Sunday, July 6, 2014

More Inventions from Lex Labs

More Inventions from Lex Labs More Simple Ideas that Are Difficult to Get Manufacturers to Consider that Could Have Value.. Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Succesful corporations I have bee told don't like to have outsiders suggesting new products or product designs along the line of their productive process. If you are an inventor and submit and idea no mater how potentially valueable or stupid the best on can expect from the larger corporations is a letter telling you that they have no interest and that it may have already been their idea or that you had better waste you time and money getting a patent on it before presenting it to them. I met an expert who works at submitting ideas to larger companies who said that successful large manufacturing companies spend a lot of money on their own R & D with their own people and anyone out side their insider loop is at best suspicious or irrelevant to their business. One would think that companies would have a sort of open mind about new ideas. Most don't. If they are selling millions of articles in successive runs there is no reason to introduce anything new to consumers and the main concern is customer loyalty which is built on customer familiarity. This is not to say that I necessarily believe my ideas are all necessarily original nor valuable in the market place or anything of the sort. If i take my time to share an idea with a company I would think that they would be grateful that someone took the time and made the effort to submit it to them. One is a complete idiot to bother. It is their business. Stay out of it. It would be like trying to tell the Walt Disney corporation that the same formula that they use in about 90 % of all their animated films is a stupid cliche' by now. To offer a different formula that might help improve their films is to say that you know better than they do that their same overly repeated formula should change. It would be like telling the studio that you don't make a film about Alice in Wonderland where the story is about things that make sense when the original book is about nonsense. The Disney corporation does not want to hear that Alice In Wonderland is not a story about some epic tale of good verses evil where the queen of hearts is the wicked protagonist in the story. The first Disney version of Alice and Wonderland was true to the nonsense intended by the author and the latest version tried to make too much sense in order to become the standard overly repeated Disney cartoon formula. If anyhing a successful corpration sees suggestions as a criticism. There are certain things they may listen to. A mouth wash manufacturer might decide to add pomagranite flavoring instead of mint or on top of mint if enought feedback came in to tell their marketers that that fad was too big to ignore. I actually one wrote or emailed the coka cola company to tell them that I think they could vitimin fortify their soft drinks. Years later I think it was coke, shells out big money to buy or distirbute the vitimin water brand. They could have considered adding vimitamin enhancements to at least one or more of their existing drinks long before to see if the market had any interest on a small production run. No. They waited to see the thing successfully marketed and taking market share before it became a property in their eyes. The same company tried to sweeten coke like pepsi and ended up with a customer mutiney that delviered coke classic. I assume someone else suggested to them that they could foritify soft drinks with vitimins and minerals besides me. They have an awful lot of people suggesting ideas to them.. One sees the weird preservatives in the ingredients of soft drinks and it almost never occurs to these companies to try using something like potasium salt instead in a trace amount. That may mess with the secret formula? Then again the corn syrup has replaced the cane syrup in the original formula if that makes any difference. I fouind some new pleasing flavors for making drinks I would have shared just to have the convience of being able to find these on store shelves. I discovered I liked bitter almond and other types of bitter non sweetened tastes in soft drinks. These new tastes include persimmon and some of the same tropical ingredients found in existin cola formulas. These companuies don't even want to know about such strange new ideas especially in times when everyone is attacking them for having too much sugar and / or artificila sweteners in their products. I find i can mix my own bitter water based drinks and even carbonate them and enjoy them more than having the overly sweet sugar concoctions or the overly fruity or artifical tating products. It took me a while to find that you can find a liquoring senation in various ingredients without the syrup. There are certain types of tea that have a liquoring bitterness gives a similar senation to the taste buds. I would love to find anyone interested in experimenting with that sort of concoction on a commerical level because the flavored waters i find on the market are mostly horrible tasting formulas many having a sort of watered down juicy fruit gum taste to them. All of the soft drink manufacturers are missing the obviouis. You kind of find of what is possible in going and thinking of giner ale and tonic water but realizing that they can actually be "dryer" than just the canada dry formula and have a liquoring senastion of prolonged taste substance. I found refrigerated fresh young coconut water in latin america long before the fad arrived in the US and had tried to find places i could buy it in unsweetened form. It suddenly started to appear after others also figuored it out and the big manufacturing companies did not get involved until after the products were succesfully launched on the market as if they could not afford the minor risks and cost involved to at least consider importing some . Some of those coconut water blends are too sweet and some are marked as no sugar added particularly the ones from thailand that definately seem to be loaded with cane sugar. To get it I used to have to buy the mexican and thai pul tab can brands and dilute them with water because of the added sweetners. I found that Odwalla sells a great product but that the company has not figured out how to market it so it is more affordible more palatable for me just by dilluting it. I dilute fresh orange juice with water. I would love to see a cheap super market fresh squeezed juice line as much as 50% dilluted with water in ready to buy and drink refrigerator containers for half the price of the juices they offer. I prefer i dilutted and would like to find something ready to drink in a store just like it. Of course there is a way to add a few drops of other unsweetened flavors to radically improve the taste so it is not so overly sweet nor overly loaded with carbohydrates and the store price is about half. I buy a big container of their tangerine juice on occassion and dilute it and re-refrigerate it and I get twice as much fluid for the price which makes it affordible. I find that many pure juices can be dillute with maybe the exception of apple cider. You never find a cold apple cider that is dilluted with water maybe 25% and has some added spice essence added including allspice, nutmeg and or cinimin. There are great new taste products that can come from ordinary apple juice and cider that is not just the cranberry version which is a one of the bitter tastes that can also help out in trace amounts. My inventions with soft drinks went further. I invented bottles that can contain multiple flavors that can be consumed from the same botthe either similaneously or in variation. Then i designed snap on or screw on internchangeable flavors or alchohol containers that can turn a cola instantly into rum and cola or variety of different cocktails by combing the ingredients just by snapping on or screwing on a new component part to the bottle with a different liquid contained that mixes instantly when physially combined. The snap on or screw on top just adds a sort of new rocket stage to the existing plastic bottles already on the market. I bet consumers would like such a thing. It will come out years from now when the big soft drink companies get around to figuring it out on their own terms because it is a waste of time for me to make any suggestions. I doubt i am the only person who prefers fresh pure juices be dilluted? Considering how many people buy bottled convience refrigerated pure water products it seem that there are lots of people who might enjoy finding my discovery on store shelves? Dillustion is no great invention excpept that it is completely an unholy concept to the way 100% pure juices tend to be sold. It sounds bad to dillute it but then one could say "mixed with evian or pierrier". and that makes it suitable to some consumers who shun ordinary water? Other products i discovered woul be great to have on store shelves include such things as disposible layex or non laytex rurbber "gloves" designed to fit feet. Not everyone is aware that rubber gloves for feet can help heal calluses amoung a few other uses. There are design and safety concerns and considerations for such products none too much more of concern than found in disposable rubber gloves already easy to find everwhere on earth. . Close

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