Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I Always Fool My Friends Taking the Elevator Up to the Top of Multnomah Falls

I Always Fool My Friends Taking the Elevator Up to the Top of Multnomah Falls Lex Loeb Contributor Network . My swiss friend's grandfather helped carve the elevator tunnels.at Mulnomah falls. His grandfather was one of the engineers of World war two swiss military mountain tunnels and he came out to Oregon after the war to work on some projects for the army corp in the gorge. He lends me the key when I want it. I let my friends start out walking up the trail to the top of the falls and tell them I will meet them there with the excuse of having to use the bathroom. They walk up to the top of the lower falls and then over the bridge and on the trail upward on the switch backs to the top of the main falls. I go to the tunnel at the bottom and walk and take the elevator to the top in less than 4 minutes. It takes most friends about a half hour to get to the top of the main falls but before they get there I come running down the trail and meet them and they look at me like how did you get ahead of us. I tell them I took the elevator and they laugh at me. "There is no elevator, blah blah blah,' and I say, "OK don't believe me." I walk back up to the top with them and when they are about to go back down I tell them I want to walk up further and see the next fall above the main fall. they see me walking up the trail but I am just going back to the elevator tunnel. They get back down to the lodge and there I am ahead of them. "How did you do that?" They look at me like I tricked them going off the trail and walking straight up a steep rocky slope in the bushes. I tell them I took the elevator like I am telling you about the elevator because you won't believe me.( I am not going to show you where it is either.) When I don't bring friends I take the elevator to the top and just run down after walking further up to see the other falls further up the trail since the second elevator to the top of Larch mountain is still not completed . Sometimes I fool people who don't know me. Sometimes people notice me popping up or down the falls and look at me funny. It is a great trick. Occasionally I meet someone else borrowing a key and they are doing the same damn thing--fooling someone. When the Larch mountain elevator is completed it will be even better fun. .

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