Thursday, July 10, 2014

K Street Embassy

Citizens for Government Waste Starts Campaign to Influnence Washington, DC; Considers Building Embassy with Lobbiest Ambassadores on K Street Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The Mark of a highly advanced civilization is a government's ability to consume the highest percentage of a nation's economic resources in the shortest period of time possible. Have you ever noticed how archeologists are most excitied when they excavate royal diggs? Who cares about excavating the tombs of common people when you can instead dig up an elaborate costly royal tomb filled with treasures from a life of royalty taxing loyal subjects? Governments are supposed to collect taxes for the political upper classes to dispose of it with wreckless abandon. Americans rejoice in traveling around the world to visit royal monuments like Versaile to savor the senseless spending of bygone eras. What tourist is not impressed by royal monuments that cost more than we can imagine. Who is to say anything a government has done has not been wasteful spending? Even if government does something necessary for a maximum number of people it usually costs at least three or four times what it might if government were not involved at all. It is time to get real and accept the fact that even a government of the people for the people has no greater purpose other than to waste as much money as fast as it can. Citizens For Government Waste (CFGW) is an organization dedicated to wasteful goverment spending. Founded in 2009 the organization saw the national stimulus spending bill as a sign of much greater spending to come. Its founders were worried that government restraints on spending might be the reaction to the stimulus plan so they formed the group which is now gaining members at a rapid rate. .

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