Friday, July 11, 2014

Message to the Environmental Protection Agency and Al Gore: Carbon Dioxide is Used to Cool the Earth in Alaska

Message to the Environmental Protection Agency and Al Gore: Carbon Dioxide is Used to Cool the Earth in Alaska Al Gore was Recently Recorded on Tape Saying that His Global Warming Thesis is like Newtonian Physics Equations for Gravity. There is a Contradiction Based on Application Technology Al May Not Be Aware Of Lex Loeb Contributor Network . When The Alaska Pipe Line was being built. Engineers realized there was a problem with permafrost being melted destabilizing the foundation for the pipeline. Being made of metal the pipeline is able to absorb solar energy and undermine it's own construction stability by causing underlying permafrost ground to thaw. Engineers came up with a solution which is called the Thermosiphon which is basically an air convection device that has now successfully been used for permafrost stabilization. You think Carbon Dioxide is Evil? You may be wrong. The Thermosiphon is an empirical way to prove your sense of a global warming gas threat may be pure nonsense. The very fact that an air convection device can be used for physical earth cooling should long ago have concerned Al Gore and his Scientific hoax loving friends. Apparently they don't care about empirical examples of scientific evidence that does not support their "science" agenda. The Thermosiphon is an example of a practical application of carbon dioxide being used not to warm the earth but physically cool it and it has proved to be a successful application of the technology. The Alaska Pipe line has not been undermined by permafrost instability as a result of the application of ?Thermosiphon technology using carbon dioxide gas as a heat diffuser that happens to work a bit like an old fashioned steam radiator like the type used with a boiler to heat older homes in America. The old steam radiator systems did not require pumps or fans just required hot air/ steam to rise and condense in metal radiator tanks placed in rooms though out the house. The Thermosiphon is almost reason enough to start questioning if you have been scammed by Al Gore if you believe in man made carbon caused global warming! In Alaska a technology was developed back when the Alaska Pipe line was installed . It works on basic principles of physics unlike Al Gore's global warming thesis. There are hollow tubes that go under ground and stand up above the ground holding the Alaska Pipe line off the ground. These hollow tubes are filled with guess what? Carbon dioxide in a relatively compressed state. How it works to diffuse heat from the ground to keep the permafrost frozen is that the carbon dioxide fall in the tube back underground after it rises and transfers it's heat to the parts of the tube exposed to the air that is relatively cool compared to temperatures underground and this diffuses the heat away from the tube into the atmosphere. The carbon having lost the heat condenses as it looses kinetic energy in contact with the air cooled air exposed parts of the thermosiphon and falls back down and repeats the cycle warming again underground. When you look at the original greenhouse gas experiments the only difference between the experiments and the themosiphon is the clear greenhouse nature of the greenhouse gas experiments so as to allow solar energy gain. We know from smokestacks that carbon dioxide gas looses it's heat from radiating it back into the environment as it cools at higher altitudes. We know when we jet up at 30,000 ft that the atmosphere is thinner and the temperature falls. Condensation of water vapor is apparent behind a jet plane and we call that a chem trail or just exhaust. Water vapor is as much of a heavy energy retaining molecule as carbon dioxide is so you don't see the carbon dioxide condensing but the water becomes visible as a cloud streak behind the plane. This means that the warm gas exhaust from the plane cools down pretty fast in the cold upper atmosphere without any thermosiphon device? If you think about how this works and extrapolate the concept to the atmosphere in general realizing that the upper atmosphere is much cooler than the atmosphere in proximity to the ground and ocean surfaces then it becomes clear that Al Gore is a big ignoramus and an Ass, not to mention a liar! if this technology is just looked at as experimental evidence with empirical data then the global warming thesis of Al Gore looks like it has a big atmospheric hole in it. Maybe a hole larger than the hole in the ozone? Remember the hole in the Ozone layer hysteria? Think about it--If the technology that makes a thermosiphon work successfully works then how is it that something cooling the earth is going to create a blanket to warm the earth the way the global warming proponents say it does? It makes no sense. The empirical evidence contradicts the cause and effect that makes it necessary generate end of the world hysteria to prevent carbon