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Malthusian Extrapolation Has Become a Popular Way to Blame the Human Race for Every Form of Geometric Progression

Malthusian Extrapolation Has Become a Popular Way to Blame the Human Race for Every Form of Geometric Progression. it Just is Not True that Only Humans Do It A Little History on Malthus and His Population Theory Shows that Humans Are Not Privillaged to Geometric Progressions in Nature Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Humans always get the blame for causing every sort of dangerous geometric progression. Then humans are deemd to be somehow more than natural. The better than merely natural thesis comes directly from ancient religious texts including the bible ,especially the old testiment. It is interesting how the Environmental movement sees humans as created accidentliy by darwinian evolution to somehow become unnatural which is approximately the reverse concept of Christianity where Humans and all other species were intelligently created by God. The Christian concept is that man was created by the supernatural and is above the rest of nature. Malthus was a Christian Monk who dabbled in science . It was Malthus who as creatures who were part of nature. Malthus may have discovered the geometric progressions in populations. Malthus was also prone to extrapolation. Chances are Malthus would not be a Malthusian today because he was not a Marxist. Malthus's discovery became an analogy for human population growth not a scientific fact. Thank You, I will go on living and destroying the earth and you can pretend to save it.


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Salmon Runs in the Columbia River system are being systematically ruined by the pseudo science ecologist/ environmentalists who are incharge.

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