Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Is Dr. Evil in Control of the United Nations?

Is Dr. Evil in Control of the United Nations? 1.9 Billion Dollar Renovation of the NYC U. N. Headquarters Building Crosses the Line of Wasteful and Absurd Lex Loeb Contributor Network . In the Spy that Shagged me movies, Dr. Evil was out of touch with the minimal value of a mere million dollars since his character originates in some old 1967 James Bond movie. Meanwhile in 2005, The United Nations embarked on a 1.9 billion dollar renovation plan for the old headquarters building on the east side of Manhattan on the river. 1.9 billion dollars would seem enough money two or three of the world's biggest tallest buildings last time I checked prices.vague Donald Trump complained about the project , offering his services in getting the UN a better deal but apparently the UN was not very responsive . Recently news that the UN will use $300 million dollars, and probably more as construction costs usually exceed estimates, to build a temporary building to house the bureaucrats who occupy the UN during the renovation of the original 50 year old building. The original building does have Icon status but one ones if it might be better off being torn down and rebuilt from scratch when the cost is going to exceed 1.9 billion dollars? One thing for sure is that international bureaucrats believe in having the fanciest offices possible to celebrate their tenure and position. It was the same situation in New Orleans before Katrina hit the city, The Army Core of Engineers responsible for the poorly maintained levees around the city had built itself a show place office building, The UN bureaucrats surely see themselves as much more important than the bureaucrats working at the Army Core in a satellite port office. They probably will have giant built in screen televisions in every office, The most expensive furniture representative of their home countries, solid gold faucets like many of the dictators that control the countries they represent too? Best of all in telling the story is the $300 million dollars to be built to house the UN and all of its functions including the art collection that will last just 5 years, while the original building is renovated with no cost spared, and then get torn down. It is almost unbelievable. The big excuse made for the need for a $300 million temporary building is "security". The writers of the Spy who shagged me probably could not have though up such a stupid plot but maybe their character, Dr. Evil could? In all of those James Bond Movies the grand finale is The Evil Complex getting blown up and that is exactly the plan the UN has for 300 million dollars of cash probably most of it provided by the United States as usual. The United Nations might be called the Agency that Shagged us. $1.9 billion dollar budget going on 6 or 10 billion when completed has to be symbolic about the real value of the United Nations. A shock and awe campaign to end genocide in Darfur could have been accomplished for less than 50 million dollars, much less using local mercenaries. Dr. Evil prefers megalomania to being committed to serving anyone but himself. Once it becomes clear that a major bureaucratic organization has as its priorities building temporary buildings at considerable cost in helping to create extremely expensive offices out of adequate existing facilities it becomes clear that a organization has out lived its usefulness. An organization of 400 megalomaniacs is better than just having one? It may be time for a Spy that Shagged Me remake with Dr. Evil taking control of the United Nation's Headquarters renovation to make it fictional , that could cost a trillion dollars to add economic stimulus to the NYC zone of action. .

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