Monday, July 14, 2014

Not Only Is The Federal Do Not Call List A Joke....

More Public Service Announcement Phone Call Spam! Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Once again I have received a pre-recorded computer call from somewhere in Michigan , probably in the Lansing area. This time the caller ID said the call came from "Save Energy 1-517-931-2415". The pre-recorded message was "Save Energy --invest in compact florescent bulbs." Someone forgot to tell the telephone call system that compact florescent bulbs are already old fashioned technology with the added problem of potential mercury contamination. I already have those bulbs and I am not always pleased by the quality of the light. The better alternative is the new light array LED light bulbs. I have tried them too and most I have purchased were defective. The mostly made in China compact florescent bulbs do not seem to last anywhere near as long as they are advertised. I notice I throw them away more often than I do the incandescents! The problem maybe that they have a delicate ballast switch that requires them to be left on and not turned on and off frequently so that wears them out. Leaving them on may give on much lower energy savings than advertised. Drop one accidental on the floor and you can have mercury contamination. So much for that public service announcement. Besides being annoying, a phone call I had to pick up the phone for and waste my time listening to it left an Orwellian stain on my mental attitude. The first call I received was "Do Not Litter" now this. What is next Worship Pharaoh Obama at Noon facing Mecca or suffer the consequences? I still have my idea of a public service announcement call which is "Is your refrigerator running? Then you better go catch it." Are these guys calling all the phone numbers nationwide? Is this some kid-hacker in his parent's basement? I am on the no public service announcement calls no call list so don't call me again. The phone ringing makes some people paranoid. You don't want to call crazy people. I tried to call back the number and this time it was blocked. Must be an improvement from their previous trial in not having all the nasty feedback they probably got the first time. I am expecting a third call soon. It will probably say, "Ride a Bike--help save the world " or "Don't flush the toilet unless it is brown not yellow". After that I will probably start getting worship your Devine Pharaoh Obama calls and then public service announcements to have my mind cleaned in a government re-learning center. The hell wilt that. I will let the answering machine listen to all incoming calls. .

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