Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Inventive Uses For Guns . Includes Trimming Tall Tree Branches With Special Guns Developed For That Purpose.

Guns Have Other Uses Than for Sport , Hunting and Self Defence. New Inventive Uses for Fire Arms Guns Have Useful Purposes that Go Beyond Their Traditional Uses . Some Types of Guns Can Be Redesigned for Practical Uses Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Guns have their good and bad reputations depending on who uses them. There is no need to go into the good and evil of fire arms in this article except to say that besides all of those there are other practical uses. One use for guns that no one thinks of is to use them to trim branches off of tall trees without having to risk climbing a ladder. Did you know that guns can help you do work from a safe distance. It is not exactly legal in many location to shoot down branches high up in trees and certainly not in city limits. Most guns are not properly designed to do work like this but they should be. Big dead rotting branches high up in trees that pose a danger to people living and working below them can be easily shot down by someone with a good aim, the right kind of gun and the care to get people pets and property out of the way in advance. It might help to have a tripod to mount a gun on to get a good clear shot of narrower branches and some thinker dead wood or still live wood might take more than one bullet shot with surgical precision to bring down those dangerous branches or just to artistically trim tall trees. Using a regular gun is just the start to experiment with the concept because the gun and the bullets can be redeigned exactly for that particular purpose. The design , invovation and development of tree trimming guns would actually save billions of dollar over time esepcially for use by ultility companies that pay out a fortune over time to send trimmers up on tall ladders and on mechanical lifts to do the dangerous job of trimming. I am not even sure if it is my invention or not. The reason I thought of it is big old dead branches and limbs high up in trees where I live that do pose a danger and no inexpensive way to get them safely down out of the air and on the ground. Tree trimming guns can be designed so they have fewer attributes of fire arms and more practical attributes to tree trimming. The bullets can be designed so they are more effective for that purpose or so that they might even be retrievable for reuse. Another type of gun can be developed to carve solid rock with great accuracy. One can imagine a sort of computer controlled gun on a mount that could be used to carve scultpures and even inscriptions in solid rock cliff faces. Bullets shot at once from several different angles could allow scuptors to create in stone at a great distance. Again the gun and the bullet would best be redesigned for that specific purpose and different types of bullet tips would be required for different kinds of stone. Guns can be used to create art pieces the way you see idiots have shot holes in road signs from a distance. Someone had been using bullet holes to decorate designer blue jeans. With an accuracy mount and comptuer controls guns can be used to create intricate patterns in sheet metal. Bullets don't all have to pierce the metal so they can be shot out at lower velocity or from a greater distance to create bas relief deigns in stainless steel plates and other metalic surfaces. A pixelation effect could be achieved with a bullet with a square head and they could have a fuseable metal or glaze on the tip that actually would fuse to the metal surface on impact. . Close

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