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It is time for a Capitalist Manifesto To put the Communist Manifesto where it belongs In the Garbage

It is time for a Capitalist Manifesto To put the Communist Manifesto where it belongs In the Garbage. The World Capitalist Manifesto Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Introduction To the World Capitalist Manifesto: Capitalism is completely natural. It is one of the things that make humans an animal different from all the rest. Humans are able to trade food and other objects with other people they neither know nor love to get other objects they otherwise have no access to. The alternative to trading was stealing or killing and robbing. It was not long after trading began that people realized they could trade their labor for goods and services. History shows that not only did humans own herds of animals they minded and territories they would defend for hunting but they found they could own other people. Slavery has been one part of trading since the beginning. Modern democratic capitalism really begins with the slavery being outlawed where capitalism is the purest form of democracy. Capitalism never quite became capitalism until people were free of the attachments of slavery. This was true of the early development of capitalism which arose out of the city states of Europe and Asia where there were enough free men able to acquire capital for trading purposes. That is the modern period and it had its slaves and serfs . Although serfs and slaves were chattel property and a form of capital slavery itself was a form of dependency and often was a voluntary class distinction. When people moved to towns to become free agents the country folk stayed home happy to live their peasant lives in serfdom for centuries. It is kind of hard to explain the formation of towns full of free men when so few people were leaving the old manner houses and estates to join with them. Becoming a freeman almost instantly turned people into capitalists with market orientation in order to survive otherwise there were institutions of state and state religion like monastic orders, priesthoods, armed forces of princes and kings to join. Becoming a soldier in most of history was a mercenary job which meant that soldiers were in fact free men choosing to sell their labor and services in exchange for trade goods, coinage (money of various forms) , rank and social status. The most prolific successful royal noble, imperial class families of Europe and Asia were good capitalists if they were going to leave legacies of good fortune. Capitalisms thrived in spite of feudalism and not because of it as Karl Marx postulated. Feudalism has much more in common with the nation of socialism or communism than capitalism does. Capitalism was most practiced by people free and living in towns and not by those under the yoke of feudal practices. Poor farmers could be free and have a capitalist existence on the level of fairs and markets that they attended. Their capital did not include land based assets because their feudal lords tended to retain all ownership in their eminent domains. Town and urban dwellers were among the first in Europe to actually have direct title to land ownership in terms of a tiny urban lot in life. Total to land ownership in ancient times was probably more accessible in Roman Times when record keeping for such things was invented than in the medieval to renaissance period with the exception of the noble to royal classes where title might have to be re-certified with each successive new king or provincial lord that took power. Much of the history of land use planning in both historic Europe and Asia was for those with Superior might and forces to take anything that appealed to them. That limited much of the population's access to owning land as capital. Going back to philosophers even before Lock, Land ownership was known to be the ultimate form of capital because rent can be collected from it. That goes all the way back to civilizations before Babylon. What distinguished a persons class in ancient times was ownership of land. Owning land made a person a capitalist player on a class that others could not share. One could own many other things as capital --trade goods that was more portable than land. It was Land ownership or the right to own land that distinguished one class from another for most of history. including today. One is not likely a member of society without the proper trappings of kinds of acceptable ownership. Having one's name on the title to property puts the name on the property maps. That is class and it has nothing to do with capitalism except that it generates a position from which to be a capitalist that others cannot easily ascend to. Karl Marx fancied himself as a social scientist where he fantasized about a better world that destroyed capital instead of allowing a greater number of people to participate as full capitalists. Destroying capital is easy to do, Karl Marx did not mean to destroy it but rather to consolidate it into an altruistic dictatorial class of people as an administration of kindness. It never seems to work out that way when communism or socialism is experimented with. Instead we find regrowth of feudal systems under Marxism. We find non functioning markets and destroyed capitalism because so few people are allowed to participate to any degree as capitalists in promoting their own interests so they participate as little as necessary to get the maximum promised entitlement benefits. Production always falls in socialist and communist states as a direct result of the ethos of state-ism. Capitalism becomes a functioning illegal gray and black market that is either run by the state itself or seen as a form of corruption by others in society. Under communism, people find out that instead of being able to trade their own self capital they have little or nothing viable for trading . State planners decide who can own what and how much can be owned. and then what is