Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Improving Your Home Ecology, Bringing Nature Back into Your Body, Home and Life

Improving Your Home Ecology, Bringing Nature Back into Your Body, Home and Life The Environmental Movement Generally Believes in a Great Chain of Being and Going Back to Nature. it is Time to Reconnect If You Are a True Believer Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The great chain of being in ecological science is the fundamental idea of why all creatures that evolved in nature should be preserved and protected. The notion of a great chain of being where everything is interconnected with everything else is a very ancient. Originally it was a religious explanation and not very a scientific one. It is a theory that holds that the world of nature is a vast interconnected chain and any single link in the chain that is disturbed or broken ultimately may cause considerable damage to the rest of the chain. This is the holy grail of the environmental movement. References to a great chain of being are found in the ancient story telling of primitive cultures and in the literature of great ancient civilizations as well. Even the bible contains references to the web of life. The most ancient notions of a great chain of being were superstitions that called for one to avoid doing things like stepping on a crack because it might break your mother's back. Breaking a link in the chain of the great chain of being might cause the unraveling of the existence of being resulting in catastrophe. I have hippie acquaintances who are true believers in ecology and its web of life and great chain of being. They decided to reconnect themselves to the web of life with the concept of enhancing body , home and life ecology. I think they are completely nuts but you may want to join them in their environmental fundamentalism. The first thing you notice about them is that they smell horrible and the petiole oil does nothing to cover over the smell. I gave one of them a ride in my car and almost died inhaling that smell. They are against wasting water and because the only place they will take a bath is in a river or a pond they will not use soap because soap might cause water pollution. That is your typical real life hippie but these particular ones who call themselves Ecological Fundamentalists have a life program they follow to reconnect to the environment with ties that bind and link them into the great chain of being. That is how they explained it to me. They invite wild animals to live in their homes with them and to live on and in their bodies. It definitely is going back to nature and becoming a part of it. The pet possums in the living room were definitely curious. That was tame, but don't think I am about to get used to nurturing body lice, head lice and putting bed bugs into my body and home ecology. The families signature dreadlocks identify them as members of the fundamentalist ecology cult they have. They are proud of their lice and bed bugs which enhance their connections to an improved ecology in their yurts. They teach their children to be proud of their invested dreads and their creepy crawly futon beds. The kids are home schooled because their pet lice are not welcome in the public school system. One of the mothers showed me the crabs she was cultivating around her tattooed navel. I asked her, "Do you really want those?" "Yes", she says "This is our natural heritage and it helps clean our blood streams of heavy metals especially the bed bugs. We got ours in France." I asked her if the bed bugs itch or if the bite hurt and she smiles at me and says it helps you dream and they help clean you while you sleep. I pointed to a big bed bug in the bed and she said no that is not a bed bug it is a cockroach who is culling the bed bug flock--it's just another link in the chain. She offers me a homemade tofu yogurt culture drink. I did not know that people actually cultivated creepy crawlers in their home space and on their bodies but they do and they are thinking of going into the mail order business to sell bugs online so everyone can join their life style. Their yurts were crawling with critters. One of the kids had pet snakes. The possums were on the floor eating apples except for the mother with babies hanging from one of the poles on the ceiling It's definitely a natural lifestyle but I don't think that is one for me. I bet their mail order business will probably be a great success because environmentalists are taking over the planet now but most of them live as hypocrites outside of their own beloved ecology. When Body Home Life Ecology mail order catalog goes up online I bet they will sell millions of dollars worth of human ecology insects. Soon home and body ecology will be the rage in Hollywood mansions. Opaha will be swearing by her bed bugs and her disciples will be buying from the mail order catalog? Dr Phil will be promoting crabs? This is the future of America? Just remember it started in Portland, Oregon when the next environmental president brings bed bugs , crabs and possums into the White House. The spotted owl would be proud of the progress we have made. This may be the future of Home EC. . Close

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