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Is Bernie Madoff About to Get a Pass? A Cover Up?

Is Bernie Madoff About to Get a Pass? A Cover Up? Mystery of Record Half Billion Dollars Presidential Campaign Funding May Be Solved Lex Loeb Contributor Network . There is reason to be furious about the coverage of the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme to date you do not have to be a big time muck racker or even an investigative journalist to do the research. All you have to do it go to and type in the last name "Madoff" and you will get an eye full of Madoff political party affiliations and just a little clue about where a lot of the other people's money may have gone. Scanned copies of some of the original material from this site is in the photo image to the side of the article. Listed are legal donations and name of people who may or may not be related to Bernie Madoff's inner circle. We now know that this money, even though it was not given in 2008 was not exactly money that belonged to Madoff. That presents a huge problem. Reading between the lines then a lot of money was going to politicians for their election campaigns. In the FEC report this is only legal money. Why would a guy who defrauds so many people out of as much as 50 billion dollars have a record of any likely illegal or just soft money contributions to the same political causes? New information has come out that a second financial embezzler, Stanford, also has a record of making major financial contributions to elections campaigns and there actually a few republican names appear on that list unlike Madoff . According to reports, Stanford main contributors were also democrats. There is a point to which one can trust a proven tried and true liar! Every probation officer knows that an accomplished convicted criminal who lies is not likely to ever become trustworthy. Would a guy who stole billions of other people's money under cover of a financial firm made of nothing but lies be above giving campaign contributions to politician that might not be legal? Might there not be a high probability that someone cheating in one major way not be cheating in a lot of others? Go online to the FEC site and see the politicians who are way left of center like schumer and wyden and Obama getting the maximum Madoff legal contributions from multiple members of the same family. It is interesting that a pseudo capitalist would be giving the maximum legal contributions to anti capitalist politicians! There is more research to do. The rule of thumb is that someone who swindles 50 billion dollars is not going to leave any records of illegal funds given to politicians in elections. This is where the readers between the lines come in. Going to the site listed above you can start adding up the political expenditures and they are from $250 to $25,000 each. Over a period of several years several hundred thousand dollars is listed as campaign contributions from Madoff family members and associates. What percentage really belonged to them? Robbin hood gave to the poor and not to the rich socialist politicians? This is not the whole story. It is time to find out where all that money came from. is not a political campaign contribution listing but some kind of non-profit political action organization. Bernie Madoff and family could have given millions and millions? There are lots of untraceable ways for money to be given. As more evidence is found it will be showing up online but probably will not appear in the main stream news media which has completely avoided this issue: Go to: and start searching for Madoff and with names of Inner circle people and friends of Madoff and Family members . See who got the money! The big question? You may be aware that when an investor in a Madoff's Ponzi Scheme got money out that with in the last five years is on the hook to have to give it back at the order of a bankruptcy court? The lawyers in this country changed the law making it possible for courts to grab money from people who did not yet loose anything in the scam just because they were lucky and got out early! Those once lucky ones will have to pay money back including both principal and interest back into a bankruptcy trust for the benefit of all that were defrauded. The bankruptcy court has a theory that anyone who got out lucky is something like a co-conspirator in taking out funds even when the fraud was not obvious at the time. Which is amazing theory and it may not apply to political contributions. Those people forced to pay back money will soon be crying foul. Hopefully most of them are democrats. If a big fat cat politician gets ill gotten gains money from Madoff why don't they have to give it all back? Then what happens when it does turn out that they also received major unreported contributions from Madoff that they are not paying back? Just because money is unreported does not mean it can't be accounted for. How independent the FEC is from the political powers that be may determine how long it takes to find out. Madoff had a lot of discretionary stolen money to throw around. There is a really good chance that Madoff will get a pass and be made out to be an investor who just went wrong by accident rather than a complete criminal and this is because of where some of the money went and who does not want Madoff to reveal when and where. It is definitely time we make sure that those we know took Madoff money pay it all back and they also should immediately account for anything that was not so legal or paid in cash before it just gets to be discovered. Should someone enjoy the benefits of a high political office having raked in money from a thief like Madoff? Since when is it fair for politicians to gain their offices from outright fraud? Innocent investors who got any money back from Madoff with in five years of the fraud's discovery will be forced to pay back money by a bankruptcy court and the politicians are off the hook? It's a big question but not for much longer! The American People are going to be sure that the politicians who took this dirty money pay it all back this time. Why? Because they are going to read this article! Most are going to start voluntarily paying it back immediately because they will not be re-elected. Go to the site and see who some of them are. And now to start naming names: Wyden, Hooley, Bradley, Schumer, Kerry, Clinton, Lautenberg, DSCG, Parker, Tuezin , Fossella, Saul, Obey, Corzine, Edward, Matheson, Gebhardt, D'amato, Frost, Merkeley, Crowley and lots more over many many years! When it turns out that president Obama could be involved in a major way with illegal transfers watch out for Madoff Ponzi-gate. If these and other politicians want to give Madoff a pass because of the possible implications of there being a lot of not so legal money too then the politics is going to get interesting. The right thing for a lot of the listed names to do is to start writing checks to the Madoff victims trust for the full amount received. It may not be the law but it is the right thing to do and our elected officials only are interested in doing the right thing even if it is not necessarily a legal necessity! Clearly none of them could have known Madoff was a crook but now that they do it is time the pay back what is listed as legal registered contributions to begin with. If you don't feel sorry for most of the victims then at least feel sorry for Za ZA Gabor! .


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