and is not fair. The state usually favors its friends. A class appears close to the top of the communist dictatorship that is allowed according to Marxism to serve the capitalist functions of state. Keynesian economics is the socialist democratic version of communism where the state can just create money by printing it to fuel the economy in a planned manner. This is supposed to not only prevent the side effect s of having free wheeling markets that often crash but tends to put the free money created by the state into the hands of the better friends of the state government instead of to all of the comrades. Keynesian economics is the excuse and invitation for the corrupt politics of pure crony capitalism at its worst. Labor unions in socialist societies are happy to say greed is good when Keynesian measures reward them with he ownership of General Motors or coal mines. Out with the old corporate leaders and in with the news socialist visionary corporate leaders who can actually reward themselves more than ever without having any invested shareholders to answer to . The world capitalist manifesto is a document that is designed to be copied and recopied as a sort of bill of rights . It is a contract between people and their governments. Karl Marx invented his communist manifesto sort of based on the way that the US Constitution and declaration of independence were designed to be copied and mass produced as the framework for social structures in nations. Before the US condition with the addendum Bill of rights and the declaration of independence the only example of a similar document in existence might be the magna carta. Before the magna carta only the bible was distributed. So far as we are aware the romans and the ancient Greeks had no written framework for their rights of citizenship that was distributed. The Magna Carta was only a document that outlined the rights of nobles, and land Barron's against the interest of the King. It did not apply to common people. One king of England was killed by the nobles for his transgressions but even after the magna carta it was more likely for the king to have rights of eminent domain that allowed lords and barons to be removed by any means necessary to grab land use control by the king for his own estate. The US constitution with the bill of rights is the first and only historic document created that was so truly revolutionary that even Karl Marx had to see that he got his idea of world revolution for only one source--The American Revolution. The French revolution did less to create a constitution with the emergence of a failed state later taken over by Napoleon. The French were left with liberty fraternity and equality as catch words and nothing quite as vital as a constitution with the bill of rights. Karl Marx found the idea of revolution in the American Experience just as did the French in their revolution that proceeded the American revolution. Marx however never thought of building any kind of bill of rights into his communist manifesto that protected property. The whole communist manifesto can be mistaken for a sort of bill of rights but it is not such a thing. It says what people cannot do. what they cannot own. what they cannot say as to be come a rebel of the good communist state, how they should be governed by a dictator of the proletariat who loves his people with community kindness. It promises everyone a free state education but does not define that exactly other to say it probably includes learning the writings of Marx including his manifesto back wards and forewords . The main part of the communist manifesto is to tell people when and how they will be taxed especially for being more successful than average. The communist manifesto abolishes capitalism and access of common people to markets, It abolishes free trade. It abolishes inheritance. It abolishes wealth without the certification and review of the state. It abolishes freedom of communication in both speech and in transportation. It confiscates all property which means land based property. It does not actually abolish slavery because it calls for universe liability or debt of labor to the state. It abolishes private property. It creates the notion that there is a public propose for land use that is supposed to benefit everyone under the guidance of a dictatorial presence. Marx then wants to eliminate the towns and cities where free men came to escape feudalism giving birth to the bourgeois petite capitalists. Everyone is to live as comrades as wealthy peasantry in a rural existence where communal farming and manufacturing duties are shared. Which is a renewed manner house experience if you know your European history.. Karl Marx saw the political economic world as a pie that needed to be cut into smaller sections for more people to share a slice of it. His grand social political thought process told him that great wealth would accrue to society where everything was shared under a top heavy political sanctioning planning organization . It would seem logical to Marx that evil land baron capitalists were hoarding the best land and keeping waste lands from being developed. Marx mentions this wasteland as something he plans to make productive as a result of his manifesto. It is still a small pie being cut into ever smaller sections that would be distributed or rather redistributed by the state at will. Marx never thought that the pie could be grown before cutting it up. Capitalists learned that they could grow a pie to a much larger size and then cut up shares for voluntary redistribution in trade. Milton Friedman said that this is the biggest reason for the failure of communist and socialist states that they seek only to cut up finite pies and not grow them as capitalists do. Karl Marx is one of the saddest transformational figures in world history because his goals taken to the academic limits as spelled out in the communist manifesto and other books completely served the opposite purpose as culminating in Chinese communists turning