Monday, July 7, 2014

How to Tell If the World Came to an End and You Missed

How to Tell If the World Came to an End and You Missed It Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The world came to an end and you missed it. All life was wiped clean off the surface of the earth. The earth itself was vaporized in an impact with a giant sister planet perhaps called Naboohoo after being slammed by an asteroid the size of Phobos and pummeled by a comet that caused instant global warming with the ice caps melting and sea levels rising more than 200 feet world wide.Earthquakes, super volcanoes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Plague, Extinctions, Cosmic Ray Blasts, Four Different Nuclear Wars,Fire, Famine, Drought, Flooding and the Wrath of God culminating in the sun exploding and completely vaporizing the earth--- And yet you are still reading this or you think you are? The world came to an end and maybe the universe too and you still think you are alive and well and reading this? Of course you are. You missed it. You missed the end but your soul survived . You and everything else you thought you knew as your world and universe was vaporized. How could you miss such a thing. The great event you were so concerned about most of your life and you missed it? After the Fires a great ten thousand foot high tsunami washed away most of everything on dry land. Not long afterwards the sun exploded as a black hole consumed the left side of it. You stayed up all night and waited to see the comet that was going to destroy everything and missed the real end when it happened. Souls don't require any material or reality to sustain them they are independent of any known laws of nature , physics but not mathematics because mathematics clearly predicts the nature of the soul as everyone knows. Your soul just does not realize it only imagines that you are still alive because souls are for comfort. Your soul is everlasting and your bliss is in everything is just fine. It still digs at you that the world came to an end just as predicted and you missed it. You missed it . You missed it. You missed it. Damn. Now you are just a soul living in a vivid imagination communicating with all your old face book Friend's who were always just souls divorced from reality as everything in cyberspace is virtual. You kind of wondered if anything or anyone on face book was real and you are still not sure even now that world has been vaporized and no longer exists. So why are you still living in fear of the next catastrophe? Armageddon has come and gone. This is the great jubilee of souls. You can be in communion with dinosaurs souls now. The second coming came and went. You missed it and forgot to rejoice. Get real. You are way beyond dead. The earth was vaporized and sucked up deep into the center of a black hole. This article you think you are reading is all in your soul's imagination. Stop trying to understand it. It is not supposed to make sense. Nothing ever did make any sense, You thought you were properly versed in things making sense but when you missed the end of the world you missed the punch line. You missed the point. Quit worrying. Had you died before the end of time and before the end of the world and the end of the Universe it would have been exactly the same thing as the world coming to an end. Now you are just confused because your soul needs to be confused to remain a soul unless you are in Hell and then your eyes would be burned out and your face on fire you could not be reading anything like this or imagining it. The worst thing you can do is keep worrying and end up sending your soul to Hell by accident. Stop everything is fine and wonderful the world came to an end and you missed it. .

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