Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Here is an Investment Firm with Insightful Comments on the State of the Financial Markets for 2008

Here is an Investment Firm with Insightful Comments on the State of the Financial Markets for 2008 This is Not a Financial Endorsement but I Love the Way the Author of the November 2008 Report Calls Idiots Idiots Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Go to http://www,zrim.com and click the November 2008 report download to read what this guy has to say. This is a company that only services larger investment accounts as separate accounts and appears to have an excellent return on compound earning for a number of years. They advertise themselves as specialists in small cap companies . At the moment some of the largest companies on earth are selling at amazing discounts so going small cap may seem overly risky if you are actually brave enough to invest in a compete market crash environment like this November 2008. I give the investment report an excellent review because I like that the author calls idiots idiots and talks about people throwing their investment wealth and stocks away in an episode of completely irrational panic we are now seeing. I just don't want to take responsibility for telling people to invest now because just as when the bubble kept inflating and never popping the market lows can go much lower before things turn around. Markets tend to be as irrational as crowds. What do you do when you are on cruise ship and suddenly some one starts yelling that the ship is sinking when it isn't and everyone on board starting going to the left hand side of the ship causing the ship to tip over? You can be one of the few and who go to the right side of the ship and put on a life preserver and look for something that might help you float after the ship goes down or you can join the crowd. You maybe last and safe on the right hand side but the crowd is still going to make the ship sink. That is how I feel about this idiotic market panic and crash. I would like to stuff a towel in the mouth of Jim Cramer on CNBC especially when he is telling his followers to quick run to the left hand side of the ship and throw all their stocks overboard. After he does this long enough one day he will come back and tell everyone that there is no hope and to go into Treasury bonds and hold and the next day the market will be up 50% or Cramer might actually call that in advance and take credit so one wonders why one would bother listening to him to sell everything several months before in the first place. Maybe there is a bookie in Vegas taking bets on whether Jim Cramer calls the bottom but then he probably hedges that every day he is on the air. The day I watched him first call for selling everything and buying gold i was pleased to see gold crash the next day along with stocks. I would like to see numbers on Cramer's private investment statement that beats what you see at zprim.com! Worth having a look as it definitely is contrarians. There are also other insights including the stocks the firm recently put money in. One in particular I am fascinated by is CRDN., Ceradyne, which makes the material that makes light weight body armor for us troops. The technology is the new space age and probably will be essential in putting our first moon colony in place. The company has virtually no competition. If solar energy really has a future CRDN will be involved. http://www.zprim.com is a company putting it's money where it's mouth is and not waffling around like the talking heads on CNBC and Bloomberg in their fear mongering fun time. It is a wonderful counterpoint to the meltdown mentality and the company does seem to have real faith in small cap equities now when they are a give away! That is positive thinking in a time of irrational fear and despair. If you see an idiot throwing away money do you tell him you go grab as much of it as you can or do you join him throwing your own money away? I have an interest in CRDN but none in the Zprim (yet). .

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