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How to Retire Rich with No Money at All at the Age of 25

How to Retire Rich with No Money at All at the Age of 25 Lex Loeb Contributor Network . What you need is a regular welfare check to retire immediately. The Big Welfare State is coming back.! This is something to celebrate. This time it is computerized and will have all the special features that George Orwell predicted for the year 1984 which means that the government will now really be able to give you the personal service and care you need. Redistribution is promised and everything the top 2 percent of the people in the country who are rich will be taxed to pay for your benefit. It is time to start thinking about retirement . Before you even think of retiring you should make sure you have put your time into collective community service. You will soon be guaranteed free health care and a minimum welfare income if you have no other means of support so it is a big mistake ever to start working. Do not look for a job. If you get a job you might be obligated to continue working because the system requires someone to pay for social security. If you want to be rich it is better to never start a job and never to go to work, Do your national community service and retire at about the age of 25. How are you going to live on $300 a month from your government redistribution check and call yourself rich? You are not going to be living in New York City--You are going to need to move to the commune here in Diktats, India where we are building the world's largest retirement community for Americans on welfare checks. To join you are going to have to become a member of our religion based on New Age Hindu practices and Free Sex. For a base fee of $300 a month you will be able to sleep in the palace and will have 2 servants to serve you all year long catering to your every need. If your welfare check is higher we can still accommodate you. Vegetarians only are welcome. Your life style will be primitive in this remote location which will be a lot like a permanent vacation. Our commune is one of the fastest growing communities on the planet and we even speak English here. We have peacocks on the lawns around the palace that overlooks the ecological wonderland jungles along the river as far as the eye can see. You wish you could be here forever and now you can so long as Uncle Sam continues sending us your welfare payments. The facility is clothing optional so you never have to waste money on trips to the department store. If you live here long enough that you die here you never leave a trace because we feed you to the crocodiles. Your future medical care is included because there is an ample supply of new age local witch doctors living here. There is no electricity and no electric devices are allowed as they are not in accordance with our religion. Being rich with no money is not about sacrificing anything but in enjoying a simple non productive life in a primitive jungle setting thanks to adequate state support you will be receiving. A life of free sex and simple religious virtues awaits you at the Commune Obama. If this life style does not amaze and appeal you can always leave and go back to being a welfare assistance victim in your home country. Get on the dole, make enough money to buy your plane fare here once you have your entitlement checks coming and retire immediately. Quit the rat race before you ever get on the tread mill and come to Amazing India Commune where we all call our self Maharajah. For more information go to your new deal social security office and pick up the necessary paperwork for your redistribution payments and then plan to come join us. Retire early, retire once, retire forever. You may ask how we do it for just $300 a month? Many of our locals are happy to work for around $100 a month and would love to serve you. $1200 a year is a substantial income for remote country people. $1200 goes a long way at our local walmart. None of your servants will be members of our commune because they don't have nearly enough money to join. Larger contributions are always accepted as our sliding scale is anything over $300 a month you can afford. If India is the wrong climate for you we have a new facility we are building in the Namibian desert we are going to call Obama Town. .


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