Monday, July 7, 2014

Is Green House Gas Global Warming A Lot Of Hot Air?

How Much Do You Really Know About Greenhouse Gas Global Warming? Test Tube Climate Science Gone Mad Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Most people on the global crisis band wagon have no clue about the basic science behind the thesis. Climate change is still an active thesis without an experimental conclusion. For the conclusion to be reached we will need to experience irreversible climate change and we will also have to satisfy some other basic science requirements. The reason why is that global climate changes have occurred in prehistoric history including such events as ice ages and much more pronounced warming trends than ever experienced in recorded human history. There were no industrial emissions or gasoline automobiles for most of the earth's history . The environmental scientists who fabricated the greenhouse gas global warming thesis had to make a particular assumption in order to come to that conclusion . That assumption is that the entire earth's atmosphere acts as if it is a giant test tube full of composite gases and as a singular unit can act to warm or cool the earth as a whole. The Test Tube Earth is a very basic assumption they make in order for them to reach their conclusions that give us the present global warming climate crisis atmosphere we now have in our political world. If more of the true believers in the theory knew more about the test tube earth assumption they might quickly become more skeptical about the dire theory predictions of doom and gloom that is all the rage and fad of the moment. A scientist aware of this assumption quickly comes to question the thesis and it's ultimate conclusion. Fortunately. Once we know that the earth's atmosphere is a sort of giant test tube we have the opportunity to do our own testing of the thesis. The environmental science consensus people whom I now call the " Algorians," don't want you to know this. You are supposed to believe their conclusions without testing them yourself because they are experts and you are not. I decided I would test their theory out. I re-created their original experiments and got their original results initially but then later on I decided to add more variables and control variable experiments to re-test those results. I ultimately found feed backs that negated their results in the control variable experiments. You can look up how the original experiments were performed and re do them yourself but you should pay careful attention to the assumptions they make and see how they work to get to their results. You will quickly notice that they almost go beyond saying that test tube earth is an analogy they ultimately declare it a fact but do not tell you that in a sort of slight of hand, After realizing my results from my own rehash of their experiments I published those results and suggested that there seems to be scientific fraud involved in the original experiments based simply on the idea that a hot air balloon became one of my contradictory counter experiments. One simply goes and observes a hot air balloon being filled with hot air with a jet of burning propane releasing into the balloon structure hot green house gas like carbon dioxide. Funny things happen to the balloon that do not happen to the same gases sealed in coke bottles placed in the sun. Because it is already published I won't go into the details here but I will tell you what you know hot air balloons do when filled with these warm gases. I had my little eureka moment then but only recently had a real big one. My big eureka moment---I realized just a few weeks ago that there is simple way to determine if a global warming trend is caused by any constituent gases in the atmosphere or some other factors. Partly it was the hot air balloon that got me thinking and part of it was remembering my basic gas laws from high school chemistry and physics. The great thing about it is you don't have to believe me or have any faith what so ever in my professional credentials or even my being an expert. You can simply find out for yourself if global warming because of carbon dioxide is real or not! Chances are you have a barometer or know someone who does. You have heard about high and low pressure systems in the earth's atmosphere just today listening to the TV weather news! You are aware that there is such a thing as atmospheric pressure and in varies every hour of the day and can be measured using a barometer. I immediately exclaimed Eureka! once I remembered that the consensus Algorians are saying the earth is like a test tube and acts like one. It is their most basic assumptions. So I took their assumption and said what would happen to the range of average barometric atmospheric pressure if they were right? Clearly it would have to increase and the range of barometric readings would necessarily have to shift if they are correct. That is the one thing you never see in the media reports of the present global warming crisis. We all know that ice is melting here there and everywhere but that is only co-incidental to the cause. For the cause of the warming trend to be some constituents in the gases of the atmosphere form any source we necessarily have to see the shift in the test tube earth atmospheric pressure and we do not see anything like that happening. That tells me test tube earth climate model assumption is wrong. Dead Wrong. Don''t believe me. I am not trying to convert anyone to my belief system. I want you to go out and tell me why I would be wrong. If the earth is out of balance the global barometric pressure range has to show it otherwise the theory that greenhouse gases are responsible is false. False. Necessarily false. It is their assumption that the earth is LIKE a test tube and behave that way so therefore it has to obey the basic universal gas laws relating temperature, composition, density and pressure. If the earth really is in a warming trend and there is no change in barometric range than there has to be some other cause for the trend. The Sun is an example of something else that could be responsible. Now if the alogrians have to chuck out their test tube climate model because of what I am saying that means it is a failed thesis. The hot air balloon might just save us all from a sinister plot to reinvent reality because a hot air balloon can expand and contract. It is not a test tube as per the analogy of test tube earth but an analogy closer to the real thing--earth's atmosphere. The question becomes one of is the air in the hot air balloon under more or less pressure than the air outside the balloon? Just try warming the earth with atmospheric gases that behave this way! The gas laws were discovered thanks to test tube science and that means that the test tube earth analogy can indeed be tested In conclusion, if one wants to prove that any gas constituents in the atmosphere, natural or man made are capable of causing global warming one will have to observe a definite change in atmospheric pressure readings for the earth as a whole. The Algorian Model says barometric readings will be higher and lower than usual as a result of global warming . That is not consistent with gas laws under the circumstances of how they define the earth as a test tube atmosphere. .

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