Thursday, July 10, 2014

Making Song Lyrics Rhyme

Make it Rhyme Lyrics for the Perfectly Bad Rock and Roll Song Lex Loeb Contributor Network . No song can possibly rhyme worse than this one because it all rhymes with rhyme without any syllable stretching and without dropping any syllable with quiet pronunciation. Every thing Rhymes and everything rhymes with rhyme. Too irresistible to resist making it rhyme... Chances are it will be a top hit and you will hear this on the radio. How extraordinary....Make it Rhyme the lyrics to the song: Make it Rhyme , Make it Rhyme, Make it Rhyme, All the time, Very Fine, It's All mine, like wine on the vine, Make it Rhyme Just in time, On a dime, tasting limes, nice and fine with a mime, Make it Rhyme... ...Make it's no crime, there is no grime, step in time, Make it Rhyme,

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