Monday, July 14, 2014

More Odd Ball Inventions.

More Odd Ball Inventions. Oh No! Patent Pending for Now Lex Loeb, Contributor Network . The Two sphere automatic transmission module. This invention is for a super gear free automatic transmission that is essentially a smaller metal ball bearing engaged to a larger metal ball bearing sphere. The larger sphere is held in place by a dowel or Axel on one side of it and it allows the smaller sphere to roll across it's surface. The two spheres can be magnetized so they say attached to each other. There can be a sort of spiral groove carved out on the larger sphere. The engagement of the surface of the smaller sphere to the larger can be used to set the gear to different rotational configurations. This device was pre-digital and is not as good as a separate electric motor running each automobile wheel independent in one of the new hybrid cars but it still may have some use somewhere. I love the geometry of the two spheres in variable relationships as a different way to engineer a transmission. This invention probably goes no where forever more. I designed a underground tunnel (pipes for Mediterranean sea water to pass though Israel to the Dead Sea Such that it terminates at say on a cliff face for a nice 1000 plus foot drop to turbines below to generate electricity. In joint cooperation with Jordan the water can actually be used to replenish salt water in the dead sea in a controlled manner. It can also be spit out far beyond the dead sea into Jordan to salt evaporation terraces or or ponds for salt harvest. The project might actually more than pay for itself. It is not the only lower than sea level depression where this is possible. There is a dry basin West of Cairo in the Egyptian desert. The advantage of the Dead Sea is the close proximity to the Mediterranean. A few large diameter sewer pipe cores will do the trick to bring the water from just below low tide in the Mediterranean to the cliff face. Because of the 1000 ft drop, even if much of the energy is taken out with turbines the water will still have the gravity flow pressure to get it up hill without any added energy requirement there after. Some can go to re-feed the dead sea and some to salt evaporation industry. The cost may not be much more than tunneling under a major city to put in a new sewer feeder line. A couple of billion dollars plus the generators. generators can be placed within the wall face at various levels so they are not visible and at time a giant fountain can be turned on at the bottom. This kind of earth re-design is not well loved by the eco-topians but it is better than blocking off the Atlantic at the Straits of Gibraltar and letting the Mediterranean Sea evaporate while providing a means of generating more electric energy refilling it from the Atlantic. That design was not mine. One reason it is not too feasible is the the dangerous seismic activity around that area judging from the great Lisbon earth quake. The Israeli Jordanian situation is better because there are calls to prevent the dead sea from drying up and because salt is already harvested there. There is also a simple desalination possibility by having a separate underground pipeline let gravity take it from the Mediterranean Sea, drop it off the cliff and essentially let it bounce from the bottom into a desalination assembly pipe that forces it up as much as 500 or more where it passes though filters removing the salt. The great thing about salt and water is the two components can be stratified by mass. I would have to do an experiment to see if that is possible. Water falling off a 1000 ft cliff has terrific force. That force can be used for desalination and reclamation of water and sea salt. It is possible to create an aerosol nozzle to freeze the high pressure water just the same way the high pressure contents of an aerosol can can freeze and this is one manner in removing the salt theoretically. Have you ever piped water down a 1000 foot cliff? Well a pipe can go down even further than that because the bottom of the dead sea is significantly lower under water and pipes can go under the water before reemerging at the surface or they can be drilled down into the bed rock. One way to work a desalination facility would be to have several that would rotate operations with Mediterranean tidal forces so filters could be removed for salt and the fresh water deposited somewhere below the bounce from falling level. Somewhere in Jordan where the cliffs are not so high. There would be energy costs of pumping it from there and why not solar energy in a place like that? I don't know what they are waiting for. Want more information on how it works? I have more. The pressure filters to desalinate are already off the self and available. If fresh water is in need there there maybe no end to how much can be taken from the Mediterranean because evaporation will not all occur in that region. If the water can be desalinated and brought up fresh at 400 ft it can then flow on the higher plain down hill to some new agricultural area away from the basin salt flats. Ultimately it is possible to get not just a 1200 ft drop into the Dead Sea but actually going under the dead sea to as far as 2400 ft! Imagine the pressure there for desalination. This subtracts gravity flow from the Mediterranean at mean high tide approximately. so the actual drops are lower. With enough water flow to the edge of the dead sea basin you get electric power, salt, fresh water, salt water to replenish the dead sea and maybe something more like a new agricultural growing area and possible aqua culture. Disposable Socks. These socks are worn once or maybe just a week for athletic and other shoes and get tossed. They are made of paper and a fabric like cheese cloth something like the single use scrub socks you find in hospitals. Maybe in a dispenser. More to come like how to turn the Google or Yahoo Search engine into the ultimate encryption device! .

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