Sunday, July 6, 2014

How to Create Your Very Own Customized Daily Newspaper

How to Create Your Very Own Customized Daily Newspaper My Yahoo Offers the Most Comprehensive Tools You Can Find Online Lex Loeb Contributor Network . If you sick of having to recycle all that newspaper that gets delivered to your front door on a daily basis you should consider trying to create your own customized newspaper on line Most homepage websites allow you to add news categories, your local weather and predictions. Everyone on line is already aware of that. What they are not aware of is that they can have a lot more control over the news that gets headlined on your page. One of the best places on line to set up your own virtual customized newspapers happens to be My Yahoo on It is a free service that is fast and easy to set up. You can pick your search categories for the types of news feeds you want to receive on an ongoing basis. So if you are not interested in stories about politics you don't have to see that on your page if you don't want it there. If you just want to see what news there is about local politics you can define what your local area is with the right key words. You can also watch areas of business you are interested in. Maybe you are only interested in residential real estate and you want to see the stories on line about that subject and not about other industries. You have that choice. My yahoo also allows you to see just the stock quotes you want to or if you want just news about certain companies you can list those to get ongoing news feeds on without having to see everything else. My Yahoo automatically indexes everything you want to follow and allows you to make changes when ever you want or to see general headlines if you like. Yahoo is primarily a search engine so if you want search the news you can do it right there from your My Yahoo page or switch to any other search engine. My yahoo also will allow you to link to yahoo sites where you can load an RSS to particular blogs for a constant stream of updates. Need weather reports in more than one location? You can use keywords on yahoo for those locations by name with the word weather and you will get an ongoing updated list of indexed links. Getting exactly what you want from a service like My Yahoo takes some trial and error. Once you have got it right you probably won't want to go back to scanning though the pages of wads of printed newspaper. My Yahoo becomes your own information tool. It is a customized index that will pick up major stories as soon as they surface on line. It can actually beat the old newspaper office teletypes because the index gives you instant access without having to print out anything. Once you find a story coming over the line on line you can search for other takes on the story from other sources. The best way to find out how it works and to start customizing your own newspaper is to go to any search engine and type in "My Yahoo" , apply for a free account if you don't already have a yahoo account and then go from there. Google also has a custom news service you can set up but yahoo was the first to do it and it has a nice organization without being as invasive as Google seems to be once you set up an account there. With yahoo you can log into your page when you want to with out necessarily having to put a tool bar up on your page. Avoid making Yahoo your homepage unless you really want that to be the first place you go when you turn on your computer. A favorites link on your computer can take you to your My Yahoo page when ever you want to explore your customized newspaper. More and more people are dropping their old printed newspaper subscriptions because news is actually fresher and easier to index on line . It saves wasted paper from trees that have to be harvested, saves you from having to throw out or recycle all that paper, saves ink and gives you much greater access to more stories and more sources. My Yahoo and similar services just provide you with the ease of organizing your regular searches on a fixed page so you don't have to type in all your various key words to up date your news interests every time you go on line. My yahoo is then available to all your portable devices with your set customized organization. So if you watch your stocks during the day you can get your list as you want to see it without having to open an actual investment account page. Thinking about how you want to customize your own newspaper helps before starting. You might want your local stories and your local weather, news on the company you work for, news on say tax issues because you are an accountant. You might be a model railroad hobbyist so you can also see news on that or maybe you also want to follow the latest news on astronomy or sports. If you don't ever want to see sports articles you don' have to. There is no need for any sports section if you don't want it. Can't stand the living section of your local newspaper? You don't have to have it unless you want it. Creating your own customized newspaper on line helps you keep your focus. It gets rid of the noise you see in a normal newspaper or newscast on television. If you hate television teasers where they tell you they are going to show you a story but then try to get you to watch till the end of the news show so you see the maximum number of commercials you don't really care to see then you can just go on line and search for that story so you can turn off the television and not waste your time with that nonsense. Many of those teaser stories have no substance once you finally see them. It may just be a still photo you wanted to see. Chances are they just found it on the Internet and then put it on TV as tends to be the case these days. People in the news service business are used to wasting your time that way or as in the newspapers and magazines splitting up the articles into pieces to force you to glance across slick print advertising. Some of that is creeping onto the web but on the web you can control it. Magazines like Forbes on line have become Internet savvy and are using pop up advertising so they don't go out of business giving away content on line. The content can be good . You just need some experience knowing you can skip past the pop up or quickly get it out of the way. Forbes needs to be told that readers don't want the pop up trade off but would prefer a side line ad that they are forced to glance at instead. Everyone in the news business who wants to survive is trying to adapt to the new medium of the Internet. Nothing is really finalized yet. The Whole system is evolving if you can even call it a system. It is sort of a virtual wild west on line. That is still a vast improvement on getting your news from a massive wad of newsprint delivered to your door. The real trick is organizing how you want to receive the news and process it. My Yahoo is an excellent site for that propose. You can even list the newspapers by names you want to see the headlines from so you have a sense of what they are covering without having to subscribe. Newspapers don't like losing their editorial power . They don't like losing subscriptions either . They are living antiques that may not survive especially after you discover how you can create your own. If you have a comcast homepage or a yahoo or Goggle homepage you find they take editorial control in the old fashioned way. You don't have to be stuck with that when you can become your own editor by going to My Yahoo. Unfortunately My Yahoo does not give you the advice in advance that what My Yahoo is for is to edit your own customized ongoing newspaper. There are other many other things you can do with it or link to it including widgets. Once you set up your own virtual on line newspaper you will realize how much time time the old media was wasting your time. If you are sick of media spin you can really make it go away or spin it anyway you want to as your own custom newspaper editor. .

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