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How to Make a Time Machine (With Absinthe)

How to Make a Time Machine (With Absinthe) It's a Cocktail Lex Loeb Contributor Network . You do not have to go to a movie to go traveling in time. There is a cocktail you can make. in Oregon the state liquor stores now provide for sale a watered down absinthe. That is a start you will need to building your very own time machine in a Martini shaped glass. The ingredients start with a quarter of a tea spoon of dark brown unrefined sugar , a few dashes of angostura bitters, a drop of anisette, about 3 fluid onces of sparkling water, 6 fllluid onces of absinthe and a ball of shaved ice. Shake it until it is almost frozen and then strain into the Martini shaped glass and squeeze some lemon peal on top of it. If you can get an illuminated glass with a built in battery operated LED it is a spectacular beverage. It can even be better if you hollow out an orange peal and pour the liquid into the empty cavity in the orange peal containing the shaved ice. With this time machine you can travel back in time and foreword. I am an expert on string theory and here there are no strings attached.


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