Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Legalizing Marijuana and Harder Drugs Maybe Key to Success of Obama Stimulus Plan to Revive World Economy! unfortunately we now watch states like Washington turning it into an unnecessary monopoly....

Legalizing Marijuana and Harder Drugs Maybe Key to Success of Obama Stimulus Plan to Revive World Economy! In Real World Economics it Takes a Gold Rush Mentality to Flip the Psychological Ruin of the Economic Tail Spin Around. with Liberals Now in Charge Psychics Want to Know How Obama Intends to Do it Without Lowering Taxes Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The War on Drugs is one of the great failures in American History. The war on drugs has been ten times the failure of the War in Iraq judged by how openly drug use is in America and in the trillion of dollars wasted in preventing the inevitable spread of drug culture. I am no drug user or supporter but clearly the war on drugs has gone up in smoke. Cheech and Chong got that much right but I won't go so far as to say they were ahead of their time but rather stuck in it like mud. Legalizing Marijuana is America's best hope for an immediate economic stimulus package that instantly creates a gold rush mentality. It is not as if the illegal drug industry is not already supplying demand but that an open drug industry goes on the tax rolls as legit and creates a frenzy of competition to grow market share. Yes I said grow. Talk about Mexico and NAFTA. It would be a godsend to Latin America and China would probably become a major marijuana supplier even if drug use still remains illegal there. You may not think that I am serious about this, Well, no, I don't live in San Francisco, but I do live in Ultra Liberal Land, Portland, Oregon. I also credit Milton Friedman who said that the war on drugs is Immoral. The reason he said that is because the black market grows up in light of the demand for drugs remaining inelastic and the supply being shut off creating the black market in drugs. That market sends market price signals to potential suppliers and dealers making it an incentive business that it never was before the war on drugs began. High drug prices fostered by government limitations of supplies causes the gang activity and allows drug lords to thrive with high cash flow and cartel like pricing. Friedman was right to say that the war against drugs is immoral from that economic standpoint. because the war also increased criminal penalties while driving people to join in the business with big money incentives. Ultimately that has left the USA with on of the largest non violent criminal populations in prisons of any nation on earth. I think there could be as many as one million or more prisoners that cost the government something like $30,000 a year to house and staff prisons across the county at a total cost of something like$30 billion a year. In ten years that is 300 billion dollars. Prison sentences get longer and longer and those costs do not go on. If I were president Bush I would pardon most every non violent drug felon before President Obama has a chance to do so on condition they accept a garnishment of wages on release to pay their victims if any, and get a ticket back to prison for re-offending. Of course it won't be a re-offense if President Obama and the congress legalize drugs. While legalizing Marijuana other drugs can also be legalized to cut costs of police force administration and come to the realization that the problem is on the demand side and not the supply side. Obama keeps talking about his dislike of supply side economics. Here is an area where supply side definitely is not working so he has his chance to test the theory where it probably will do the most good. A secondary benefit might be following up on Obama's campaign pledge to finish and win the war in Afghanistan. Making Opium a legal product with a joint Afghani-US cartel monopoly will rid the world of black market pressure prices that support forces working against American interests in Afghanistan. Bringing up supply destroys mob run business world wide further reducing police force cost of government. Now with Liberals , world wide,all getting high a low cost, Obama can then also get the results he wants solving environmental problems like global warming! With all the hippies and peasants of the world vegging out on a non stop trip, they wont have to go anywhere using gasoline or other fossil fuels for transportation. Studies also show that drug addicts loose weight. They consume less of the earth's resources. And if they overdose they support the liberals desire to have assisted suicide for everything from cancer to minor mood swings of depression. I believe in giving people the right to choose and although I have resisted adding dangerous drug use to the list of what they should be free to use, i mean choose, It now makes more sense than ever with the economy in need of a major boost. The question then becomes one of how to count legal drug addicts who don't have jobs? Are they unemployed or unemployable and then not counted? Instantly we can get the unemployment level to look like full employment by discounting the permanently impaired drug users. It can also save the government money on welfare costs. It is an open secret that people who get foods stamps trade food they buy with that for drugs, alcohol , cigarettes and entertainment including gambling and prostitution.. So instead of sending welfare checks for what people don't want the government can directly send them drug, alcohol and cigarette stamps instead. The savings will be enormous for government over many years. It is about time the liberals start putting their programs where their rhetoric is in the election and legalizing drugs, hard and soft is the perfect place for them to start and perhaps give the country and world a major economic boost. Taking about an economic boost consider what legalizing pot could do for the health care industry. Portland already has a medical marijuana program. Anyone with just about any ailment from psychosis and cancer to a stress disorder can go to a local doctor and get a prescription for medical marijuana. That kind of medicine would save the country billions and billions in more traditional medical costs. Imagine next time going to the emergency room to the feel good window and getting a prescription filled in minutes for what ever ales you. That would cost the system a lot less than doing tons of diagnostic tests on patients. A national medical marijuana program would nail down yet another plank in the Obama election political platform. There is a group in Portland Oregon that President Obama might be likely to tap to run his Drug Legalization National Stimulus program from Oregon. It is the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA). Their web address is www.octa2010.org , The group's moot is "Fund state programs, not the black market. Control cannabis, Support industrial help." surely they all voted for Obama for president. .

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