around their failed state and economy by saying "getting rich is glorious." American socialists take issue with the phrase Greed is Good and the believe that everyone should necessary "give back to society" as if they had stolen something to accrue their wealth. From whom did they steal it? Why all the guilt? When you look at the experience of every communist and socialist country the giving back to society was non existent because their was so little real wealth formation. The state had everything to give. The communist manifesto called for the state to take everything to abolish property and inheritance etc so nothing left to give means nothing really was stolen and those calling for their guilt ridden give backs should maybe just shut up and keep what they want and give the rest away just because they take pleasure in giving not because of some feeling of fault of guilt. After communism there is a state apparatus with no guilt at all and millions dead or permanently economically lamed with destroyed industries that yield no product except where there is foreign exchange which never filters down to the common people who it is supposed to.. There is no communist country or socialist country on the face of the earth that has ever allowed its citizens to trade in viable foreign currencies. In America we even have a similar problem as congress is suspicious of foreign currencies and foreign investments because of the idea that it will harm their taxing abilities. The American system has been very much influenced by Marxism for such a long time that thinking outside of the so called mixed economy that mixes socialism and capitalism seems difficult for most Americans to do until systems collapse and there is no alternative. The great soviet union had no alternative but to collapse. China saved itself from the collapse of communism by embracing capitalism first for a defined class of communists and then later for all the masses. Unfortunately for the Chinese communists their reverence to the guidelines of Karl Marx and his manifesto and other writings does absolutely nothing to support the kind of government they have which should be honest and just adopt this world capitalist manifesto because there is nothing communist about communism in china except for the name. Civilizations independently developed markets and trading mechanisms. Markets were clearly developed though out Ancient Europe and Asia, In Polynesia,in north central and south America. Trade goods from afar are found in ancient tombs the world over. We know of no near Utopian civilization that has ever existed with out barter trade, forms of money or market development. The fact is the most developed civilization if they came closer to being Utopian had more market development than less. There is no example of the storied village of selfless altruism that achieved much of any success in becoming civilized. There are no examples of tribes where people are unable to barter between themselves or in tribe to tribe transactions. How it is that Karl Marx as a "social scientist" or Hegelian dialectic thinker could come up with the notion that such a society can exist when there never have been any good examples to base his assumptions on. What is most striking about Karl Marx and his philosophy was uncovered by Ayn Rand who understood that the idea of forcing altruism on a society is extremely unlikely to produce true altruism. Coercive force altruism is really the core emphasis of Marxism. It has embedded in it an unpleasant hostility to human nature that probably derives from Karl Marx's malcontent attitudes . Marxism was originally set to paper as hostile declaration against free will of free agents to make their own financial decisions because Marx felt that self interest cannot be trusted to best allocate the wealth of society and he sought a form of automatic redistribution. History has shown that Marxist experimentation has led to an even more extreme distribution of wealth that favors political capital rather than economic capital. There is a class of people living in Havana who live lifestyles of middle class or better off Americans that live in fully air conditioned Miami like condos and are not forced to live in windowless decaying colonial housing with a diet almost exclusively of bean and rice like most of the rest of the population of Cuba. You can go to goggle maps and get view of Havana from the air to see which modern buildings have quality central air conditioning any time you want to. To say that Havana is not a true example of communism is nonsense. Castro and most of the country proclaims Cuba is a successful communist nation and that it is. The coercion of altruism in Cuba might seem a great benefit over the mess in Haiti but that might be a misleading comparison. Of and in of itself, Cuba is totally mis-allocating its resources as a result of their communist ideology and clearly Cuba has the ability to be far weather than it is if it instead re-adapted to capitalism the way China has. It is also true that the infiltration of Marxist thinking has held growth back in the United States of America. Rent control in some American cities is a Marxist scheme and it totally mis-allocates the benefits not to the most needy but to the smartest and luckiest. Rent control probably has prevented the creation of adequate housing in Cities because the incentives to developers are just the opposite of incentives. America is being held back by Marxist ideology which is one reason the no growth environmentalist people steadily embrace Marxism as their solution for all of the world's problems. If you want something that will prevent growth then you adopt Marxism. Why? Well just look at Cuba. Communism has preserved much of Cuba the way it was the day Fidel Castro took control. Communism can decide how many children people can have in China and the Malthusians environmentalists see population control as their number one way to save the earth. Willingness to give away established