon migration easier than it used to be when there were high water falls the salmon had to get over to go up river. The salmon did experience a population shock that was related to el nino conditions which had only been discovered because of satellite data within the last 30 years. The naturalists are against dams because they are un-natural and make rivers unnatural so that ideology has trumped any reality in the wildlife management of river species too long. The effect have been moderately catastrophic with some amazing lines of natural hatchery fish destroyed and that loss is completely due to the naturalists being put in the place of the wild life managers instead of more reasonable scientific people. Beware of the people calling themselves "wildlife biologists" because this is all about wild life naturalist ideology and not too practical as a quality means of managing nature. You don't have to leave nature alone on this huge planet to have nature being left alone. Nature knows how to be left alone without any human intervention at all. If not here somewhere else . If not near than a little further away. The spotted owl fiasco is still an untold story of crazed ideological naturalists taking control of reality and twisting it. The spotted owl was never actually a discrete species but rather a subspecies of a more common owl species. The spotted owl was a genetic trait of some owls in one species and not a dominant trait. The naturalists could have done the same thing in the human population declaring that red heads are a separate and endangered species. Red heads are relatively rare in the human population but they are not a separate species. The naturals went on a money wasting adventure saving the spotted owl only to see it inbreed with the same species with less spotted traits. The whole program to save the spotted owl was catastrophic because instead of allowing forests that would otherwise burn down which happened in the millions of acres instead of going to economic use as lumber and other products. worst of all is that naturalists caused the markets for lumber in the us to start importing timber from far away places like Russia and Canada. That imported lumber came with diseases that are now decimating the forests including the old growth forests they said they were originally going to save. The timber was imported because the saw mills were here and idle and unemployment was sky high in the areas intended by the naturalists to take the brunt of their spotted owl lies. Now we have new insects that are destroying million of acres of fine native trees that once they all turn brown will become future forest fires and we have disappearing spotted owls because they are just a subspecies anyways. over 2 billion dollars was spent and the idiots are proclaiming what they did was a great success because they still want to save the spotted owl subspecies which is now even more endangered plus they have a major vested interest in keeping their jobs. That is just the start of the catastrophic nature of the naturalist environmental movement's control of wildlife management. In Africa and Asia they are doing pretty much the same thing as the fish hatchery by arbitrarily deciding which animals in each species are natural and not natural. They don't understand humans in these areas need alternatives to harvesting natural species as they have done for millennia or that populations of wild creatures should be grown to provide what humans will take. There is a natural food chain. Nature is not this necessarily perfectly in balanced ecosystem as they always tell us it is. Now they are on a major track to tell us that everything in the oceans will be depleted--There are definite pressures on the oceans the same naturalists are totally against aquaculture and tell you only to eat wild seafood. They want things left alone and micromanaged on every level to the degree that everything they say to do will end up being more catastrophic then just hiring a new breed of wildlife managers that have a better understanding of adaptive species and wild life opportunism. Instead of watching a baby elephant die on television because there is no water it is a shame that natural geogaphic does not go and pay some money to drill a wells for animals the same way we would do for people. The baby elephant does not need to be a story it can become a zoo animal too. When you hear the naturalist cries that there are too few elephants and then you see this on television with all the resources the naturalists have then it is just getting silly. At the end of each nature show on tv you get to hear the blurb about how evil mankind is and how nature organizations need cash contributions. Come on! I .W


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