Monday, July 14, 2014

Long Live The Emperor Used To Mean Have A Happy Healthy Life.

An Imperialist National Health Care Plan? Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The truth is that the health care plan that the democrats really want to replace our existing relatively free market approach with is something like 3-5 trillion dollars a year. This is more than triple what the government is suggesting the cost will be. The sky is the limit if government really wants to provide the same level of existing health care resources and expand access without rationing. You cannot believe the government teasers. The actual expenditures are not be eye candy. There is virtually no limit to what the cost can be but there are real limitations on what the government actually can afford to spend once the system is in place. The proposed Obama candy coated costs already look absurd. Central planning envisions some sort of unachievable Utopian ideal we are all supposed to buy into and then the President announces that he wants War Veterans to pay for their own health benefits. Shocker! President Obama already started changing the central planning rules--even before beginning the program and the first people to be shafted already have government sponsored health benefits that will be taken away! He actually targets the veterans. This starts to sound like Stalinist Central planning. Who is next? A Jewish doctor plot? Cancer patents who should be terminated for the sake of the environment? The big central party planning macho leader is not just the big giver he's the big taker and Veteran's health benefits already promised are the first to be taken away. Veterans , the president said, are to get private medical insurance for their injuries suffered serving their

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