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It Just Can't Be! China Proclaims 2008, Coldest Winter in 100 Years. Al Gore's Trend Line Takes a Hit!

China Proclaims 2008, Coldest Winter in 100 Years. Al Gore's Trend Line Takes a Hit! The Global Warming Lie Machine Get a Few New Facts Stuck in Its Gears Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The Scientific consensus that is a lie is not going to unravel because there is still too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a pollutant and you exhale it. You dirty rotten un-natural animal you. Right now China needs all the SUV's and coal burning it can get to get temperatures to go back up and it is not working. It is still too cold. Global warming is an utterly sustainable lie. It is remarkable to see all the huge conferences of scientists and politicians proclaiming how scientific they are in believing in it. It is true that we could have the warmest spring or the warmest late summer or it could get even colder. That is why we call it the weather. Chances are you have not seen the story about how cold this winter in the Northern Hemisphere is because it is being suppressed by the main stream media. You have to go and google it to find out just how many years you have to go back to get as cold as this. The rivers in the pacific northwest have not froze over since the 1920s and they may begin to do that soon. Maybe next year? If China is colder than usual that certainly means that Russia, north of it , is unlikely to be warmer than usual. Canada is not likely to be warmer when the continental US is freezing either. I am going out and catch a spotted owl to keep warm right now because If we don't save this valuable sub species the world will come to an end because it is a vital part of the eco system and the more it breathes the more carbon dioxide will get into the air to warm my house. After that I will go out and save a salmon and put it in a wilderness area to save the earth. If it freezes to death that's natural. When this winter's global temperature trend line comes out it going to look like the wall street stock chart drop for 2008 and this is not good for the Al Gore trend line. Time to get your four wheel drive SUV out of the garage , fill it with less than 2 dollar a gallon gas and warm the earth for the rest of us here in the northern hemisphere. Al Gore , the high priest of the environment , should sacrifice something or someone to the sun to make it's sun spot cycle warm up again. If this winter gets any colder , Gore and his media bumpkins will be switching their hysteria to the next ice age , of course, caused by global warming. Find out how cold it is in China by googling the original stories and notice how the news outlets put the fact that it is already damn cold in quotes as if they have to protect their global warming fantasy. I have been to so many environmental meetings with suited stuffed shirts talking about how they are going to let the science determine their decision making. The last one was a meeting about saving salmon by dismantling dams because their science said the dams caused reservoir water to warm up too much for the fist. Well now that that stupid thesis got blown away by one of the biggest salmon runs ever the eco-stuffed shirts just morph the science they need to support their objection to the dams. Damn good science! My name is Mad Max and I stared in Water World, That is why I am such a big believer in climate change. This is Science. I saw it on Television. .


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