Thursday, July 10, 2014

Michael Jackson Who Cares.

What Would You Pay for Michael Jackson's Last Breath? Thanks to the Invention of the Time Machine More Than Just Celebrity Worldly Possessions Can Be Auctioned Off Lex Loeb Contributor Network . What would celebrity worship be with out validation? Is it unethical to go back in time using a time machine just to capture a celebrity's last breath? We still could go back and save Michael Jackson but would that be unethical? It is unethical to go back in time and abduct celebries who are now dead and bring them here and now into the present and future? Would it be a crime for Michael Jackson to dissapear from history in say the year 1999 with no trace. History would not repeat itself he is already dead so why not? We are not sure about the ethics of dead celebrity abductions but we feel good about going back in time and havesting last breaths especially those of singers. What would you pay for the last breath of John Lennon or Elvis? A last breath does not weigh very much so it is easy to put on ebay and then mail for a very limited expense. What would anyone buying the last breath of a celebrity want to do with it? Breath in part of it themselves or just keep it on a shelf in a display case? The thought of abducting Adolf Hitler using the time machine and locking him up in the basement . Would it be possible to put him up for action? He is already dead. Some one could buy him and torture him for eternity especially if they had their own time machine. I rather doubt they would allow us to put him one ebay. On the other end of the spectrum we could go back in time and bring Jesus Christ back with us. Would Jesus object or would he like to transition into the future? We already have his last breath in a bottle. Would the various churches and Christian denominations start a holy bidding war for Jesus? We could not even speak with Jesus because we brought the wrong translator with us as his dialect is not anything like modern arameic. We had him in the basement for 24 hours and decided it was necessary to bring him back to where we abducted him but made the mistake of bringing him back a few days and hours earlier than we abducted him so for a while there were two identical jesuses and that have been the cause of the holy trinity. I think we fixed it. We did tape record and video tape Jesus in the basement and can put those items up for auction but they may discourage people from bidding on the last breath. Isaac Newton was the most curious about his abduction he thought our American accents were those of some secret society of free masons trying to grab get the keys to the british mint. Newton escaped using the time machine having somehow figured out how it worked and we don't know where he is at now . Chance are we suspect he went somewhere into the future or is arguing with Albert Einstein or went directly back to Jesus Christ? Where is Newton? We tried to go back to where we abducted him and he has errased much of his past history somehow leaving no trace. No more scientists or mathmaticians will be abducted and brought back to the basement because when they steal one of our time machines it costs half a billion dollars and then we have to go out and get another grant from the federal government to manufacture a new one. We are concerned that Newton may be doing more than exploring time and that he may even be trying to reorganize the cosmos if that is possible? Will anyone believe that Michael jackson's last breath is authentic? Maybe the auction has to include a brief trip back in time to validate how the last breath was collected? Just because we interfer in time does not change history unless that is our objective. History is not effected since we just create a new future. . Clo

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