Monday, July 14, 2014

No one liked my parody poem about enviornmentalists: My One and Only Earth

My One and Only Earth Lex Loeb Contributor Network . My one and only Earth, sphere of green and blue, oh how I worship you. You are my ecology , my biosphere, my ecosphere, my delight. I am your true living biomass while I last. I respect you for what you do. I am biological thanks to you. In all the universe you are only true, Oh my lovely Earth. Your moon is so lovely too. You are definitely the favorite planet of the Sun. Sunlight is the Sun's expression for love of Earth. There is nothing else as perfect as you the Earth with all of your environments for so many different types of species. Your flora and fauna are so diverse, your ecosystems so intense. So many webs of life. So intricate . So precise. All of this because you evolved from nothing, in the empty vacuum of empty space. You are the rock of ages and host of the souls of all of nature. Oh lovely Earth of Green and Blue, It is my duty to worship you. As i am your living spawn in your great circle of being. Accidents cannot happen in nature. Everything you have done for life can only be your great intention. My whole existence belongs to you. I live and think and write this poem only because of you. Oh lovely Earth, My one and Only, I worship you. .

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