Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Never Rent an Apartment Again. Go Homeless with an All Weather Space Suit

Never Rent an Apartment Again. Go Homeless with an All Weather Space Suit Finally, One of My Inventions is Getting Noticed. My All Weather Space Suit is Great for Living Outside Here on Earth Year Round Lex Loeb Contributor Network . If you have not seen the people sleeping in public parks in Portland , Oregon in the pouring rain, hot summer afternoons and even getting snowed over you are missing one of the most important trends in human history-- the fine art of going completely homeless with the all weather insulated Earth space suit. I thought I had invented it but someone else beat me to production. I was in Laurelhurst park the other day and saw 12 or more people lying in the grass in their space suits in pouring rain and not even seeming to notice. The suits are air conditioned with built in fuel cell powered heating and cooling mechanisms but prove to be best for the cold winter months when surviving on the streets or out in the wilderness is most difficult. The earth space suit is great for hiking the pacific crest trail in the dead of winter. The suits are great for the pacific northwest but not quite suitable for the polar regions or high mountaineering yet. The suits are more flexible than a wet suit but do not weigh much more. Up at mt Hood you sometimes see skiers sleeping deep under snow drifts in the open to save on over night hotel expenses. Living outside 24 hours a day, but not back to the stone age. Water proof and buoyant people can now get in an earth suit and float across the oceans with only a adjunct food supply and water. No more exposure to the elements and relatively shark proof. If you get to Hawaii you can take it off or leave it on to prevent sun burn. I hear that once you have tried living in an Earth space suit you may not ever want to go back to living in a home or an apartment. The people wearing these things are not the homeless because these suits cost around $5000 each. These are the deliberate homeless and the well to do homeless. Some of these suits have built in wifi access with a world communications terminal built in with microphone, cell phone , camera and ear phones. The INTERNET display screen is projected on the helmet visor. Those people lying around in the park and snow drifts are watching satellite digital televisions, web surfing and listening to music. I think they have discovered a new and interesting life style. A lot like everyone else's life style but they are not bound by walls , floors and ceilings. Some of those people are actually working using their computer connections and getting paid for laying around outside. You see these guys floating down the river on their backs, just drifting and enjoying life and not having to pay rent . Just imagine their freedom. The only thing the suits are missing are wings for flying. If I could afford the latest model I could be living outside now for the rest of the winter and save $675 a month on the rent. The suit would pay for itself in less than a year in rent saved even with the cost of recharging the batteries from time to time. .

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