Monday, July 7, 2014

Mail a Letter Online - Services Print Out E-mails and Send Them as Letters

Mail a Letter Online - Services Print Out E-mails and Send Them as Letters Email and Snail Mail Can Now Be One! Lex Loeb Contributor Network . It is now possible to type out a letter on the Internet with your computer or lap top and to have it printed, stamped and mailed by a robotic service that sends it from a remote location in the US mail. There are several services. One is . You go to and there is a word processing window you can type the letter in. Once you finish the letter you provide a credit card to pay the 99 cent you owe for the service. The site promises to print your letter, put it in an envelope and send it from a remote site to what ever address you provide. That could be a great service with stamps now costing 42 cents the total for the printed letter and envelope is only 57 cents. For those who want to save them selves a trip to the mail box or the post office it could be a godsend. The site allows you to send out form letters and mail merge it could even be more valuable as a time saver. An other site offering a similar service for $2 a letter is 99 cents is the concept deal that works for me at . offers a email service too, but on a smaller scale. There you can either have email letters printed out as your original email put in an envelope, stamped and sent from Portland , Oregon for bulk mailings of 10 identical emails to ten different addresses for $8.00 or 100 identical emails mailed to 100 different addresses you provide for $80 . It is good only for a one page letter that ultimately gets xeroxed copied before being resent for you. You can ask to have interesting stamps applied as it is not automated like the other services. Oregon Direct also offers a PO box you can mail pre-sealed and stuffed wedding invitations from the Bridal Veil Post Office in the Columbia Gorge. It is not a 24 hour turn around deal at Oregon direct because they only make one trip to Bridal Veil a week. Oregon direct does not do individual letters but does bulk mailings of ten or more at 80 cents per letter. Oregon Direct can also offer you a Portland PO box for forwarding services but that requires an application process, If you want to send and receive letters and have the received bulk mailed they can go flat rate priority mail. Oregon Direct is a personal service not an automatic one. The cost of sending wedding invitations from bridal veil requires they either be pre-stamped or you provide the postage plus just $20 to deliver the bulk mailing to Bridal Veil Post Office. In the past Oregon Direct mailed out powerball lottery tickets with a rule they had them post marked before the date of the drawing so every ticket sent is sent before the results are in. The service was free plus postage and donation of a stamp or a quarter rather than a set fee. The latest thing is that you can include real scratch it lottery tickets in letters too if that appeals to you. Oregon Direct can also send a random post card with a 27 cent stamp and hand write or glue stick on your emailed message that is post card size for just 60 cents for every ten cards and $10 and $20 for ten for collectors postcards (but they are randomly selected the one dollar ones are any full color post card from anywhere or of anything on earth and the $2 ones are older more collectible postcards including old colorized photo cards. Oregon Direct also offers "Mail Art" Services which is all custom mailed work to your list of recipients. Self addressed stamped envelope services are also possible. There are services that send snail mail post cards online including one from just Los Angeles with a choice of LA postcards. I looked at the available choices and they looked boring. Does anyone really want to send a post card from Los Angeles? Maybe so . You can google the service to find out. There are a lot of services online that allow you to print post cards and have them mailed to you and in some cases printed online and mailed from the remote location with your addresses. You can actually find some great deals on of all places Ebay where you can bid on having x number of post cards custom printed. Some deals allow you to print 100 cards and other 5000 and more. The prices are always in flux so just google "print post cards online" and compare prices and special deal offers that are listed. Earth Class Mail offers "online PO boxes for around $10 a month" lets you print custom stamps. The mother of all postal sites is USPS is the US post office, they allow you buy stamps online and apparently do not charge you postage so you don't have to walk to a post office or burn up gas to get your car there to buy stamps. The us post office will also deliver you mailing supplies like priority and flat rate boxes for free and they allow you to print out postage now and to have certain types of mail like the flat rate boxes get picked up at your home so you do not need to go to a post office or ever wait in line again. is a very interesting site to explore. It also happens to be one of the largest corporations in America. The post office will certainly pick up letters that already have postage at your home to mail them for you. If you are looking for ways to save gas remember the post man comes to your home once every day except on Sundays. .

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