emissions. What is really strange is that the Thermosiphon does suggest possible direct planetary climate change and it could be exactly the opposite of global warming. So by limiting the amount of carbon dioxide on the planet the way Al Gore and Friends tell us we have to we might be causing global warming and not preventing it! The global warming theorists have seemed to fabricate most of their supporting data so that if they were to release a new dictate of hysteria that we have to pump additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to save the earth they just should not have any credibility left. Because the evidence does not support their claims they may try it to save face. What happens then? Once the new data comes out and the American economy is wrecked with cap and trade nonsense, Al Gore will own most of the Coal mines he buys at fire sale prices during the first phase of his global warming hysteria. And then using the thermosihon data as if it is ground breaking and new the EPA conveniently declares that we need a whole lot more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and we need to burn forests down and mine coal and burn it for no industrial purpose other than to correct the new imbalance. The science fraud has got to stop. We can wait till we have direct evidence of a climate threat before taking action. The earth can wait and the climate researchers fabricating the data , well, they can't wait. They want another 75-300 million dollars for research laboratory work just for next year and each successive year after that. I think that we need a bumper sticker that says "Nonsense--The Only Thing That Can Save The Earth." While we are busy worrying about saving the earth, I think the US Congress should consider financing my personal space program to save the Universe. I only need 200 billion dollars a year to do my exciting new research to show that we all have to put blinders and think good thoughts about the universe in order to save it from bad thoughts. The Thermosiphon is a pretty amazing bit of information to help people who lack necessary global warming skepticism to imagine there can be doubt! Going by the example of a Thermosiphon as we find them working in real life physics, if you want to warm the earth you then want less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere because it has heat exchanger/ radiation abilities that cause heat loss as the gas rises. When you add ice to a glass of lukewarm water the energy from the luck warm water flows to the ice which absorbs it causing it to melt. The water in the glass seems to get colder but really has the same net energy it had with both the ice and the water unless the water radiates infrared energy as a result. That is not something water does without evaporation and evaporation has a cooling effect. Ice water does not readily evaporate! So then how is it if the balance equation of solar radiation gain is put out of balance because of carbon dioxide released into the open atmosphere where it rises, transfers energy and does radiate energy ? It makes absolutely no sense how Al Gore's Climate Science Fiction Socialist friends come to a global warming conclusion when Carbon Dioxide has a powerful heat and radiation diffusion effect as seen in keeping the permafrost cool in Alaska? The device that helps show Al Gore is just an idiot is called a Thermosiphon. You can search for it on google to see what it is and how it works if you want a bit more perspective on the problem with the big greenhouse gas hysteria and lying that is going on to promote it by pseudo science. Al Gore needs a lesson or two in how gases really behave in the atmosphere before he can go on preaching to the rest of us. One can imagine Al believes that a Thermosiphon is a sort of bong that polar bears smoke and that is why their populations are increasing even though he claims they are becoming more endangered. Polar bears actually survived the ice ages and they also happened to survive the melt down of the glaciers and a warming period that far exceeds any warming trend now when glaciers up to 2 miles thick melted where present day Hudson Bay in Canada is now located. Al needs to create a public service message for television with a talking polar bear and maybe I will consider joining his hysteria. Oh the poor polar bears smoking too many thermosiphons because of Sarah Palin. Did you know that Alaska may produce more oil than most other states but it has the highest gasoline prices in the country? Palin is a champion of Alaskans getting a check from oil production in her state but for some that hardly covers the added cost of the petroleum products they consume for a year at least Palin tries to understand the balance of cost and benefits in a logical way. For Al Gore the whole thing is a spoof to prove an absurd externalities theory that is baked and fried by academics who don't seem to do very much real research. .

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