Monday, July 7, 2014

How to Grow an Eddible Plant Garden at Home for Natural Beauty, Great Regular Excercise and a Bounty of Food to Eat

How to Grow an Eddible Plant Garden at Home for Natural Beauty, Great Regular Excercise and a Bounty of Food to Eat It is Possible to Grow a Lot of Food on a Small Residential Lot or on a Small Acreage. the Benefits Go Beyond Just Harvesting Fruits and Vegitables Lex Loeb Contributor Network . An eddible plant garden can be a very ornimental landscape for your home on a city lot or a larger piece of acreage. The concept is that if you are going to grow plants in your home landscape that you pick plants that bare furits and vegitables.. On smaller urban lots one is limited by making a few careful select choices of plants since space is limited. Space limitations are also a problem for larger pices of land. Selecting plants to grow depends on what you like to eat and on how you want your garden to look. Plants with edible nuts, seeds, fruits and vegitables can be as ornimental as any others. To keep a lot of plants havestable will require perhaps more pruning than letting a landscape go wild. Orinemental landscapes have no harvest but can be just about as much work in up keep including pruning. A primary consideration is to pay attention size the plants and trees will be when they become full grown so that each one selected can get adequate light and water. One has the temptation of buying too many starter plants because they start small and then planting them too close together as a result. American suburbs used to have a lot more practical plants than they do now. In older suburban neighborhods one is likely to see more apple and cherry trees than in newer subdivision which often have a lot of flashy looking plants that have no productive value other than being orniments that may require watering. A home lawn can be just as demanding with no productive value at all except lawn clippings. Having an edible landscape requires manual labor. Plants need care to go on producing adequately. In winter fruit trees need pruning. For best harvest trees need to be kept with branches that can be reached by those dooing the picking. Harvest time is also excercise as is the planting season. I personally like getting the excercise workout working on the farm as opposed to running in circles in gym or presing weights in a health clulb. Farming offers you a farm job that gives you more work than you need and no reason ever to go work out in a gym. Excercise is one of the benefits of having a farm. Yes , I said it, having an edible garden of any kind makes the garden a farm and makes you a farmer. Find out more by search for edible gardens. .

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