rights of US citizenship including their own for the comfort of a multi-layered fantasy is a striking emblem of stupidity. The politics of preventing growth at any cost can be seen daily in States like Oregon. The curious election of Jerry Brown in California may actually be a flat earth no growth fantasy acted out in California by voters because they look back to the days when major urban areas in California had sparse populations. Marxism becomes an excuse to prevent the known properties of the success of capitalism when this kind of attitude takes over the political process. So it seems even the Marxists admit that Marxism will fail and that is exactly what they want it to do for society. That was just a brief introduction to the World Capitalist Manifesto. Here is the basic outline of what the major points of the manifesto are and these are the points that should be universally broadcast, copied and distributed to compete with the Marxists bookshops around the world and the university presses that churn out Marxist ideological thoughts and mandates. Capitalism unfortunately has to compete with the ideas of Marxism and the organizations built to keep those ideas in play even with all the tragedy and failure that has resulted as a result of Marx's socialism. Take this very brief outline of the World Capitalist Manifesto and see it as the ultimate human rights declaration that includes your economic rights right up there with cherished constitutional rights of the bill of rights of the United States Constitution. The Bill of Rights of the US Constitution does indeed include basic economic rights. There is also the right of pursue happiness which means the right to make your own way in the world and enjoy the fruits of your own labor. It is the right to take advantage of opportunity that includes land and property ownership without any government intervention and with out force altruism or social mandates of coercion. Unfortunately the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were not clear enough to keep Marxism from infiltrating the original context of these doctrines. One of the biggest openings was the clause that the general welfare was the prospect for development of the state and Marxism filled the void with the tempting persuasion of Karl Marx that each should receive from the State his needs. That ultimately has enabled labor unions to take over the profession of United States Federal and State offices by public employee union members. The Constitution say that no titles should be created and confirmed by the government and that is exactly where creeping Marxism has led us. Marxism infiltrates every organization of the government including making public employees a union that trumps the union of citizens and taxpayers to be left alone by government. Marxism finds that government is the best place to lodge itself as a parasite which is exactly what Karl Marx intended. Government then grows exponentially with the universal lies that it creates the only viable investments in society, that it creates jobs, that it creates the money and that it best allocates capital which unfortunately is all based on their ability to increase taxes and put the nation into deep debt to keep the charade going All the public hears about is all the invaluable services government has for them only to find out that if you actually want to get real service and don't have very good friends in the government you will be left to pay for those services with your own money above and beyond the taxes you already pay. Services are also predatory mandates based on noxious regulation which are often more mob shake down than legitimate government exercises of police power. Capitalists Chalk it up to be yet another cost of doing business and as Marxist fails it proclaims unrivaled success. A great country that could wiz ahead of all of it's competitors is held back with its economic. severely stunted. Then there is the World Capitalist Manifesto to begin counteracting Marxism even in its most benign "socialist" forms: The World Capitalist Manifesto: 1. The right to private property is absolute. The land and its application of rents should be for expressly private purposes. Should the government want to exercise eminent domain for some notion of common good it should be forced not only to pay just compensation but should count the owners in their program to develop the opportunities pertinent to the property being taken. Land owners should be fairly compensated including lost opportunity costs that government may decide to redistribute to others. Property rights should be so enshrined that government should honestly make deal with property owners, citizen and foreigner in a manner that both buyer and seller expressly agree to any deal made, Government should be precluded from owning land that it intends to rent out because renting out land to particular people is not something where the benefits are actually shared by the public. When government finds itself renting out land for any purpose or time of duration it should consider selling the land outright at a genuine market price open to all bidders with preference given to citizens over foreigners. Public use of all public land should be free because government is not a business. To say that government should behave financially responsible like a business is not for it to become a business. Government outlays of funds for public use of public property should be the benefits derived from government ownership with the exclusion of lands used for military bases. 2. Inheritance of private property is a basic right. Free agents should be able to decide how their estates should be dedicated after they die and not the state. If government wants an estate it should have the right to bid on it such that the owners agree to sell without any coercion. 