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Home Made Cold Remedy

Home Made Cold Remedy / Cough Medicine for Adults Only Just an Old Wives Tale or the Elixir of Choice? Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The recipe is an old one that could be worth a try. It can be made to taste just like cough medicine or you can experiment and make it taste much better. The recipe may even have just as much effectiveness as some of the quack over the counter products? Before concluding that this is bogus give it a try and see for yourself that it may have potential. The recipe is to take honey and spirits to make this genuine elixir. One way to make it is to take about a table spoon of honey and mix into about one the same amount of Rum or a spiced Rum like Captain Morgan. To mix put the honey in a shot glass and then add the Rum. Stir with the back of a spoon since a spoon will not fit very well in a shot glass. Mix very well till the honey is liquid and drink like a shot. Honey was used since ancient times as a healing substance. High proof distilled rum is a relatively new product from more modern history. If you prefer Cognac to Rum just make the substitution. To make it taste more like medicine just whiskey instead. You can add aromatic bitters like bitter orange drops to the concoction which is a little more like a cocktail but also a bit more medicinal tasting. If you swear by herbal teas you can take a tea bag of choice and put it at the bottom of a tea cup with just enough water to cover the tea bag or microwave it fast for 30 seconds or less till the fluid at the bottom of the tea cup is densely tea colored. take a spoon squeeze more of the liquid out of the tea bag and add to the honey and rum in the shot glass and mix it all together before taking the medicine. Honey drops are a famous kind of cold remedy but being over the counter they lack the added kick that the alcoholic spirits add to an elixir. The other problem with the honey drop is they often contain corn syrup and cane sugar instead of pure raw honey. Some honey is more flavorful than others. Try a dark colored honey that has a more complex flavor. It may be old wives tales or just a home made placebo but you might just find it helpful. This type of elixir was quite popular for the cure of the common cold over 100 years ago. Not for children and not good to take before driving. Alcohol can interrupt sleep so don't take right before bed time. Don't over use if you are alcoholic and its seems to work better when you don't eat or drink after taking this medicine. This is not a prescription. I am not a doctor. If the risk is too high for you don't try it. If your elixir works the next thing to do is to get a elixir salesman wagon and go out and sell it in medicinal looking bottles. Think of a brand name to call it and paint that on the wagon. .


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