Sunday, July 13, 2014

In Power And Always Knowing They Are Right.....Even When Saying What They Want To Do Comes From New Ideas And Is Thus Completely Experimental.

If the Liberal Democrats Really Have All the Solutions to All the Problems Why Don't They Prove it First? Dare Them to Prove It! Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Politicians and bureaucrats claim to have all the answers to all our questions and solutions to every problem. It is true that government does have the natural competitive advantage over the private sector of not being subject to ordinary taxation. There are plenty of examples of places government tries to compete with the private sector and routinely fails in spite of all of its natural advantages. Government officials and politicians are making grandiose claims that they will give the USA massive change by deconstructing private sector institutions and replacing those with government models of institutional perfection. This sounds like great news to many of the people most of whom don't seem very well educated nor having very good memories of the government games of the same sort in the past that ended in failure. Giving powerful liberal democrats the benefit of the doubt, it is possible to let them prove that they can deliver what they say they can before they wreck existing institutions mainly in the private sector. We should dare the government to prove that it can do better what it says it can on a small trial test scale before dismantling the country and killing jobs for millions who are dependent on the existing institutions. Take Health care as one example. The powerful liberal democrats claim they will find cost savings and will not be forcing patents to accept health care rationing. They also say that everyone will get to choose their doctor and that everyone will have equal access to the system. The claim is also that the services will be better and more reliable. Lots of claims and no proof that what they say is possible will work. Let them prove it first. They can take a small state perhaps Hawaii and try out their program there first on a small scale. They should do this side by side with the market economy to see what the actual results will be. The voters should dare them to do this. If the government program is a major success cutting costs and giving better services than the private sector then they win the bet. If their program turns into a watered down Veterans Hospital catastrophe with extra high monopoly prices and substandard doctors staying in the profession and the public is forced to wait in endless lines for care with unbelievably higher taxes to pay for their dream health care system in spite of what is now being advertised as an improvement then maybe it won't prove to be a very good idea. The way the liberal democrats see the process in transforming national health care is as much of a quick take over and displacement as possible leaving no trace of the present system of health care to compare the results to. This is their same formula for Energy and Financial institutions where they want to take over and run the institutions so there is nothing left to compare the state of their energy program success to . Ever notice that no matter how badly a government agency there is always a built in PR machine to tell you otherwise? Then we hear all about the need for a green economy , green jobs, green industries. It is going to be so grand and so green amazing! Right? That green stuff is a PR machine from the beginning! The fact that many local recycling programs waste more energy being green than just disposing of trash in landfills is often left out of the reported benefits to the community equations. Some communities waste so much energy recycling garbage that they consuming more of the earth's scarce resources than they are actually saving! The PR machine has millions of people washing out old cans and bottles using natural gas heated tap water. What might feel good to many in these communities maybe more harmful to the "environment" by the green rules than advertised. Transportation costs for a lot of recycled scrap material can eat away at the benefit and of course cause the need for more diesel and coal based electric production than just having a convenient landfill! Trading scrap metal garbage and bales of cardboard/ newsprint for manufactured goods from china with US treasury bonds is an extraordinarily great deal for the US. We get finished products at bargain prices and they get a ship full of our garbage as ballast. We also give them treasury notes not worth the paper they are printed on. How can the Chinese be such dupes? The Chinese do actually pay good prices for some of our trash depending on the market conditions too so we get some of our worthless dollars back in the transaction too. Recycling programs are uniformly deemed to have succeeded when government's created them as programs. The data however shows that the private sector is actually doing better in this regard especially for tax payers. This is because in some more successful private recycling programs the private companies actually pay people for their sorted trash instead of charging them a fee for collection! You will not find a single government recycling program that is sharing the wealth from the trash cans with the taxpayers! Government's big plans to national the oil , gas and coal industries are not exactly a new concept. It has been done in quite a few other countries and the outcomes often seems to be a bigger disaster than in just having commercial competition instead of a state monopoly. Pemex in Mexico is a nationalized state oil company that has had infinite resources with the potential to rival some of the biggest multinational corporations and never stood a chance trying. Pemex has proved to be vital to Mexico never the less it is a fiasco. Having Old John D Rockefeller from New York City would be a vast improvement for Mexico's oil and natural gas industry and its total benefit to society compared to the long destructive phase of state control of Pemex. If a national energy monopoly really works better let them prove it competition with the existing Us Oil and natural gas industry first. Even with it's tax advantage it will probably prove itself a disaster compared to the private oil companies. Government seem as if it would rather just come in and trash existing institutions taking power and control away from the private sector and individuals and then turning around and giving it all away to their better friends. Government advertises how this makes everything :"publicly owned" . That will prove to be nonsense. If the big spending liberal democrats have all the answers then they should prove it in advance of wrecking private institutions that seem to work . Dare them to prove that they can actually stop climate change before accepting their new world transformation process. Dare them to prove that solar and wind energy are reliable compared to the alternatives before taking over the entire system. If they won't accept the dare maybe there is something they want to hide? . Close

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