3. No property shall be confiscated from foreign investors or those who rebel against the government as the same rights of compensation should apply unless there is sufficient debt owed. States with the right to foreclose on property for failing to pay property taxes should be made illegal. Not all states have property taxes and those that do should not be allowed to force a property owner to sell his property so they can collect taxes. Homes generally produce no return if they are used for personal use. Why should the state have the right to foreclose when they know that fortunes are variable and some years crops don't produce. Why should the government have the expectation of receiving something for nothing to take advantage of misery? General welfare requires that private property be protected. Taxes should be paid when the funds are available. 4.Government shall not centralize credit in the hands of the state nor shall it create any exclusive monopoly of credit or finance. In government finance all entitlement programs shall have cash reserves on hand and be extremely well regulated by citizen commission such that the government treats citizen entitlement funds as a bank is supposed to do. The best way for government to do this maybe to give control of these funds to commercial banks that are extremely credit worthy with substantial cash reserves. The existence of a national bank should be used as a last resort. 5. Government should mind the business of government not of commercial businesses. The law courts are designed to address grievances against business. Liaise Faire is leaving business alone and that is one of the keystones of the world capitalism manifesto. Regulations that set the structure of business should be to create a fair commercial enterprises and individuals to interact. Police powers should be mostly limited to protection against scams , frauds and criminal activities in the market place. 6. Prohibition only leads to the creation of Grey and black markets in the commercial arena and this leads to smuggling , manipulation and other criminal activities. Government should only work to prevent non voluntary markets where coercion is in effect . Government is notoriously unable to prevent people from putting things in their own months. The cost of prohibition tend to outweigh any benefits to society. 7. There shall be no forced conscription under any circumstances and no liability of labor to the state under any circumstances. 8. Government has no role in land use economics or planning that it does not outright own. Governments that wish to re-allocate land to new uses should buy the land require re-develop them and then resell them rather than use regulation and partial taking of private property rights to attain their planning ends. Again government should not have any right of eminent domain except in the most dire of emergencies such that government should be able to negotiate the sale and purchase of any property with free agents who have their own self interest put foreword of the interest of government. 9. Greed is not necessarily good but there is no class of heavenly angels on earth who can administer government without themselves having the attributes of being greedy no matter how much propaganda of altruism they mask their true intentions with. 10 Free education for all children in public schools shall include the articles of the capitalist manifesto and a history of the failure of Marxism. 11. Altruism cannot be forced on people by government coercion with any hope of that altruism being authentic nor viable. 12. Individuals shall have the right to defend themselves as free agents and shall have the ability to put misguided government officials on trial. 13. Government should rule not by coercion but by consensus. Stakeholders in consensus discussions of private property are owners not ideologues nor people with stakes in entitlement programs. When government seeks new economic development it should include existing property owners invited to participate in any possible new opportunities that the government foresees as being valuable to society or the public good. 14. Economic rights are as important as the right to free expression, right of free speech, freedom of the press, right to bear arms among others in the bill of rights enshrined in the text of the US Constitution. Private property and inheritance are basic rights. The people have the right to fair taxes and leniency of being able to pay those taxes when they have the conditions of fortune needed to do so. Taxes can be mandated but should be seen as a privilege because government acts as shining light and not a cess pool. Government should be so good that people consider it both a right and a privilege to pay as much tax as they can to foster it. A true democracy should let tax payers decide which government agencies deserve their contributions of tax payments. 15. Milton Friedman called it freedom to choose. That is not just freedom of choice where government gives people several choices but where the individual can capitalize on his own free will. 16. The purpose of government shall be to protect all of the rights of citizens including their economic rights as independent capitalists. 17. Nothing in this doctrine and manifesto is meant to create a new class of ideologues to take command and control of anything but rather to re-establish basic natural rights of private property that have led to the best manifestations of civilization. 18. This is a first draft of the points feel free to send corrections or point out errors which is something that Karl Marx with his myopic ideology never considered doing. I may have left out points or got some wrong. There is no Marxist correction for these points because they are intended to be the capitalist manifesto not a new Marxist doctrine. The communist manifesto unfortunately has already existed far too long without anything to counter balance it. If you care to re-edit the whole thing for clarity with more wholesome semantics please do. Send it to me for republication or you just go ahead and publish it. . Close

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