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Let the State of California Fail

The Grapes of Wrath: Let the State of California Fail The State of California Government Ballooned Faster Than the State Economy, Just like Oregon, Let it Fail! Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Back in the days when the Grapes of Wrath was written California was a less complicated place to live. The economy was not the best. The reality of world history is there are good economic times and bad one. When the bad times happen it a great time to rid a state of excess government baggage. The reason one has a boom in anchovies fishing is that there are lots of fish to catch. The reason one has a lot of bureaucrats in every aspect of our lives is because there are lots of citizens to tax. When people have less money to tax you end up start taking their equity in their homes and mortgaging their future to pay for an over class people who presume they are in power to serve and protect the public. The over class would not be unionized like the communist party if they really had any real benefits to offer anyone other than them selves. Why unionize as public employees if all you are doing is such great good that everyone in society wants to throw money at you as tribute for the good you are doing. That is hardly the reality of why there are organized unions controlling the State of California. It like the rat in the Pixar cartoon Ratatouille movie controlling the chump only in California the public employee union rat has the chump by the balls. If all those bureaucrats are worth so much to the public and all they do is public service than why even have a union? California is hopelessly over extended with this over class of communist party members. That is the first thing that should be cut. Californians who think that their welfare checks come from local social workers don't understand how the system really works. Kissing the hands and feet of those giving bureaucrats is silly since most of that money is coming from the federal government and most of those people who really need the aid should just get direct federal funding. Why should the government grow when the economy contracts? Isn't that what happened as the Soviet Union collapsed? Do we really need state biologists who go out and cut down trees and let them rot because they happen to believe that suppression of fire has caused trees to grow where they should not grow? You never see waste like this on private property. California has so much regulation and so many regulators making up rules on the spot and in quick conferences that it is no wonder anyone trying to do anything will consider moving their industries to India and China. It is no wonder Hollywood has started moving production to India! The rampant corruption in India is no where near as bad as the high costs imposed by the state of California! California has decided to enter the twilight zone of global warming hysteria as if everyone has forgotten that 90 percent of the people still require a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle to get around. The good old days of Smog can only be dreamed of now! Watch how quickly attitudes change when the economy sours. The last thing California needs now is green bureaucrat incubation factories. This is a great time for California to start cutting the fat. People who want green jobs might find a market niche where they can sell solar paneling to make a profit so someone is paying taxes in the state. If not they might get into business grazing goats and sheep as Shepard's to help prevent deadly wildfires in the California rangelands. Oh but i forgot. Goats are the enemy of native and rare California plants! That is why bureaucrats would be perfect as low paid Shepard's . They can identify the plants to save and take the goats to places where they can eat invasive species instead. Great job with lots of outdoors adventure for the people who really care to be green. These guys who have all the big ideas should be proving the economic feasibility of their deranged ideas so they can start paying the taxes required to pay for the state's army of regulators. Leave it to yet another president in power to end all wars to help create the next world war to get the California Defense industry roaring again if it does not move to India or China first to escape idiotic California regulations. For everyone else in California life is a beach so why bother with employment. I know plenty of surfers who never had a job and never will need one. Theres good food from the mission and great wave sets. The solution maybe to move the state capital from Sacramento to Malabo Beach. That way more professional surfers will run for public office in the state and the state can start cutting expenses. in Oregon, hardly anyone would notices if 4000 or more state employees got permanently laid off. Maybe then the ten percent Oregon state income tax could help pay for basic and supplemental health insurance for all Oregonians because 10% of income really does allow the state to be able to afford real services for Oregonians as opposed to fake services for the local communist party. Tithing at churches like the 7th Day Adventists is just 10% of income and it pays for an amazing health care system! Oregonians , Like Californians are so mislead about where their money is going and how it serves them that they have no idea of all their lost opportunities. Ten percent of one's income is a lot of money to pay for the nothing other than feel good rhetoric one gets from the politicians and local entrenched news media. There really are such things as trade offs the state can use tax money for. Basic private health insurance with no health plan rationing is completely possible with the Oregon ten percent income tax so long as there is a reasonably high deductible for those participating who are actually working and have incomes. Do the math. After that there is plenty of money to make sure Oregon state parks are free for use by the public and the gas tax covers roads and property taxes cover school and more. When services go back to basic there is plenty of money already in the tax pipeline. It is time for major cuts and some real government service benefits to tax payers for a change. Unfortunately Oregon has to wait for California to take the lead. We did not get our property tax limitation tax cuts until after California did that first! The sooner California goes broke the sooner we can too here in Oregon! It is not enough just to fire all the elected legislators we need to get rid of the we are better and smarter than you are public employee hogs. Bill Sizemore discovered that the best way to do that is the permanent budget deficit lay off. When Californians finally figure out that they can get health insurance for what they are already paying by cutting the bureaucratic class then maybe Oregonians will realize that it can happen here too. Unlike Sizemore, the rest of us can just hope and pray that the state of California goes broke because nothing is better to make the necessary cuts. Sheep herding jobs should be available to those interested in public service. Remember Jesus did it. Remember the good Shepard? Wouldn't you rather see an abusive self serving public service bureaucrats herding goats instead of you for a change? .


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