Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Conservatives Can Be Sure They Will Win Elections

How Conservatives Can Be Sure They Will Win Elections Out Smarting the Julius Caesar Style Vote Buying Democrats at Their Own Game Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Overt Julius Caesar Style vote buying seems to be the direction the US elections are going in with the just announced Obama administration plans to "gift" social security recipients with stimulus money right before the elections coming up in November. Calling this gifting a cost of living increase that just ever so conveniently corresponds to the election seems a little criminal considering how hard the founding fathers worked to prevent this sort of thing by limiting powers by balancing them between different branches of government. Conservative groups may not have to work very hard to counter act this behavior on the part of the administration in the election because people are losing much more than they gain with a $250 check which for many recipients without side income just adds to their end of the year taxes. Conservatives are rightfully totally against the vote buying class war fare of the socialist elements in US government. Instead of counteracting this with out right imperial vote buying, Conservatives can do much better by rallying businesses that support conservative causes to help in the effort. Starting election day conservative leaning businesses should consider special give aways. Imagine that Walmart wanted to save the country and they decided that election day starting when the polls open they will offer free $20 gift cards to anyone willing to wait in a very long line to present their ID to staff members at all stores as an election day gift. It would not be a gift to get a vote just a distraction to draw people away from the polls to get more immediate freebies! First come first served for the people who get in line and wait to get in to present their id so they can't go to a different walmart and get two gifts or more instead of the one. On the other side of town gas stations can give away $20 gas vouchers and especially just out side of the best gerrymandered neighborhoods. Free movies all day at movie theaters for election day with a free popcorn and drink voucher! That would be a great distraction too. This might even work in Oregon where we have vote by mail. No vote will be bought just distracted away from the polls. Free Rock and Roll concert festivals would possibly work to get people to travel outside city limits and forget all about the polls to help save the country with a republican landslide. The problem is to find rock groups conservatives have absolutely no interest in so as not to draw away those votes. How to be sure that conservatives won't also get in line at Walmart for a free $20 gift card? The assumption is that these people have better things to do with their time than to wait in line four hours or more to get $20 for free but I could be wrong so maybe instead of a $20 gift card Walmart could limit the offer to purchases of beer, condoms, cheap wine and time magazine issues. Setting up free raves when the polls open and maybe free Foot games at the stadium just in time for the polls to open. Election day celebration gifts to costumers sounds like the way to go. The longer the lines to get the free stuff the better. It might pay to donate money to medical marijuana clinics where they exist for a free gift day there on election day. Medical brownies for free might even get Conservatives elected to San Francisco city government offices! Portland Oregon can have another naked ride on the bus day but that might keep conservatives who use the bus away from the polls. All of this free stuff will happen at least 1000 ft or ideally a lot more than that from any poll so it is not considered to be interfering with the election. In affluent liberal progressive neighborhoods it might be difficult to use this to draw away voters but local auto dealers could have free Ferrari test drives to lure away rich socialists from the polls. It is true that conservatives like something for nothing as much as liberals do but it is also true that liberals feel it is worth waiting in line to get what government officials say is your fair share. The only reason the Castro government is still in power in Cuba is that people in Cuba are willing to wait in long lines next to forever for the rest of their lives to get virtually everything they get for nothing without having to lift a finger to work for it. The whole life of the Roman Empire going out 500 years or more was based simply on people willing to wait in life long lines to be taken care of by their demigod (demagogue) emperors. It is very curios how people will waste a life time waiting for freebies to come along. Perfect timing is during election days to see just how stratified our "class" society really is. Wilmar welfare day would be really cool and might save the company from ruin by dislodging the anti business democrats from Washington DC. It should be tax deductible for companies to give away free stuff to supplement federal and state welfare payment? A republican/ conservative congress could make that a new law for many future election freebie give aways to come! .

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