Thursday, July 10, 2014


Is Glenn Beck on Fox Television a New Revisionist Archie Bunker? Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The hit show All In The Family seemed to be designed to preach a liberal politically correct morality. If you have never seen an episode of All in the family you probably can find it somewhere online where it can be downloaded. The show went on the air in 1971 and lasted on air until 1983. It is a formula sitcom so if you see one episode you pretty much know how the rest of them are acted out. Archie Bunker is a blue collar all american slob generously given the a theatrical character as a fat dumb blue collar east coast union slob who is the unpleasant set in his ways elder patriarch of his balloon frame urban home. He dominates his wife, Edith whom he callse "Dingbat" and Edith happily remains a dingbat to be devoted to a husband who behaves that way. Archie Bunker's grown daughter lives in the house living with her boy friend living in sin or hippie style long haired husband Rob Reiner Michael "Meathead." The daughter and "Meathead" are Liberal antagonists to what might be described as Reagan-Democrat blue color union member and veteran, Patriarch Archie Bunker. Every episode would reveal one more aspect of Archie Bunker's fairly good natured all american bigotry. In one episode Archie even becomes an abused child who is still respectuful of the father who abused him. The character fascinated Americans both liberal and conservative not just because he was such an exageration but because his kind of biogotry and racial determinism was pretty common in working blue collar neigborhoods of the country. Archie Bunker was the old dog who was not going to learn any new trick. He had his favorite chair, favorite meals, a never ending disgruntled attitude and the tollerance to sneer at anything or anyone that was alien to his idea of way things should be. He is not a rich guy but a lower middle class beer drinking slob and a portrait that the Teamsters actually said they resented because of the portrayal of Archie as a typical American working man. Archies suffers one embarrassment after another because of his bad attitude and unwillingness to accept liberal political correctness but he is too stupid to be embarassed. When he is bigoted it he just resigns himself to fealing dignified as if biogotry is a fact of American life. The Sitcom was a moral propaganda piece not just about American biogtry and stereotyping people by race and gender it was about promoting liberal attitudes. By The year 2010 real life Archie Bunker type characters still exist in America of course but their attitudes have generally come full circle. Racial Schism is apparent in some big urban centers just like it used to be in older neigborhoods but nothing like it had been. So what does Glenn Beck Have to do with Archie Bunker. Glenn is not a biggot and he is not a fat blue collar slob defening his home and castle at least not until the unauthorized biographies come out. Glen Beck has created what seems to be a new style socail change sitcom that almost seems to be based on and a reaction to Carroll O'Conner, Norman Lear tv show but in the format of a news and information program. Archie bunker would have had no trouble calling someone a commie. Glenn Beck is doing America a service in using terminology like communism, fascism and socialism because he is right about communism and socialism being closely related and all pretty much going back to Karl Marx and the Paris Commune before that. Tunning in Glenn Beck on Fox you see him writing things down on a chaulk board and acting very pedanctic. Beck is often right about what he says and he does let you know that he is in a learning experience. . Close

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