Monday, July 14, 2014

Life is a Nude Beach in Portland, Oregon

August 9th maybe the City of Portland's First Annual Fantasy Parade imitating the mostly all nude parade on Key West. OH NO. Right Down Broadway Downtown to Portland State. Life is a Nude Beach in Portland, Oregon There Are Now Two Clothing Optional Beaches in the Vicinity Lex Loeb Contributor Network . In the city that made nude bicycle riding a civil right, public nudity is becoming a local tourist growth industry but it is not good for bathing suit manufacturers. The city already permits nude bicycle rides though the city, nude swimming at public pools and there are nude city council meetings and nude trials by nude juries of bare judges and naked peers. There is also nude bowling. The city has more strip clubs than there are days in a year. This compares to a town in Mexico that has one church for every day of the year. Church is not really the local religion in Portland, Oregon though it probably has more churches than strip clubs in total. There might even be a nude church in the city? Under consideration is an ordinance to make all the river front parks clothing optional in the city and why not with public nudity already a civil right? Until then there are two nude beaches within 40 minutes from the city. One is Sauvies Island. You can bicycle there just not in the nude since it is outside of the city limits. bicycle riders save the wildlife reserve area parking permit fee charged to automobiles. That fee is $3 to $4. To get to the beach you take highway 30 on the route to Astoria along the river. Turn off to the right when you see the sign Sauvies Island or Bridge to Sauvies Island. There you go straight or buy your permit parking pass at the convenience store or the farm market and drive out to reeder road. In high season it is a popular beach. Further down the beach you will find nudists sometimes mingling with cows on the beach. It is reminiscent of primitive tribal life on the savanna with nude volley ball in high season. Great views of Washington State and of Mt Saint Helen's across the Columbia River. The beach is integrated with cotton wood forests. The smell of cottonwoods is very distinctive. The beach is great to visit off season, even better , because there are no nudists or just fewer. Yes there are always a few die hard nudists even in two feet of snow. The Second nude beach is at Rooster Rock State Park. It is a beautiful beach and even better off season when there are no nudists because you have it completely to your self. To get there you take highway 84 and get off at the Rooster Rock Exit. Unfortunately the State of Oregon uses public parks to extort extra money from the public that already owns them so again there is a parking fee. It is hard to bicycle there unless you like riding on the edge of the freeway. The fee is $3 or $4. Before you get to the exit you will see Rooster Rock driving east from Portland on the river side of the road as a free standing monolith. It is called Rooster Rock instead of "Cockerel Rock" because of it's obvious phallic shape. The ancient Indians used to worship this rock for the sake of fertility now it just is a beacon for the nude beach exit on the freeway. After the exit you pay the fee and turn right and drive to the end of the ugly parking lot to find the clothing optional access point to the nude beach . Like Sauvies Island not all of the beach is clothing optional. In high season when the water level in the Columbia is low you can hike out to the sand island which has amazing dunes. This beach is even more popular than Sauvies Island for Nude boaters. The beach is one of the few places along the Columbia river that is actually quiet because the freeway is a distance away behind a bluff. The beach has beautiful Columbia gorge views in all directions. There is also a listed trail guide hiking trail that is not associated with the nude beach up along the bluff. Once Portland gets around to passing the new clothing optional ordinance the city will proudly consider itself nudist utopia. Until then nudists can still the city to have many nude options. Watch for The Fantasy Parade I think it starts on August 9th 2014. .

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