Monday, July 7, 2014

Hidden Dangers in the Kitchen

Hidden Dangers in the Kitchen True Horror Stories from the Kitchen Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Watch out. Evil lurks in your Kitchen and you might not even know it. The other day when I was pouring some genuine Italian made macaroni into a bowl and had just added water to it. I noticed moths flying out of the package. Then i got the noodles wet . I noticed that some had dark black centers and started to pick them out of the water. I kept finding more and more of them . I wish I had screamed in terror. I almost cooked little back larvae in the macaroni noodle holes in the microwave oven and not known they were there. I probably should have screamed because i ate some from the same box a few weeks before. Had they been white larvae I might not have noticed. It is smarter to buy the spaghetti without the holes after making that discovery. What or where those bugs came from I have no idea. I don't eat mac and cheese but not I might say never. Boiling Water in the microwave oven in a container can actually cause the water to suddenly blow up in certain circumstances when you open the door to the microwave oven to take the boiling water out. The best way to prevent that is to cook something in the water. Instant coffee or a tea bag helps prevent the rare occurrence of water blow up so one should always put the tea bag in the water cup while it is boiling in the microwave oven. If you bring a witch doctor or shaman into your kitchen keep him away from the microwave oven. The refrigerator ecosystem is yet another horror story. Just leave some left overs in the fridge in a place you forget about them for a while. One of the worst things you can leave in the fridge is a piece of tofu unsealed in the brine it came in . Not even milk in the fridge is as good as a medium to grow every color of mold on . I found one opened package of tofu that had fermented and molded into a Technicolor Eco wonderland of mold, fungus and bacteria. Fresh farmers market vegetables in the kitchen or vegetable direct from your garden can be a horror story too. I had some cabbage from the garden that I had not known contained slugs that had burrowed deep with in it. When I went to cut it open I cut though several slugs and realized that most of the nice big cabbage was hollowed out from the inside out. If you like the taste of escargot maybe this would be something to try? Kitchen appliances are a big cause of house fires. A Stove , an oven or a toaster can cause a whole house to burn down. Appliances have dangerous minds of their own . Many of them should be turned off when not in use or unplugged from wall outlets. I think it might have been a dish washer that burned down a neighbor's house. Never trust an appliance even if it is a Kenmore. In parts of Latin America they have these gecko lizards that climb the walls hunting the giant cock roaches that also climb the walls beware of the lizards and the roaches when in the kitchen there. These creatures climb the walls and sometimes climb the walls and ceilings, fall asleep and fall off. You can be cooking and not watching the pots and pan you have on the stove when one of these falls head first into you coming meal. I don't think most of Portland has that problem but it could be possible with exotic house pets around the house. Doggie doors to the kitchen. If your pouch has direct access to the kitchen beware sometimes Fido brings home wild game like a skunk and deposits it right in the middle of the kitchen . Sometimes it is just playing dead in doggies mouth and once dropped on the floor is ready to take over your whole house. I have had the bunny rabbit gift brought in by a cat.. The baby bunny looked dead till kitty dropped it in the middle of the kitchen floor and then it took off to hide away somewhere in side the house never to be found again unless kitty found him later on. House cats can be awful serial killers and bring their pray back to the house and usually straight into the kitchen. They party paralyze a mouse and use it as bloody play thing though out the house . As well fed house cats they don't feel like eating is as much as they do playing with food. There are some bad dogs that bring how road kill and drop it in the kitchen or dead fish from the beach. It is in the garbage smell. Kitchen garbage can take on a life of it;s own when not immediately disposed of . It can overwhelm you and your kitchen. All you need is a relative living in the house who does not know what the garbage disposal is, Ultra Smart deer mice can reorganize your kitchen. We had deer mice that got into the house somewhere though the basement. They knew to come in when the cats were away and managed to move an entire bucket of hazel nuts from the kitchen into piano in the living room. Later I put out a big bowl of chestnuts , huge nuts for such tiny mice, I went to bed and by the morning every nut was missing from the bowl and deposited high on shelves in the kitchen. I had wished i could have video taped how the tiny mice did it so fast. It was over 5 lbs of nuts. The horror comes in later when you find the damage the little beasts have done not knowing they were there for a long time. I found some nests in old easter baskets with plastic hay stored in the garage. . Close

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