Monday, July 14, 2014

More of My Weird Inventions that Will Be Forever Ignored! I made my first electric cigarette years and years ago as a halloween costume prank. It lit up on the end with an LED when my lips pushed the wire under the filter against the connector switch

More of My Weird Inventions that Will Be Forever Ignored! Over the Years I Have Submitted a Number of Weird Inventions to Companies and Government Even Offering Them for Free--No One is Interested! Lex Loeb Contributor Network . I figured there is an easy way to get fusion power up and running immediately without much new spending on research and development. I am not talking about cold fusion or fancy in the laboratory controlled fusion. I am talking about off the shelf hydrogen bombs! For years fusion reaction devices were successfully tested underground until underground testing became illegal under international treaties. The fascinating thing is how well these devices worked underground. Apparently they were very good at hollowing out deep underground explosion caverns . That is what got me thinking. Using some of the deep underground caverns already created in the underground nuclear testing era, it would be possible to use these for routine nuclear fusion based energy production we already darn well know that works! The plan would be to find the biggest deepest blast caverns and devise a means of dropping H-bombs we already have in inventory into the hole exploding them and using the heat produced to cause water to become steam to run steam generators directly above the underground detonation sites. It takes a long time for heat to dissipate though solid earth. The size of H-bomb used could be minimized to keep many small chain reactions going chronologically. Crazy idea? Yes. But then again if we really want immediate fusion based energy resources this could be a pretty logical way to go. Designing a blast proof means of getting water close enough to instantly vaporize into steam without becoming contaminated really should not be a problem since a reaction can be left to settle until the heat radiates a safe distance though the rocks above to heat to vaporize. The temperature required to boil water does not require a thermodynamic reaction level of energy output. I guess the world would have to be desperate for energy to consider beating guns into plowshares? The science is already developed. The fusion devices work because they already have been tested. Steam driven generators are available in catalogs. If that invention is too wild for you and you want something more down to earth how this one for the Military and Satellite imaging industries? It is possible to have a truck or a plane with a mirror mounted on top of it such as to be able to use a sky high satellite camera to take horizontal "peeping tom" images. Have you ever seen a remote horizontal or angled view of the terrain or a shot from high above though a particular window? It can be done if the satellite already has the best optical properties. Imagine how google earth and google maps could be improved with a remote mirror based optics. It depends on the quality of the satellite camera zoom. You can test out the theory using a quality high resolution zoom camera on a tripod, binoculars or a telescope and remote optics to see it works. Using Google and Yahoo search engines to send encrypted code that can only be deciphered using free association and a secret protocol. I designed and tested this years ago. The whole INTERNET can be used to send messages embedded in the infinite array of search terms that are possible. I wrote an interactive novel using This system but few people were interested in trying to figure it out. Since there are unlimited search terms and since free association is subjective there is no better way to send an encrypted message that only can be read by the intended receiver. I sometimes wonder if Google and Yahoo are are of the capacity of search engines to becomes something else entirely different than the original intentions? I also designed my patent pending snap together shoes made of interchangeable parts. It is not just a pending design patent but is a functional system of patents that go beyond just the visual designs. The design became more complex than it sounds. The main thing it does is allow the interior components of athletic shoes to be removed and replaced with out glue. There are multiple designs that work fine. Then came the realization that the snap together interchangeable parts can also become a fashion statement. having had too many pairs of running shoes that fell apart because the glue is crap I invented the interlocking systems that make the parts interchangeable. I invented a sort of multi stage, like a rocket, soft drink bottle. It allows the consumer to switch on or off various types of added flavors and/ or spirits. Sorry no picture here. There are now several different systems and not just the rocket stage designs. Some are interchangeable and some are more fixed as consumer appliances. I invented a 3-D television that works. it works by spinning what now would be flat panel digital television screens and reprogramming the televisions screens to spot color dot a point in 3-D space instead of just on the screens. The system allows a three d image to be built with in a large cylinder or cubic voluminous space . If you were to follow the TV around at its high speed of rotation you would not see the same image on the screen as you would see in the three 3-d display area. This does not produce a holographic image but creates a rather opaque modeled version of 3-D reality such as a talking face on a news Chanel. originally the system was designed before the super flat screen devices became available . The new flat screens really make the system possible because the speed of rotation does not need to be as great. The problem with the system is it takes up a lot of space compared to a flat panel device that is not rotating. This only requires a two sided device and a chronological reprogramming of the dot matrix. It can render 3-D viewing at 360 degrees all round the device. What is not invented then is the camera that can take the pictures! Don't ask me about how to design the camera for this device. I imagine it would be great for computer generated animations. That is just a couple of inventions for this one installment. There are plenty more. When i find the notes I maybe able to post the images. .

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