Friday, July 11, 2014

Just Like Artificial Flavors In Junk Food: Artificial People in Artificial America...Then I wish Oprah was unreal

Artificial People in Artificial America The Fantasy is Real! Lex Loeb Contributor Network . When I tell people I would not mind living in Los Angeles they look at me as if I am crazy and I have to explain that the reason why is the place is completely unreal. You have had to visit Los Angeles at least once to have a basic idea of what makes the place completely unreal. Los Angeles is a place that could never exist if massive amounts of water from very far away were not being diverted and pumped in. Almost plant growing in Los Angeles has some exotic origins. There are barely any traces of what the place used to look like before urban sprawl set in as far as the eye can see. Southern California is a remarkable real life fantasy that can compete with Disneyland. Los Angeles was the inspiration for Disneyland in the first place and not Disneyland for Los Angeles. Living in Los Angeles just a few days with the local television stations it quickly becomes apparent that much of the city is living the lives of their most adored celebrities not vicariously but though the lenses of an industry of paparazzi who try to keep a minute by minute log of everything these people do. Rule number one is they all damn know they are being watched and most of them will bait the cameras for attention. Remember most of them are actors. That means they may act like they hate the attention but otherwise they live for it and they manipulate everything you see of them on TV and in People magazine. The self described king of pop knew how to play the paparazzi and the media and did it constantly. The business of selling music is keeping yourself in the public eye with name recognition and any mention in the tabloid, Michael Jackson was the master not of entertaining but in creating an act that always kept the cameras on him. As his appearance was transformed with plastic surgery over many years he remade himself as artificial as any human being since the myth of King Midas who just accidental turned himself into Gold along with everything and everyone else. Jackson went far beyond tinsel-town stereotype as he not only made himself totally artificial but transformed everyone and everything connected with him into a new artificial reality. He had artificial friends, an artificial life style, an artificial Never land personal amusement park. In the end he even died an artificial death in artificial sleep with the help of an artificial doctor. Michael Jackson was not the first person to do this in Hollywood/ Los Angeles. Television and Movies have long made artificial reality possible. This artificial reality we sometimes call escapism. Artificial reality does not need to be contrived by computers. One of the best illustrations of artificial reality is the legend of the Beatles and Elvis. These were not typical actors but successful popular musicians who had lives people were led to believe they could share with them because of their exposure on TV and on film. Records covers always show pictures of the people who sign as if the sounds of the music need to link to faces . That is where the artificial reality thought process begins. When you start seeing Elvis and the Beatles in films and on television you start see them acting out their own real lives in a way the audience can feel as if they can participate. This is an intentional old Hollywood trick. You can see it all the way back in old black and white star studded movies about the subject of a young actor or dancer making it in Hollywood always played by someone already a Hollywood legend. Where there was nothing contrived about the music of Elvis or the Beatles everything in their films was contrived to give them the images of available heart throbs to the female audience and as role models for younger males. The music was always the strongest selling point as it was the authentic part of every self promotion. Michael Jackson was artificial reality and an artificial person in an innocent sort of way since he was always deemed just to be an entertainer/ musician. The art of creating artificial reality was used as a big deception to create the country's last two presidents. George W. Bush was often called the "impostor" by left wing critics. Impostor of what? They were hinting at the artificial reality involved in creating the George W. Bush phenomenon. Bush was made out to be a stupid monkey in countless cartoons and yet he proved in spite of being a completely artificial character on the world stage to be smarter than people deemed to be smarter than he is including both Al Gore and Jim Kerry. There is nothing real about Al Gore or Jim Kerry they too are completely artificial portrayed as every day ordinary Americans with prefect hundred dollar hair cuts and gigantic estates and mansions. George Bush set the tone for future elections proving that the most artificial candidate should win the election. Now the country has the most artificial president in the nation's history. Barrack Obama is even more artificial than Bush could hope to be. He ran on an a platform of no specifics and claiming to be fairly moderate to center which turned out to be very artificial once elected. President Obama's most artificial friends did the most to get him elected to the office. Oprah is an artificial person in an artificial world of her own making. Yes here artificial world is as real as reality gets--her life is one big infomercial show on television. The real Oprah is running a multi billion dollar empire as the richest self made woman in all of history. Now it turns out she was selling Central planning Marxism by promoting Obama in and after the election. Suddenly her public persona seems even more artificial than ever. Somebody forgot to tell the American people that having a top down all powerful central government that offers the public loads of public planning and programs is about planning your future by controlling you and forcing you to participate in programs by coercion. So here is a self made multi-billionaire who made her own fortune by herself telling you that you need to vote for a government that aims develop plans to control you. You take Oprah's advice and you vote for this? Absurd. You vote to have some one who plans to control you because your you can't control yourself because you have too much freedom and liberty for your own good? Artful Reality. Michael Moore's propaganda pieces are called documentaries. You watch these and come out thinking that Capitalism is a sin and dangerous and believing that Cuban health care is better than American without checking any of the facts presented in his documentaries because you want a dose of his artificial reality. It is true that there are rather corrupt people on wall street and we all know one of them became one of the most corrupt people to become governor of New Jersey. The film is not about reality. It is a film about a love story with capitalism as if capitalism is some grand lie and mythology. That is completely artificial. The reality is that China is not really a communist country anymore and it has become pretty damn successful and competitive. That was not true under the artificial reality of the cultural revolution. The whole idea that it's communist leaders are actually communists still is as absurd as artificial realty gets. Americans are not the only ones suffering with artful reality taking over. The whole idea of finalizing the progressive movement's dream of having national health care and other massive social service programs developed under president Obama and the democratic congress is one of re-creating the artificial reality of other countries particularly those in Europe that put on a costly public show at public expense and fail to keep up with US and Asian productivity gains. This is what Michael Moore and you local liberal media newspaper is promoting on a daily basis. Getting sucked into this kind of artificial reality will make you artificial as well as most of your friends beware. Once you enter artificial reality you become as artificial as your surroundings once you become acclimated. Once you know you are as artificial as the rest of the country you can just turn on your television and start believing in the importance of being artificial. Artificial reality is then a simple and easy collective fantasy you can believe in. If a computer model with arbitrary assumptions determines that the world is in a state of change due to global warming you automatically believe it. It is a fact. You saw it on TV and you read it in the newspaper in detail. Fact! When you turn on the TV and you hear the war in Afghanistan is being lost because of a lack of new troops and more funding you instantly believe that necessarily because it has to be fact. Even when you know there is a history of the Pentagon crying it needs more to get more money in their budget even when they already waste what they have you believe that instantly. Now the whole world seems to be turning artificial. We are better off going back to Elvis being the top fantasy of Artificial Reality in America. .

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