Monday, July 7, 2014

Making the Case for Bill Sizemore and His Attempts to Limit so Called Social Capitalism in Oregon

Making the Case for Bill Sizemore and His Attempts to Limit so Called Social Capitalism in Oregon The Numbers Speak for Themselves; Whose Benefit is the Most Social? Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The state of Oregon Treasury is claiming to have over 73 billion dollars for state worker's retirement accounts and other select individual groups in classes that do not include the general population paying the taxes. We have heard about underfunding of PERS and over funding of PERS. Here is what 73 billion dollars looks like with zeros: $73,000,000,000.00 The entire population of Oregon is about 3,421,399 in 2008. So that 73 billion comes down to $21,366 per capita. (men ,women and children in the state working or not working) Lets say there are a total of 15,000 state public employees covered in the plan that leaves around 4.86 million dollars of investments per worker. Too few workers? Lets fix the numbers by making it 50,000 covered by the plan that is 1.46 million per person that generates an annual retirement interest of around 73 ,000 per employee or recipient.. If the system were really about social capitalism I suppose it would cover the whole population and some of the ten percent income taxes paid could go to premiums for general health care insurance with a mid level deductible. The average tax payer should be doing at least as well as the average public employee under a social capitalist system. It seems that the social capitalism only favors a select core group.. It is one more reason I think bill Sizemore has a good point. with seed capital coming from taxes like that if Pers looses money with sour wall street investments maybe it is time to say no to more funding . I am not a member of the special nobility. Good luck if you are. It is kind of funny that Sizemore is accused of class envy by the real power elite socialist capitalists of Oregon. Sizemore has been overly discredited over the years --It is your money so where are your benefits? You are the voter and you get to decide what it is worth paying public employees for what ever it is they do. I am not sure what most of them actually do. Vote accordingly. .

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