Monday, July 7, 2014

Lost Votes For Nader

Ralph Nader-- "You Still Have a Choice!" McCain, Obama, Palin, Joe Not Appealing to You? The Naderites Are Still Offering You a Choice! Lex Loeb Contributor Network . I am personally opposed to politics. How about you? "People Fighting Back" is what Nader is offering in his latest utility pole campaign. It seems hard to interpret what that means. Fighting back against what? Boredom? Normality? Neurosis? Bad Movies like There Will Be Blood? The only thing that movie was missing is Ralph Nader. I am too contented watching television to fight for or against anything but if the government disconnects my television they way they want to disconnect my water I am going to fight like Hell. No one is disconnecting my television no matter what, which is why I pay my electric bill before I pay the water bill each month. On the same Utility pole I found the Nader flier I also found a sign posted that said Chaos is Free. It may have been just a coincidence? I think it was Divine coincidence. It takes a certain kind of leader to fight chaos and to win. Republican and Democrat Party control freaks only seem to create chaos. is for a New kind of control freak with a new vision for order or creative destruction to destroy and reconstruct? There is no debate that Nader is in the Race for President. Why ignore an extra choice when you actually have one? .

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