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Is Your Cat a Serial Killer?

Is Your Cat a Serial Killer? It is a Myth that No Animal Except Humans Hunts and Kills for Sport. the Common Domestic Cat Breaks the Rule. My Cat Had a Secret Life as a Serial Killer Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Your pet cat may have a secret life as a serial killer. Your pretty kitty cat may not be nearly as nice as you think he is. I had an adopted farm cat by the name of Copper who was a gray stripped tabby wild cat. He was difficult to domesticate as a wild farm kitten in the beginning but eventually became the perfect family house cat but he was living a double life. At home he was a tame friend of everyone including strangers . Everyone seemed to love this cat. Farm cats normally go outside and they do bring home trophies. Copper liked to bring trophies to bed with him. He caught mice and birds and insects and brought them to bed to show off the catch. That was normal for a domesticated cat and just a little alarming that he liked to bring his small victims to my bed as trophies. He was an able hunter and even caught a fair number of baby rabbits. once or twice he brought a baby rabbit that was still alive into the house. Because it was much larger than a rat he had not hurt it and we had to find the quivering little thing and get it out of the house. That was just a sign of what would later be discovered. One day I noticed Copper had cornered a little dear mouse in the garage and he was playing with it. I went inside the house and hours later the cat was still playing with the live mouse. I wondered what was going on since it seemed to be the same mouse so I stayed out in the garage to observe what was going on. The cat who weighed around 15-17 pounds had viciously disabled two of the mouse's legs by almost biting them off and had the mouse trying to escape by running in circle since it had only the use of two of its legs. The legs on the outer side of the circle it was running were working fine and it was dragging its body in paralysis on the other side with the cat amused by this horror. Copper would swat the mouse to keep it running in the circle and then go and pounce. This cat had created himself a living mouse zombie toy. The poor little thing left a small track of blood where it dragged it self trying to get away. This was going on for a long time. It was not safe to try to remove this cat from his victim in progress. This cat was as bad or worse than the Romans and their blood lust in the Coliseum. I had not known that Copper was torturing his victims to death. Later I saw the same thing happening with the other cats joining in. I don't know what ultimately happened to that particular mouse but i can guess that the cat may have finished him off? This evil creature was sleeping in my bed. Copper was a solid citizen who could be trusted but he did have a secret life that had just been uncovered. I started watching the cat more closely and indeed he was a serial killer cat and a sadistic terrorist of many small creatures that became his victims. He would also disable birds in a similar way so they could fly maybe a foot off the ground but not very far because he basically twisted one of the wings off and stunted the other. Then he had the bird going round and round like a cat merry go round so he could take swings at it. One does not want to be smaller than a pet house cat. Some times the cats will leave a dead animal partly eaten but that also seemed to be an act of sport snacking because the cats had regular meals from cans and from dry food feeders. The fascinating thing is that even if the cat serial killing is attributed to instinct that it still seems to be a form of cat sport more than out of necessity in wanting something to eat. Not many of the trophies brought to bed were eaten at all but were brought to us humans as offerings for gaining praise. Copper was also a mole hunter and could catch them from their holes in the ground. He stalked insects and best liked them when they were trapped in the house against one of the windows. Cats already have a bad reputation among Australians and Audubon society members. You may someday find out that your cat is a serial killer too. If you are not watching your cat all day when you he is alone he maybe up to no good. .


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