Sunday, July 13, 2014

Grocery Shopping For Less And For More.

Tips on Saving Money on Groceries at Home Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Grocery shopping is expensive business. There are ways to extend the value of purchases. Most of the tips offered in this article are simple little things that can add up to significant sums over time. A lot of groceries go to waste after being purchased because people either buy more than they can use or they don't know how to preserve the food for the longest period of time. If you are throwing away bread because some of it gets moldy before you use it beware there is a way to save it longer. The simple solution is when you buy a bread you don't intend to use immediately is to put it, wrapped in it's original air tight bag, in the refrigerator and leave it there till you intend to use it. This extends the life of any sort of bread including real French baguettes and tortillas but those you will need to wrap in cellophane or but in a plastic bag and seal. The shelf life of bread from refrigeration is more than twice what it will likely be on your kitchen counter. If you like bottled water because you like it cold and ready to drink when you want it than the solution to save money is to save the used bottle and refill it from the tap. You can refill the bottle and refrigerate a number of times, Just mark your name on the outside of the bottle with a magic marker so anyone else using the refrigerator know you drink out of it. After finishing and before you refill the bottle you can rinse it out by filling partially with water capping, shaking and then spilling that water out before refilling and refrigerating. A lot of water bottles from the store are designed to minimize required shelf space in your refrigerator. Pick one bottle you like the size and shape of and pay too much for it once at the grocery store and then refill ten or fifteen times. This can also be done with ice tea. just get a bottle of your choice rinse out and put a tea bag in a paper cup and microwave with less than an inch of water for about 30 seconds in most microwave ovens. Add more water to the cup to cool the inch of tea and tea bag and then bend the paper cup like a funnel to pour the tea into your reusable bottle. Do it several times to wash more tea out of the tea bag. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with water and cap and refrigerate till cold for use. Water can also be flavored by other means such as adding almond extract by the drop. Another way to save money on groceries is to realize that stores put various items on sale on a rotating basis. Buying what ever happens to be on sale and treating it as if it is the thing to eat when in season can save a lot of money. Before making your menu out and then going shopping you can shop first and create the menu after knowing what you bought. Shopping for fish? The best freshest fish might be cheapest just because it is in season. This applies to just about anything in a super market especially once it really goes on sale. Other ways to save money shopping are to adopt beans and peanuts as protein rich meals. That means peanut butter. Before poor starving students saw the virtues in ramen soup packages they knew about the peanut butter and bread diet. Peanut butter sandwiches are one of the more filling things you can eat and one of the most simple ways eat and feel full for the longest period of time. The peanut butter diet might even cause you to loose weight. If not peanuts than it is beans. Beans can be purchased in super markets dried and bagged. The cost per pound is lower than any other protein equivalents in the grocery store. To make beans you can soak over night before boiling because this will reduce energy costs. People should keep bags of beans in their houses in case of emergency feminine due to crop failure or other catastrophic circumstances. Beans can last for years and years is in their dried bagged form so if you happen to be laying low after say a nuclear war your beans might last you though the entire war emergency and then a few extra years so long as your water is not too polluted with radiation. .

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